Mayor – Round 5.1: Girls’ day gone wrong

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Screenshot_12Lysa had finally managed to plan her wedding to perfection, she had everything ready, from the choice of venue, food, decorations and music. She even managed to snag a very expensive photographer from Bridgeport.  All that was missing was the perfect dress and all of her attempts of acquiring the said item so far were fruitless and that is why this early summer weekend she was driving into the city with the Gradle twins.

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Mayor – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Mayor family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers possible).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



The Mayor family started with Jill Mayor, she was a townie who got involved with Phaena Santoro. The two got married and for a while lived in happiness. Their happiness dissolved after Jill had an affair with Jesse Hoves and got pregnant. She and Phaena got a divorce and desperate she moved in with Jesse and his family so they can raise their son Zeke Mayor together. 

After Jill and Jesse broke up she had an affair with Darryl Coates and had another child, a daughter named Vanessa. For a while Jill and her children, two biological children and her daughter Lysa she and Phaena adopted, and shared custody,  lived with the Hoves. Then after Jill got engaged to Nala they spent some time living with her but after Jill decided not to go trough the wedding they bought their own house.

Round 2.1

*update for the Hoves(Jesse) family, while the Mayor’s were a part of that household


Family Members

Told from Vanessa’s point of view. Vanessa comes back to the Hoves home after spending some time with her father. She catches up with Laquita and from here she learns her mother got engaged without telling her. This hits her hard because she fears her mother would send her away again but she is comforted by Zeke and Laquita. When she finally confronts her mother she learns she has a choice in the matter too which finally settles the matter. We also learn Vanessa has a crush named Walter and that Laquita is fascinated by Dina Caliente although she dislikes her daughters.

Round 2.2


Told from Jesse’s point of view. In this post we first learn Jill has doubts about marrying Nala. She worries how it would impact her children, we also learn she had taken a job in the diner and left the military for their sake. We also learn Vanessa went out with her crush Walter and they got arrested at the public pool because the police thought they broke in to skinny dip. Jesse tries teaching Zeke to dance and encourages him to ask the girl he likes out.

Round 3.1


Family Members

Told from Jill’s point of view. We learn that Nala hosted a surprise wedding for Jill and that didn’t really work out but she decided Jill and her children stay in her house anyways, at least until their own is completed. She feels guilty over how things turn out and really wants to get out of there. We also learn that Jill is now seeing Mortimer Goth, the guy who was the reason Nala’s previous marriage had fallen apart and for many reasons Jill is trying to keep this a secret, from Nala but also her children. Jill also hears from Lysa that her ex-wife was adopting another kid with her new wife which strangely upsets her, but she then gets a promotion and it gets her mind away from things.

Round 3.2


Told from Lysa’s point of view. Lysa goes out and gets drunk angry at her boyfriend Dougie who chooses to spend time with his best friend Luther rather than with her. She walks in on Vanessa and her boyfriend Walter making out in the living room. The next day Zeke talks about romantic things he has planed for his girlfriend Marty and Lysa decides to take her own relationship to the next level. On her way to the bistro she sees her mother with Mortimer Goth but doesn’t figure out what’s happening. At the bistro she and Dougie listen to Riam Gradle’s performance and after it she gets on one knee and Dougie says yes.

Round 4


Family Members

Told from Vanessa’s POV. Zeke is staying with his father and Lysa is at her mother so the first time we see the Mayor’s new house it’s only Vanessa and Jill living there. Vanessa is taking martial arts lessons to fill in her free time now that she broke up with her boyfriend Walter and had a fight with her best friend Latricia.  She has a new boyfriend now, Cecil Frail but his father had just died and she has no clue what to in said situation so she is giving him some space. She gets on the honor roll and makes a new friend, Chiquita Fegel. Her mother has her birthday party and Vanessa catches up with Krystal, her old friend and she realizes her life is getting back on track.

