Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.3 – The Mission

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Screenshot_7Knowing what she knew Sara was not the least bit surprised to see Justine Hooks, her mother’s girlfriend in the kitchen Wednesday morning, the day before her big mission for the SVPD.  She was also not the least bit surprised to learn Justine had spent the night or to hear her mother had gotten engaged for the second time.

She hugged them both and congratulated them with all her heart. Yet another engagement for the Caliente girls she thought… Her mother had gone trough it after all… Before accidentally spying on her mother’s search for engagement rings last week she wouldn’t have really imagined it possible. She believed Dina Caliente’s marrying days were behind her. For best of Sara’s knowledge her relationship with the much younger cook was just a silly fling to fill in time. She guessed she was wrong. Love works in mysterious ways after all…

She didn’t mention anything about “the mission” to her mother after all, she didn’t say anything to her fiancee Jerod either, she knew he would be excited about it as she was but she was a little afraid he would try to talk her out of it to, maybe say it’s too dangerous, as if his job wasn’t dangerous, he was a firefighter after all. If she could talk to Rosie she would tell her, Rosie thrived on danger, she would support her as she always did. But none of that mattered now, Rosie she knew, her best friend was gone.

Screenshot_24The next day she told her mother she was working late and brought the stuff she needed with her to work. After most of the forensics department had gone home she had gone into Alyssa’s office and gone trough the plans with her and Mr. Hoves. They showed her the blueprint of the office building in which this meeting she was supposed to eavesdrop on was being held. They bombarded her with instructions and after going at it for hours she could only nod. She was brimming with excitement and couldn’t wait to finally be out there.

The meeting was supposed to be at eight, she kinda expected it to be midnight but the criminals didn’t share the same sense for the dramatic it seemed. Alyssa and Junior, always methodical being the scientist they were, explained that that was right after guards changed shift and it would be easiest to sneak in to the building at that time.

Their assessment proved to be right Sara observed as she managed to sneak in the office building quite successfully herself and she was by no means skilled in breaking and entering. She couldn’t just walk in to the deserted building either since she had no police credentials, yet. If she succeeds today, that might easily change but Sara didn’t want to get ahead of herself. The really dangerous part was just beginning…Screenshot_25

She walked as quietly as she could muster to the elevators wondering if they go down to the basement but in the end decided against trying at all, the sound might have alerted the guard, so she want right pass them to a dark staircase that definitely led down.

Her heart was beating hard the whole time  and she felt she was minutes from being shot by a criminal who was keeping watch. Every step made her afraid more but she didn’t give up, at the same time no shots came either which was a good thing Sara wagered but the sense of dread did not leave her, not even when she had reached the last step.

The basement seemed truly empty. Not even a whisper could be heard but Sara didn’t come this far to give up, she had to be sure. Mrs. Prentiss and Mr. Hoves counted on her, they said to bring back any information she could get so she pressed on.

They had given her a flashlight and she was itching to use it, she could see nothing but she imagined rats and spiders crawling all around her, and not to mention the unseen guard who might be watching… Maybe trough night vision goggles? Anything was possible…

Still she was more afraid of giving herself up by turning the flashlight on then she was of the dark room.So she kept to the walls instead, hoping to hear something, anything that would point her in the right direction but there was nothing, only silence and darkness.

She always hated dark and closed spaces. The sooner you find something the sooner you can get out… She told herself forcing her mind to recall the plans she had seen only an hour ago but she remembered nothing. At the time she was to excited to memorize any of them.

She sighScreenshot_26ed quietly hating her stupid brain, trying to remember anything… “The most likely room for the meeting is here.” Alyssa had said and pointed at the map. Pointed at what? It was a large rectangle, the largest of all the rectangles on the basement map. And it was… On the opposite end of the hallway from the stairs! Sara remembered and almost cried out from joy. It was all coming back to her, the room was once used for offices but the company that rented them had moved away, people didn’t seem to be very productive in a dank, windowless room. Being here now Sara could not blame them. It was much worse then the basement she worked in at station. There it was always noisy at least, this place was as silent as a crypt.
When she finally made her way to the former offices, listening intently with every step she made she noticed the door stood open. She moved carefully to the one side of the door and tried to listen in. Nothing. She didn’t expect anything, to be honest, the more she spent in this place the more sure she was there was nobody here but she couldn’t just walk back… She needed to see if there was ever anything here at all.

She took a deep breath and came trough the open door turning on her flScreenshot_27ashlight. There was no one there. She checked every corner, shining her light on abandoned crates. She was just about to go and tell her bosses they have been duped again, another hard task, but the last one of the day.

But just as she was about to leave she noticed something on one of the crates. Upon seeing it she couldn’t help wondering how she missed it in the first place, it was placed just across from the doors she came from. It was nothing much, just a blank sheet of paper but one could see it did not belong there, the thick layer of dust that covered everything else in the room was absent for one, you didn’t have to be a detective, or a forensics specialist to notice that one.

So she good closer to it and flashed her light over it noticing there was hand-writing on it:”BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”. And right after it a winking face was painted by someone whom Sara concluded was not a very good artist.

She collected it the way Alyssa and Junior showed her careful to handle it with gloves and seal it tightly so it would be preserved and then  got out of the building fast, still suspecting an ambush. She didn’t dare alerting the guard, she feared he might be on the criminal’s payroll so she found an unlocked bathroom on the ground floor and went out of the window. She ran as fast as she could to the station and felt like she could die when she finally got to the station elevator, feeling her heart beating in her throat. And this time she used to elevator to get back to Alyssa’s office where she knew her and Junior were anxiously waiting.

/* I’ve added a table of contents post for the Caliente family which I plan to update after each post, I figure it would be easier to keep track that way then to have links to all posts in each post. I plan to add one for each family so let me know what you think, any suggestions are welcome.  Hope you enjoyed this update and thanks for reading.  :)*/

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