Bradley Frail

Bradley Frail was born the second child of Edmund Frail, the famous writer and Narcissa Vatos. His parents had a kind of on and off relationship, the were engaged but broke up sometimes after his oldest sister Kari was born. But they kept seeing each other still, hence Bradley’s conception. They finally married when Bradley was four and he and his mother moved in with Edmund and Kari who were at the time living with Mortimer Goth.

His father was good friends with Cornelia Goth and when she learned she was dying she asked him to move in with her and take care of her teenage boy Mortimer. Once his brother Cecil was born however his parents finally got a house of their own, leaving Mortimer, a young adult at the time on his own.

Bradley was a geeky child, and he dreamed of being a scientist one day. He didn’t have a lot of friends at school, the only boy he hung out was much younger Oliver Gradle. They were both fearless boys and often got in trouble together doing some of their crazy dares.

Bradley straightened up for a little while when he got to high school, because there he met the most beautiful girl on the world, Laquita Hoves. This crush lasted for years and he couldn’t do anything about it because he despite all of his bravery he didn’t really know how to act around pretty girls. But she was best friend’s with Ollie’s sisters and he got to spend a lot of time around her. And eventually he even got to ask her out but nothing came of it, Laquita was just not interested in him as he was in her so for a while he let it go.

He then met Summer Caliente who was a little younger then him but much more receptive of his flirts than Laquita ever was and they hooked up.  For a while it all seemed good, and then a tragedy hit home when his sister Kari died. Bradley’s whole life was deeply shaken by this event. Kari was his father’s favorite and her death really changed him, he and his mother got another child, his youngest brother Brenton but not even that was enough to save their marriage and soon his mother moved out.

Luckily for Bradley he wasn’t alone trough this ordeal, Laquita was there to help and support him which rekindled the feelings he had for her and confused him some more. Eventually however he decided on going steady with Summer, since she had a hot tub, and was willing to make out with him in the said hot tub. His last year of school was a problematic one for him, he was in and out of detention until he joined a study club to help him remain on track. He had stopped being friends with Oliver since he was snubbing his little brother Cecil.

He went to his senior prom with Summer and was crowned prom king, which was a big surprise, since he didn’t really feel he was very popular, a lot of people were unhappy with this decision, especially Laquita’s brother Zeke who was Bradley’s classmate but never liked him much. That year Bradley was also pronounced valedictorian, and that didn’t really surprise anyone. He had gotten his grades up again after joining the study club and he had his mother’s good genes, he was mastering skills pretty fast.

However when he finished school his father died leaving him alone to take care of two teenage boys, which would prove to be a nightmare since neither Cecil or Brent were especially obedient, at least not until his mother moved back in. Then he finally had enough cash to propose to Summer and start looking for a real job but things got complicated rather quick with Summer getting pregnant.

He decided to move in with her and her mother Nala so he could help with the baby and since he desperately needed a job he started a life of crime.

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Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.4 – Celebrations

Table of Contents

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Screenshot_28Sara sat in Alyssa’s office her heart beating like crazy, her palms sweating as she moved them from griping the seat handles to rest on her knees. The electrifying excitement followed her from the dark basement in the office building downtown right back to the police station.

The note she found on the crates in the abandoned office, carefully bagged by all the procedures Alyssa and Mr. Hoves had shown her just hours ago was now in  Mr. Hoves’ hands and both he and Alyssa were busy examining it in silence that was unbearable for Sara’s nerves.

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Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.3 – The Mission

Table of Contents 

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Screenshot_7Knowing what she knew Sara was not the least bit surprised to see Justine Hooks, her mother’s girlfriend in the kitchen Wednesday morning, the day before her big mission for the SVPD.  She was also not the least bit surprised to learn Justine had spent the night or to hear her mother had gotten engaged for the second time.

She hugged them both and congratulated them with all her heart. Yet another engagement for the Caliente girls she thought… Her mother had gone trough it after all… Before accidentally spying on her mother’s search for engagement rings last week she wouldn’t have really imagined it possible. She believed Dina Caliente’s marrying days were behind her. For best of Sara’s knowledge her relationship with the much younger cook was just a silly fling to fill in time. She guessed she was wrong. Love works in mysterious ways after all…

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Caliente(Dina) – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Caliente family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



I created Dina and Nina for a reconstruction of my Sims2 Pleasantview, I have given up on that neighborhood but I liked Dina and Nina and decided to move them in this save, they were the fourth family to join the neighborhood.

 At one point the household consisted of Nina, her fiancee Dave, their daughter Rosie, Dina, her wife Nala and their adopted daughter Sara so I decided to split them up, and that is how this Caliente family got their new home.

At the beginning of this story Dina had just reached elder age, had retired from her job as the Leader of The Free World. She and Nala are divorced and both their daughters Sara and Summer are young adults.

