Mayor – Round 5.2 : Blair’s Funeral

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The day of Blair Hoves funeral was a warm and peaceful one. Summer was in full swing, the sky was blue and the sun shone as bright as Blair Hoves did during her lifetime. She was placed to her final rest on the local graveyard, the same place where her parents and husband were laid before her. After the funeral a memorial service was held in the City Hall. Lysa’s whole family was here, in fact almost the whole town seemed to have came. Lysa choose to be by Dougie’s side, since she knew he need her the most.


Screenshot_21Blair was a very know woman around town, and beloved as well so it was no surprise to anyone the turnout was so big. It was hard not to love the cheerful, butterfly loving, brave woman. Many speeches were held. Even though most of Blair’s work for the SVPD was undercover and confidential and no living person, not even her own family knew all that she did many important people came to honor her work and service for the sim nation. Dina Caliente, one time leader of the free world was among the first to hold a speech about Blair.

She was a tall and imposing woman. She had retired from politics years ago but she still had a bright spark of life in her eyes, and one could hardly tell her age just by looking at her. She was really at ease when speaking in front of the whole town assembled before her, and even more than that, one could tell she was born for this, born for the spoltight. It was easy for Lysa to see why her friend Laquita looked up at her.

Once Dina was done a few more people from the station stood up and spoke, Lysa was swooned as always when it was Dougie’s uncle Jesse’s time to speak.  Like Dina he knew Blair both personally and professionally and shared an occasional anecdote making everyone smile, even Dougie who was fighting tears ever since they came here. He was a brave young man, Lysa knew that, she knew Dougie for the bigger part of their lives but the lose of his mother had really hit him hard, but Lysa wasn’t giving up. He was going to get better, and she would help him do it.

After Blair ended her career in law enforcement she joined the SV Fire DepScreenshot_22artment, she joined as a volunteer but she took the job rather seriously and had saved many lives so next up were her colleagues, the other firefighters from the station. As was the case before, all who spoke had just nice things to say, from the senior members like Maddison Van Watson to the younger ones like Lysa’s little sister Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend Walter whose life Blair saved this spring. His speech was also intensely personal, and there was a deep hurt in his eyes, he seemed genuinely heartbroken and if there wasn’t such a big year gap between the two of them Lysa would have thought there was something going on between them. She dismissed the thought, figuring it must have been a strong bond that appears when ones life is saved by another person.

Screenshot_23The last people to speak were Blair’s closest relatives, starting with Dougie’s older brother Junior. He wore a black suit and a grim face as he stood to face the audience. “Hello, my name is Frederic Hoves. But many of you know me as Junior.” He smiled briefly but his eyes hidden before the square glasses he wore were sad. “Blair didn’t give birth to me, my mum died when I was twelve.” He stopped again. “Blair married my father when I was almost a man grown you know, one could say at that age I didn’t need a mum anymore…. And maybe that was true but Blair was much more… She was the woman who brought laughter back to our house, she was the woman who brought a smile on my father’s face, she changed all of our lives and for that I could never thank her enough. She was one of my biggest supporters, I would never be where I am now if it wasn’t for her…” He looked at the front row where his wife Hannah and their four kids sat and smiled again. “My kids know no other grandmother, and all four of them, from my oldest Frederica, to my youngest Haley would tell you without a doubt she was the best… I wish…I wish she stayed with us a little bit more, I don’t think… I know I’m not ready to say goodbye…. But life is a bitch, it sneaks on us every freaking time… So goodbye Blair, goodbye mum…” His voice broke a little in the end but he lifted his head and slowly walked back to sit with his wife. Lysa squeezed Dougie’s hand. Soon he would be up, he wondered could he do it? He was every bit as brave as Junior but he was also way more emotional…. She had no more time to worry because next up was Dougie’s sister.

Screenshot_25Mya got up the stage and everyone fell silent. When had her hair gone so gray? Lysa
wondered as she watched the woman that was about to start speaking. “My name is Mya Gradle. Like Junior already said Blair didn’t give birth to the two of us, and to me she was both a mother and a big sister. You know I was growing to be half a boy, more than a half probably. That’s what you get when you are an only girl in a house filled with men.” She smiled faintly. “It was Blair who taught me how to be a girl, she taught me that being a girl doesn’t mean I cannot be strong, or that I cannot follow my dreams… She taught me real strength comes from within. Junior said he wouldn’t be where he was now it wasn’t for Blair, well I wouldn’t either. So… Goodbye Blair, may you rest in peace.” When she was done Lysa turned to Dougie, he was very pale and had big bags under his eyes but he got up bravely and walked to take his turn on the stage.

Screenshot_26His voice didn’t shake as Lysa expected it. Instead it was deep, and almost mechanical. “Hi, my name is Douglas Hoves. Blair Hoves was my mother. I want to thank all of you for coming and saying such nice things, I’m sure she would love to hear them spoken because you all meant a great deal to her.” He stopped and looked at his brother and sister. “Especially thank you Junior and Mya. I know that you were her kids as much as I was, she loved our father, and she loved both of you. You spoke of how she changed your life, well you must know you changed hers as well. She was a great person, full of love and she had enough for all of us.” He stopped taking a deep breath. “There is nothing really left to say I think… If you can hear me mum, wherever you are now, know that I love you… More than anything… And I…” He stopped and looked down. “Goodbye mum.” He finished and abruptly and got of the stage. Lysa thought he would come back to his seat next to her but instead he walked right out of the door without even looking her way. She got up slowly, careful not to disturb anyone and walked out after him, her black heels clicking on the tiled floor.

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