Round 5.1 (Girl’s day gone wrong) 


Lysa goes shopping with the Gradle twins, she is looking for a perfect wedding dress for her wedding that is right around the corner. During the time shopping however she receives a call from her fiance learning his mother had passed away. She rushes back to town to meet him at the hospital. She learns Eevee Gradle is falling for her boss.

Round 5.2 (Blair’s Funeral) 


Lysa goes with Dougie to Blair’s funeral and memorial service where everyone pays their respects. Rest in peace Blair Wainwright Hoves.

Round 5.3 (Slow Summer Days)


Lysa spends the summer at her mother Jill’s house, we learn Jill broke up with Mortimer Goth, and retired, Zeke still works at City Hall and Vanessa had joined a music club and befriended Frederica Hoves. Dougie asks Lysa out and tells her he still wants the wedding to happen, it doesn’t turn out the way Lysa had originally planned but still Lysa and Dougie finally tie the knot.

Round 6.1: Lucky’s campaign

Family Members

  • Jill Mayor (elder)
  • Zeke Mayor (young adult: Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Brave, Virtouso, Savvy Sculpturer)
  • Vanessa Mayor (young adult: Good, Friendly, Loner, Lucky, No Sense of Houmor, LTW:  Forensics Specialist – Dynamic DNA Profiler)


Zeke’s sister Lucky comes to visit, and she has some big news, she wants to run for city council and she wants Zeke to help her. Overwhelmed Zeke still accepts because he believes in her.

Round 6.2: Back home


Vanessa comes home from college and we learn she had broken up with her boyfriend Cecil, Jill starts a new romance and Zeke decides to surprise Marty…

Round 6.3: Parties and misunderstandings


Zeke is heartbroken after his failed surprise for Marty. However he finds help from his mother’s newest boyfriend and receives an invitation to an important party.

Round 6.4: Sunset at the Gradle mansion 


Zeke spends a whole day with the Gradle’s, Marty’s family. And this time it is Marty that plans a surprise…

Caliente-Frail- Round 5.4: One last dream

Table of Contents

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Screenshot_11A strange silence had descended over the house when Silvester and Summer were gone to Phoiebe Santoro’s party. It bugged Nala. She had finished baking the cookies she set to bake, went outside and changed the candles in all her outdoor lamps. The rain had stopped but the night was still chilly forcing her to wear a jacket. She checked her watch, it wasn’t even nine yet on a Sunday evening. Most of Sunset Valley residents were probably getting ready for bed, it was the end of the weekend but Nala herself was never one to go to bed early.

She headed straight to her bedroom and took her guitar case. There was always that one thing that always picked her up, she could be down, bored, sick or all of the above and then she would thrum those strings and she would be transcend into some other place were nothing mattered, losing the love of her life, fighting with her younger daughter, her older daughter becoming a cop, her son in law being a criminal, her grandson starting school, her stomach pains, her being old… It would all be forgotten.

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Caliente-Frail – Round 5.3: Secrets and Surprises

Table of Contents

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When Nala and Silvester gotScreenshot_3 home from their little trip at the nectary they found Summer in the working area with her laptop. This was not an uncommon sight. Nala never seemed to understand why a job at the spa requires such an amount of typing and scrolling but if she was to say that to her daughter she was sure she wasn’t going to get an answer, only an evil eye.To Summer her job came before almost everything else and besides the two of the just had a big fight this morning and Nala was not ready for round two, not yet at least.

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Caliente-Frail – Round 5.2 – Illustrious Author

Table of Contents

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Nala Caliente felt her hands sweating as she gripped the steering wheel. She had taken a few pills to lessen the stomach aches she had been having for days now and physically she felt better but inside she was still fuming over yet another fight with Summer, it seemed it was going to be just one of those days when the two of them could not possibly find middle ground. She glanced over to her grandson Silvester who was sitting in the car with her. He was looking out the window so silently that one could easily forget he was even there. It really hurt Nala to see the sad look he had in his eyes during the before mentioned fight. And this silence of his bothered her, it would be easier if he just let his feelings out, just say what was on his mind. But the boy didn’t speak, he was simply not like other kids she knew. Her oldest daughter Sara for instance was a real chatty child, she didn’t seem to shut up ever since Nala thought her to talk.


