Cocoa Javeed

Cocoa Javeed and her mother Ebony were the first inhabitants of the emptied out Sunset Valley. Cocoa was not born in town but she remembered nothing of the life before, she was only a baby when her mother ran away from the miserable life she had hoping to give her daughter a better life.

Cocoa’s mother really did her best for her, she worked part time jobs so she could spend time with her, bought her toys, like her favorite teddy bear Marco from whom Cocoa never separated as a child but the highlight of Cocoa’s childhood was her visit to the town Art Gallery. Cocoa was entranced by this place and when her mother agreed for her to start art lessons there Cocoa knew she had found her passion, something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. To this day the Art Gallery is her favorite place in the whole world.

During her childhood years Cocoa also met Andrew Prentiss. He lived across the street from her with his brother and two sisters and was in the same class as Cocoa. It didn’t take long for the two of them to become best friends. They spent all their time together, sometimes at Cocoa’s house, and sometimes at Andrew’s house and there Cocoa acquainted herself with Andrew’s younger brother, Tomas. She didn’t know when she first developed a crush on Tomas, she knew everyone thought her and Andrew would get together but they didn’t know his secret, only Cocoa knew that, and only Andrew knew about Tomas.

As Cocoa started her teenage years her mother started seeing Jesse Hoves, his niece Mya was Cocoa’s best female friend ever since she moved to town and both of the girls were very supportive of this development and dreamed of becoming actual family. But it turned out to be just a dream… Like their dream of buying a house together right after graduation it never came true. Ebony got pregnant, gave birth to Cocoa’s little sister Rita and she and Jesse broke up. For a while Cocoa blamed her mother, she didn’t know any better then, like any teenager would she believed her mother was out to ruin her life.

During that period of her life she spent more time with the Prentiss family, Andrew had started seeing someone then so she was left to spend time with Tomas, not that she minded much, but it made it hard for her to hide her feelings any longer, they shared a kiss but nothing more, and pretty soon Cocoa learned Tomas and Mya were a couple. She was devastated of course,she tried not to show it and stay friends with both of them but it was eating her alive. She concentrated on her little sister since her mother was away a lot at that time, being a roadie for the raising rock star, Riam Gradle. Her sister grew up a quiet, but a really smart kid and Cocoa was always protective of her.During her final years of school Cocoa dated Parker Langerak but they broke up when Parker left town after graduation.

Then another shock came to Cocoa when her mother announced she was getting married, to none other but Andrew and Tomas’ father Harald. He divorced his wife after she got pregnant with none other then Rita’s biological father Jesse. It all felt like one messy soap opera to Cocoa and she wanted to just stay out of it. Her mother and Rita moved in with the Prentiss and she continued living in the same small house she had lived for the most of her life. Despite everything she never did start loving Tomas but the two of them becoming brother and sister really made things complicated and she was finally able to let it go… But not before many sleepless night spend drinking and talking with Andrew who was also dealing with problems of his own…

Her mother’s marriage did not last long and she was back home with Rita, and another baby, Cocoa’s first brother Harry. Harry would not remain Cocoa’s only brother for long, soon her mother’s rebound with Jack Bunch would result in another pregnancy and Hazel would be born. Cocoa helped with the babies as much as she could but she was still longing for love, and hoping to get over Tomas so she had a date with Skip Javeed and her little one night stand resulted in a pregnancy as well. Cocoa was freaking out but she was excited to be a mother, she was to have a little boy and name him Ethan but she lost her baby. The tragedy hit her hard, and even her art suffered. When her mother told her that maybe it was for the best she finally lost it and left home.

She found refuge at her mother’s friend and mentor’s house, Hazel’s godmother Dina Caliente. Dina and her wife Nala made her a room and a painting studio on their attic and Cocoa was very happy there. She made friends with their little girl Sara, she painted as much as she wanted… She missed her siblings, with whom she was very close but she didn’t go that far away and went to visit as much as she could.

She and Skip started seeing each other again and eventually they got married. It wasn’t long after that she learned Tomas and Rita were now seeing each other. She was shocked to say the least but she gave them her blessing, after all she had found love too. The only thing that was missing were children, and she was happy when she conceived for the second time. However it turned out to be the same thing as with Ethan all over again… She lost both the babies she was carrying but she never gave up. And some years later she gave birth to twin girls, Sabina and Dominyka.

After her lovely girls were born she and Skip got a house of their own, a lovely big house, fit for the whole big family their were planning to have. However just after the girl’s first birthday Skip had a heart attack and died leaving Cocoa and her babies all alone…

This left Cocoa alone and desperate, she tried her best to take care of her daughters, she had no time for anything, she lost contact with all her friends, even Mya and Andrew she stopped paining and before she knew it they were broke. Cocoa never really did have a job, her mother made her do some part time work at she spa when she was in high school but Cocoa hated it, all she ever wanted was to be an artist but now she was left to feed not only herself but her two baby daughters. She tried earning money playing her bass around town but id didn’t really put food on the table and so she went to the local newspaper and started as a paper girl, the same job her late husband had when he was a child.

She did surprisingly well, she was named Staffer of the Week on several occasions, she got promoted, she even started using a computer, something she dreaded, and avoided for the big part of her life. To make things even better Andrew came to live with her, he had lost his partner too and was left alone to raise a child the same age as her girls so it seemed a great idea for the two of them to deal with their problems together, as they always had.

Cocoa is doing well, her daughters are in high school, she finds some time to paint again, and she had even started a humor book: “Sorry for the convenience.” On Phoibe Santoro’s latest party she also met a cute guy, Hank Goddard.


Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Neurotic, Mooch, GeniusTechnophobe

Lifetime Wish : Illustrious Author

Jobs: Beverage Consultant (33$/h), Avant Gard Poser, Automated Spell Checker(44$/h)

Skills: Cooking (7), Gardening(5), Guitar(9), Handiness (5), Piano (4), Logic (6), Bass(10), Drums(4), Athletic(5), Painting(9), Martial Arts(6), Writing(3)


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