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Nala Caliente felt her hands sweating as she gripped the steering wheel. She had taken a few pills to lessen the stomach aches she had been having for days now and physically she felt better but inside she was still fuming over yet another fight with Summer, it seemed it was going to be just one of those days when the two of them could not possibly find middle ground. She glanced over to her grandson Silvester who was sitting in the car with her. He was looking out the window so silently that one could easily forget he was even there. It really hurt Nala to see the sad look he had in his eyes during the before mentioned fight. And this silence of his bothered her, it would be easier if he just let his feelings out, just say what was on his mind. But the boy didn’t speak, he was simply not like other kids she knew. Her oldest daughter Sara for instance was a real chatty child, she didn’t seem to shut up ever since Nala thought her to talk.


“Are you excited about school?” She asked, hoping to avert their attention from what just transpired in their home. Silvester shrugged a little not even bothering to turn aroud. “I guess.” He knows I don’t approve of him starting school so early. Nala thought and couldn’t help feeling bad, she did think he was too young but it wouldn’t help him starting his education with a negative attitude.

“You should be. I think you will like it there, and it’s very important…” She noticed he had turned around and was looking at her. “You’ll meet many other kids there, kids who will get to become your friends, and girls…” He is too young for girls, damn it he is too young for any of this… She thought bitterly. And besides polite as he was not to say anything she knew Silvester didn’t really like other kids that much.

Screenshot_42.jpgEarlier this Summer Nala had taken him to the beach, it was no secret it was one of her favorite places in the world. Summer of course put Silvester in the most ridiculous outfit and had a mini fit when Silvester came home all covered in sand because he had spent all his time making a sandcastle, alone.

Nala of course had a different plan, she had also invited her sister Minissa over, and Minissa brought her son Waylon and granddaughter Melissa, of all six Minissa’s children and four grandchildren Waylon and Melissa were closes to age to Silvester but still he ignored them completely.
Screenshot_43But Nala wasn’t ready to give up. She really believed it was important for her grandson to have friends his age that is why she pushed him, gently of course, into spending time with Melissa over the summer. After all she was  also starting school this fall and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world that Silvester has a friend there as soon as he arrives.This plan seemed to be working, Melissa was a friendly girl and she would pick up the phone and call often, just the other day Nala heard them talking about schoolbooks. This didn’t surprise her because Silvester really loved to read and he already knew how, despite his early age.

“You’ll learn many things in school that will be good for you.” She then added. “Have you thought about what you want to be when you grow up?”

Silvester turned to look outside again. “I wish I could write books. Pretty books like you bring me, nana, ones with pictures. I want to draw the pictures too, auntie Sara promised to teach me, and she bought me those pretty pencils for my birthday…” The excitement Nala heard in his voice made her heart warm up. “Well that is a pretty darn good wish! I’m going to read any book you write sweetie!” She said smiling at the little boy but he remained silent looking out the window. “Did you tell your dad that? I bet he would be happy… His own dad, your grandfather was a famous writer, when you’re older you’ll probably like his books.” “I didn’t. Daddy’s always working, I hardly ever have time to see him.” Silvester said sadly. “I told mum. But she said that is not why I am going to school for…” Nala frowned. Another thing to talk to Summer about… “And what does mum say you should to?” “She says she is going to own the spa soon and I should learn math and business since it would mine to run one day… I don’t even know what business is.” He said in a thin voice. Barely louder then a whisper.

Before Nala could answer he turned back to her and there were tears in his eyes.”Please don’t yell at mum anymore nana.” She nearly felt like crying herself but she managed a weak smile. “I won’t sweetie. I promise.” The boy nodded and looked ahead again falling silent immediately.

Inside Nala was fuming again. She would own the spa? How does she mean to do it? She is probably just waiting for me to die so she would get her hands on the money…

Thankfully they were almost at their destination. The newly opened nectary was situated a top of a hill outside town.The building was small but it was surrounded by large open fields  perfect for four year old boys to run around. And so he did they ran around together but soon Nala was exhausted and out of breath so she proposed they go outside to rest a while. She promised Silvester he could go back and play later, there was a balcony from which she could observe him. He nodded and they went inside.

She bought a glass of fine, homemade nectar for herself and some homemade juice for Silvester. She thought he would finish it instantly and be anxious to go inside but he didn’t. He simply pulled out the little notebook he carried everywhere he went and placed in on the table top and then started writing.

This was somethingScreenshot_44ng he did even at home ever since he learned his letters. He seemed happiest when he was left alone to write in it so she didn’t say anything as she watched him. Maybe he does have the makings of a writer. Maybe that is what runs in his veins, fuels his little heart. For her it was music, it had always been music and she was never going to let anything stand on her way. Well she wasn’t going to let anything stand in Silvester’s way either, not even her own daughter… She would just have to make sure this argument happened outside of Silvester’s earshot.

Nala was on her third glass of nectar when it got dark. She checked her watch, it was just little past four in the afternoon but big, dark storm clouds have hidden the sun away. From the distance Screenshot_41you could hear the sound of thunder. The beautiful summer day was gone. Soon it might grew colder as well she thought looking at Silvester in a thin short sleeved shirt and shorts. And of course Summer said to come home before dark… She was about to suggest they head home when  she noticed a clearly underage girl with pinkish hair conspicuously sneaking around. Her eyes fell on her purse and she noticed she had a bottle of nectar tucked in there.

She almost got away with it… The bartender noticed her last minute as she was about to get down the stairs. “Hey, what are you doing! Stop! I’m calling the police.” He yelled after her grabbing a cellphone from the bar. The girl only laughed and ran faster. “Kain! Ready the car, I’m coming!” The girl yelled and headed down the spiraled wooden stairs that shook with each loud step she made.

Silvester barely moved trough all of this, scribbling frantically in his notebook . “I think it’s time we go honey.” Nala said to him softly. The teenagers seemed to have gotten away since the bartender was cursing and yelling, presumably while on the phone on the police. “Alright.” The boy said softly putting back his notebook and pencil in his backpack. “Thanks for taking me here nana, it was really nice.” He added with a heart melting smile.


8 thoughts on “Caliente-Frail – Round 5.2 – Illustrious Author

  1. Silvester is so tenderhearted and creative! It seems like it’s really hard for Nala to respect her daughter’s choices and perspective, and vice-versa. This was a nice day for Nala and Silvester, out of the house, and so funny about the girl with the pink hair stealing the wine.

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  2. yes Silvester is very sweet, this is the first time I played him and I already like him 🙂 yes they are very different sims, Nala is more artistic while Summer is a serious workaholic and Nala was alone for a long time so she really got attached to Silvester. Oh yes that was very funny for me too so I had to include it in the story 😀 I have this glitch when teens are grounded they sneak around and sometimes they get stuck and sneak all the time which is what happened here, and since this girl is an evil sim I figured she must be up to no good 😛 I will come back to this when I do her story but since I’m not playing these days it might be a while 😦

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. 🙂 I’m having a lousy day at work, it’s raining and depressing but your comments really brought a smile to my face. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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