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Caliente- Frail – Round 5.1 – Grandparenting

Table of contents

Nala Caliente turned to her side and looked at her watch. The bigger hand had only slightly moved from twelve while the smaller rested on six. It was Sunday Nala also noted as she got up in a sitting position with a groan. A persistent stomachache tortured her for days now but she found ways to push trough it. It was her reasoning that by the time you get to a certain age just have to take the limits that come with it, and accept the fact that there will be certain pain and inconvenience you just had to ignore in order to lead a normal life.

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Caliente(Frail) – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Caliente-Frail family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



This specific family started with Nala  (Sanza) Caliente, after she divorced Dina and moved out  to start life on her own. Nala was created in CAS and moved into town with her sister Minissa, Minissa’s husband Riam and their son Benji. Nala was trying to escape a society in which all that was expected from her was to get married and have children. Nala wanted more, she loved music and wanted to create her own, music that the whole world will listen to. Her dreams came true, and eventually she got married too, maybe not the way her mother would have wanted but she and her wife were really happy, they even adopted two girls, Sara and Summer.


After the divorce Nala lived with Jill, her fiancee and Jill’s family for a while but they broke up too and she was left alone in a big house she tried to make her home. After her daughter Summer got pregnant and had a fight with Dina Nala accepted her in her own home, and at now she lives with Summer, her son Silvester and Summer’s fiancee Bradley.

Round 3.1

*update for the Mayor family, happening at Nala’s house, featuring Nala)


Family Members

Told from Jill’s point of view. Nala’s surprise wedding for Jill didn’t work and even though she and Jill broke up after it she decided to let Jill and her three kids stay with her until their house is completed. In a full house Nala still feels lonely and turns to reading logic books.

Round 5.1 (Grandparenting)

Family Members


Told from Nala’s POV. Nala Caliente is old, a sad realization that is hitting her as she does her best to be a good mother to her daughter Summer, and grandmother to Summer’s son Silvester. She and Summer don’t really see eye to eye when it comes to raising Silvester and fight over smallest of things. Nala also reflects on her early life, discovering her love for music and fighting social norms set upon her by her mother. She Riam and Nina plan a gig.

Round 5.2 (Illustrious Author)


Nala and Silvester visit the nectary, she learns Silvester wants to write illustrated books when he grows up and that his mother Summer disagrees. The two of them also see Irene Hoves sneaking around and stealing a bottle of nectar.

Round 5.3 (Secrets and Surprises) 


Nala and Silvester come home, Summer whisks Silvester away to a party and Nala is left home alone, she reflects on the earlier days that summer, finding out her daughter Sara is starting the Police Academy that fall, guessing that Bradley’s job is probably more shady than it seems and organizing Summer and Bradley’s wedding. 

Round 5.4 (One last Dream) 


While Summer and Silvester are at a party Nala goes out to town to play her guitar. What she doesn’t know is that would be the last time she plays… The next day she does chores and gossips with her younger daughter before going to take a nap. She dreams of her ex wife and the night Dina proposed to her… She wakes up to see the Grim Reaper (and he is not in his Tad Dustpine form :P). Her body is discovered minutes later by her young grandson Silvester.

Round 6.1: Blood on Bradley’s hands


Family Members:

In this post we see the events that lead to the death of Jesse Hoves from Bradley’s memories. We learn more about who was there and what happened, seen from the criminals’ side.

 Round 6.2: Play-date


As Bradley heads to yet another day at the job he hates Silvester and Summer are joined by Harry Prentiss and his two kids, Aenar and Vaela who come over to spend the day. Bradley can’t help but feel a little jealous but Susannah, his boss, never really gives him a choice… (you can read more about Harry, Aenar and Vaela on the Characters page, or check out their story here

Round 6.3: Trying to get back to normal 


Summer finally becomes the partner in the spa. Bradley still fights the nightmares and feeling of guilt after being a part of Jesse’s murder. Silvester makes a new friend and Bradley is approached by a strange young man…