Bradley Frail

Bradley Frail was born the second child of Edmund Frail, the famous writer and Narcissa Vatos. His parents had a kind of on and off relationship, the were engaged but broke up sometimes after his oldest sister Kari was born. But they kept seeing each other still, hence Bradley’s conception. They finally married when Bradley was four and he and his mother moved in with Edmund and Kari who were at the time living with Mortimer Goth.

His father was good friends with Cornelia Goth and when she learned she was dying she asked him to move in with her and take care of her teenage boy Mortimer. Once his brother Cecil was born however his parents finally got a house of their own, leaving Mortimer, a young adult at the time on his own.

Bradley was a geeky child, and he dreamed of being a scientist one day. He didn’t have a lot of friends at school, the only boy he hung out was much younger Oliver Gradle. They were both fearless boys and often got in trouble together doing some of their crazy dares.

Bradley straightened up for a little while when he got to high school, because there he met the most beautiful girl on the world, Laquita Hoves. This crush lasted for years and he couldn’t do anything about it because he despite all of his bravery he didn’t really know how to act around pretty girls. But she was best friend’s with Ollie’s sisters and he got to spend a lot of time around her. And eventually he even got to ask her out but nothing came of it, Laquita was just not interested in him as he was in her so for a while he let it go.

He then met Summer Caliente who was a little younger then him but much more receptive of his flirts than Laquita ever was and they hooked up.  For a while it all seemed good, and then a tragedy hit home when his sister Kari died. Bradley’s whole life was deeply shaken by this event. Kari was his father’s favorite and her death really changed him, he and his mother got another child, his youngest brother Brenton but not even that was enough to save their marriage and soon his mother moved out.

Luckily for Bradley he wasn’t alone trough this ordeal, Laquita was there to help and support him which rekindled the feelings he had for her and confused him some more. Eventually however he decided on going steady with Summer, since she had a hot tub, and was willing to make out with him in the said hot tub. His last year of school was a problematic one for him, he was in and out of detention until he joined a study club to help him remain on track. He had stopped being friends with Oliver since he was snubbing his little brother Cecil.

He went to his senior prom with Summer and was crowned prom king, which was a big surprise, since he didn’t really feel he was very popular, a lot of people were unhappy with this decision, especially Laquita’s brother Zeke who was Bradley’s classmate but never liked him much. That year Bradley was also pronounced valedictorian, and that didn’t really surprise anyone. He had gotten his grades up again after joining the study club and he had his mother’s good genes, he was mastering skills pretty fast.

However when he finished school his father died leaving him alone to take care of two teenage boys, which would prove to be a nightmare since neither Cecil or Brent were especially obedient, at least not until his mother moved back in. Then he finally had enough cash to propose to Summer and start looking for a real job but things got complicated rather quick with Summer getting pregnant.

He decided to move in with her and her mother Nala so he could help with the baby and since he desperately needed a job he started a life of crime.

Sign: Aries

TraitsBrave, Can’t Stand Art, Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Perceptive

LW: Tinkerer

Jobs: Cutpurse (24$/h)

Skills: Athletic(10), Cooking(3), Guitar(10), Piano(10), Logic(10),Bass(10), Drums(10), Handiness(3)


4 thoughts on “Bradley Frail

  1. From valedictorian (and prom king) to life of crime, hmm, he has had so many tragedies happen to him, and seems like a really complex sim. I can see where Easily Impressed could be a tragic flaw. Maybe his perceptiveness will help him in the end. I am glad he had Laquita and wonder what will happen to him and Summer now.

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  2. yes Bradley had a lot happen to him 😦 I too hope his perceptivness will lead him out of his new dangerous path but we will have to wait and see 🙂 in this next set of updates you are going to see a little more of him, hope you’ll like that as well 🙂 thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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