Round 4


Family Members

This post is told form Dina’s POV.In this post we meet the Caliente women, Dina and her two adopted daughters: Sara and Summer. We learn Dina had recently divorced her wife Nala after an affair. Dina had also recently retired following a successful political career, she was the Leader of The Free World and is very rich and famous, thus completing her lifetime ambition.  Now she is focused on her two daughters who don’t really get along. Her house gets broken into but her daughter Sara deals with the burglar still causing Dina a lot of stress and her younger daughter Summer gets engaged to her longtime boyfriend Bradley Frail.

Round 5.1 (An interesting offer)


Family Members

This post is told from Sara’s POV. Summer had gotten pregnant with Bradley, shortly after her engagement, Dina had tried to push her into a marriage which she wasn’t ready for and she moved out to her other mother‘s house. Sara gets an offer from Alyssa Prentiss (her future mother in law) for a secret mission that would help the SPVD (where she works as a desk jockey for the forensics department) find evidence that would once again put their little town’s only convicted criminal Mortimer Goth behind bars. In return she would be promoted and become a full member of the police force.

Round 5.2 (Lunch with the boss)


This post is told from Sara’s POV. Sara has lunch with the Big Boss, Dynamic DNA specialist Junior Hoves, they talk a little about their personal life, but the conversation soon steers to the offer Sara received from Alyssa Prentiss and Sara informs him she decided to accept it.

Round 5.3 ( The Mission)


Sara finally goes on assignment given to her by Alyssa Prentiss, she doesn’t find the bad guys where the SVPD expected them too but instead finds a message that seems to be left there for the police, she takes it and rushes back to the station. Her mother, Dina gets engaged to her girlfriend Justine Hooks.

Round 5.4 ( Celebrations)


Sara brings back the found evidence to the station and gets promoted by Junior Hoves himself. The next day she stumbles in to her mother’s bachelorette party. The party is a blast for everyone but Sara who sees her aunt and tries to confront her guilt over her cousin’s suicide attempt. The party ends with Blair Hoves fainting and the ambulance’s arrival.

Round 6.1 : Until death do us part 


Family Members

Dina and Justine finally get married in the backyard of Dina’s home. Dina reveals she is still in pain from the death of her first wife Nala

Round 6.2 : Home alone


With her mom and Justine gone to their honeymoon Sara is left home alone. she reflects on her job and the event that shaped not only her career but her life and the life on many other sims in town….

Round 6.3 : Raid and recovery


Sara’s flashbacks continue in this post. She wakes up in the hospital after being shot in the leg, she tries to recall what happened to her partner while everyone around her refuses to tell her anything…

Round 6 – Bonus chapter: Fresh blood


Sara is a lieutenant at the SVPD, and two new officers join her team.

Round 7.1: Scars


Family Members

Sara’s fiancee Jerod had moved in with her after a tragedy in which he lost his mother and his house. The event had a deep impact on him and he is still trying to recover.

Round 7.2: Murder in Sunset Valley (To be published)

Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.2 – Lunch with the boss

Previous Rounds

Family Members

Appearing in the story:

Screenshot_5Sara came home from work, changed in more comfortable clothes and had a plate of her mothers hot dogs. she noticed Dina, had already eaten but was not in the house, it didn’t bother Sara, her mother went where she pleased, staying home made her restless. And Sara herself had a lot of things going on inside her head and she needed time to think about it, alone.

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Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.1 – An Interesting Offer

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Family Members

Appearing in the story:

Screenshot_1Sara ate her breakfast alone. Her mother had a hectic sleeping schedule now that she had retired and she would get up way before Sara did, make something nice (today that was pancakes) and then head straight to her garden to work there. Sara sometimes feared her hobby was becoming more of an obsession but she never mentioned it, Dina Caliente was not one to take any criticism lightly.

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Caliente – Round 5.2 (A party)

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Family members:

Also appearing in the story:

Hospitals were always filled with movement, the sound of footsteps, voices and cries. Or so Latricia learned having to spend a lot of time there following her sister’s suicide attempt. The coma ward however was a different place. Sounds of life on this floor were the sounds of machines that sustained the people seemingly asleep in their assigned hospital beds.

Most of her time here Latricia blended in the surroundings and tried to be as quiet as the patients here but not anymore. She started talking to her comatose sister and soon found out she couldn’t stop.

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Caliente – Round 5.1 (A visit to the hospital)

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Family members:

Also appearing in the story:

Latricia opened the window of her sister’s room the moment she walked in. It was a nice day, spring had just begone, outside the flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, the sun was shining and she wanted to get a bit of that in this gloomy place, or at least to get the sickly hospital smell out.

Screenshot_16She could pretend not to see all the equipment her sister had been hooked on, she could even block out the constant dull beeping of the machines that kept Rosie alive but there was that smell, that smell she had easily begun to hate and that always reminded her where she was.

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