Andrew Prentiss

Andrew Prentiss moved to Sunset Valley as a child. He moved to town with his parents Harald and Elena, his two sisters Alyssa and Hannah and his little brother Tomas. Andrew adjusted to the new town rather quickly. He was always pretty popular and he enjoyed being outside, visiting his friend’s houses and so on. His best friend almost from day one was little Cocoa Brown, his neighbor. They were an inseparable duo and everyone believed there is a chance for something to happen between them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Andrew never liked girls, not in a way it was expected at least. And he always knew what he was and also that his parents would never accept him for who he is, they just wouldn’t understand. So the only person who knew his secret was of course Cocoa. She supported him and dared him to confront his parents but Andrew just couldn’t…

He met Hoster in high school and they really hit off right from the start. He would sneak out at night to meet him, or Hoster would come out to the graveyard where Andrew worked during high school so they could be together without anyone knowing.

Andrew really liked his job at the graveyard, he loved writing epigraphs and as he grew older he seriously considered pursuing a job that corresponded to his creative side but of course his father wouldn’t hear it. At the time his parents were already divorced and his father was even worse then he was when they were all growing up. But Andrew was always a good judge of character and he recognized his father was hurting inside so he continued keeping his secret, he left his job and started working in the Science Facility, as his father wanted.

After a few years at the Science Facility however he switched to medicine which proved to be a better fit for him anyway. It was around that time that he got engaged to Hoster which made him pretty famous around town and he had no choice but to come out to his family. As expected his father kicked him out and didn’t speak to him again. He married Hoster and for a while at least everything seemed just right.

Andrew was working very hard in the hospital and Hoster joined the fire department where he head to work with Andrew’s father which made it hard for them to spend time together and strained their relationship, but it wasn’t the only problem they faced. Andrew himself coming from a big family had always wanted one of his own, it didn’t help they were at the time living with Clyde Belgen Hoster’s guardian, and his little girl Penelope who was very dear to Andrew and often reminded him what kind of blessing children were. Hoster however wouldn’t hear about it, they were busy as it was, children were too much work, etc. Those were Hoster’s excuses and true as they were Andrew was sure they would make it work together.

It took years, and many fights before he was finally able to convince Hoster to consider adoption and they did adopt, a beautiful little boy named Eduard. It was then that Andrew’s life became truly perfect. He was a very renowned and respected doctor, he got discounts pretty much everywhere he went, bookstores, restaurants… He nurtured his creative side by sometimes performing in local plays…

He helped a lot of people, including the famous Nina Caliente, giving her experimental treatment that helped her with her pregnancies. He also saved the life of Rhaenys Targeryen who would go and become his youngest brother Harry’s wife.

But as often happens things didn’t stay so good… Out of the blue his husband had a heart attack and died leaving him all alone. After it happened Andrew was a mess… Nothing could bring him back to his senses… He was even bad at his job, failing to help Morgana Wolff when she needed him…

But then he moved in with Cocoa, his childhood best friend who also lost a husband and had two kids Eduard’s age. It was then things started looking up for Andrew… He held a seminar at the spa, he joined Phoibe Santoro’s band… He even started dating again, he went out with a coworker, Geoffrey Landgraab but it went poorly. But things started going for the better, patients started hitting on him, he turned them down of course but it helped his self esteem. And then he met Patrick Crane, a younger burial specialist, who quickly became Andrew’s boyfriend. And one lovely winter day at the Nectary Andrew proposed to Patrick, right after helping Sara Caliente.

Andrew is a good heated and kind person, one that is kind to everyone they meet so as an extension people really like him. He is also a caffeine addict.

Sign: Gemini

Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Handy, Star Quality, GeniusCouch Potato

Lifetime Wish : Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers

Jobs: Epigraph Writer (101$/h), Carnivorous Plant Tender(117$/h), World Renowned Surgeon(480$/h)

Skills: Cooking (7), Gardening(5), Guitar(9), Handiness (5), Piano (4), Logic (6), Bass(10), Drums(4), Athletic(5), Painting(9), Martial Arts(6), Writing(3)

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