Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.2 – Lunch with the boss

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Screenshot_5Sara came home from work, changed in more comfortable clothes and had a plate of her mothers hot dogs. she noticed Dina, had already eaten but was not in the house, it didn’t bother Sara, her mother went where she pleased, staying home made her restless. And Sara herself had a lot of things going on inside her head and she needed time to think about it, alone.

Screenshot_19The words of her future mother-in-law still rang in her head. “Of course if you do say yes, and I hope you will, it will be more then a raise this time. If you do what I ask of you, what the department asks of you, you would earn a badge. A trainee badge of course, and you would spend the summer patrolling the streets with some of our senior officers, I hear Jesse Hoves is back to work and I strongly recommend him but we will see about that. And this fall a place will be waiting for you at the Academy.”

Sara never really wanted to stay in the police force, this was only a temp job for her, something to do before she got married, afterwards she would commit herself fully to her painting career but she was always a fan of adventure, and all Alyssa Prentiss offered her sounded like a big one and she could not help but feel excited.There was danger involved, sure but she could take it on, just a bit of eavesdropping and evidence collecting, she could handle it, easy.

Screenshot_20The next morning was a busy one and she didn’t have a chance to talk to Alyssa, she was sent all the weeks paperwork from the whole department and was sorting them out before she sent them to the case file room to be stored and forgotten. She didn’t even notice it was time for lunch until she heard a voice from overhead: “No plans for lunch today?” She looked up and saw it was the big boss, Mr. Hoves himself. “I din’t even realize it was lunchtime already!” She replied honestly earning herself a smile. On cue her stomach confirmed, she had nothing except her mothers cookies and a big glass of milk for breakfast.

She didn’t know Junior Hoves well, he kinda intimidated her and they never spent time together but today he invited her to eat with him in the cafeteria upstairs. It would be rather stupid of her to think this was not connected with the conversation she had with Alyssa yesterday, but it would also be stupid to think that conversation happScreenshot_21ened without Mr. Hoves knowing about it.

They went upstairs in silence. When they took their seat Mr. Hoves asked her what she wanted and went to bring it. As she sat there looking after him Sara wasn’t really sure what was it about the man that made her feel so uncomfortable, he was a family man, he had four kids, he was nice and pleasant, a perfect gentleman. He was also quite handsome, despite his hair being completely gray, and the small glasses he wore. One could tell he was  a great charmer in his youth.

It must have been the way everyone here treated him, as if he was a frikin’ rock star. And although both his father, uncle and step mother were police officScreenshot_23ers Sara knew all the respect he got Junior Hoves earned for himself and that did leave one feeling slightly uncomfortable and inadequate.

He was back soon with two trays with their foods and two big plastic to-go coffee cups. “You didn’t say anything but you looked in need of coffee.” He said with a smile and she thanked him politely. The conversation didn’t steer into the matters of the task Sara was given, at least not at first. First it was a round of polite questions inquiring after her mothers and her sister. She deftly maneuvered around the questions about her aunt and cousin, it was not a topic she wanted to discuss and Mr. Hoves must have sensed it because he changed the subject himself. “You must have lived trough a real horror story on the news this fall. A firefighter injured on the job…” She nodded, her fiancee Jerod was a firefighter. “A nightmare, luckily everyone went out of there alive… But you understand, how is Blair these days?”

She really liked Blair Hoves, Junior’s step mother. She too was a legend around here although most of the work she did was classified. But she was the most cheerful, pleasant woman with green hair and butterflied decorated outfits. Just looking at her one could never guess she caught criminals for the best part of her life and now, retired to be Sunset Valley’s Fire Captain.

Junior smiled. “She is fine, you know Blair, she is a fighter.” Then Screenshot_22his face darkened a bit. “They did see something on her scans… In her lungs…” He sighed. “But you know how old people get… Tough to say the least, especially Blair, she could always be… well childish. And she doesn’t want to go check that out, she is being crazy of course, Hannah’s brother is a doctor and she would get all the best care there but..” He waved it off. “Enough dark topics… How are your wedding plans going?”

Sara took a bite of her food, looking down at her plate. “They are on hold for a while.” Junior nodded and changed the topic, something about his own long engagement, sometimes decades ago and Sara could barely listen. She wondered why everyone always stopped at that, she wondered why didn’t anyone ever ask. “Well are you sure you want to marry this man at all?” And then maybe she would ask herself that very question. But no one ever did and it remained unanswered in Sara’s heart…

Her thoughts were cut off by a sudden change in the conversation, Junior had finally come around to the matters in hand. “I wager you thought about Alyssa’s offer?” Sara nodded. “I don’t know how clear Alyssa made it, but I want you to know you are not oblige to do what we ask, you know that?” Sara nodded again. “It is way out of your job description and I, we would understand if you decline, we can find somebody else. Alyssa recommended you because she believed you can handle it. And I believe her.” “I can handle it Mr. Hoves. And I already decided. I’m going to take you up on that offer.”

When Sara came home that day she found her mother in what was her anScreenshot_6d Summer’s room. She was busy looking something up on Summer’s old computer. She shared pretty much everything with her mother and she meant to share this too but something stopped her. She felt as if mum would try and dissuade her from what she already decided, she also felt rather uncomfortable mentioning Mortimer Goth to her so she just walked away. Leaving the room however she couldn’t help glancing at the screen her mother was on. She was looking up engagement rings.


4 thoughts on “Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.2 – Lunch with the boss

  1. I’m not sure what to make of Mr. Hoves; he seems nice but is he sort of entitiled acting? That seems to be Sara’s perception. So Sara’s mom is Dina? And maybe she’s planning to marry Mortimer Goth? it makes me wonder if she’s in love with him or more interested in the money or power.

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    1. thanks once again for commenting 🙂 I’m super glad you picked up on that 😀 that is one of the things I’m trying to achieve, show how different people seem from others points of view and I guessed since Mr. Hoves is a big shot at work he might seem a little entitled to his coworkers 🙂 and yes Dina is Sara’s mom but she won’t marry Mortimer in this sim unvierse, they had an affair but broke up (in my Sims2 game they did marry and have a child together though 😀 and there she was definitely into his money and power :D) but we would see more of Dina and her love life in the next two posts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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