Sabina Javeed

Sabina’s father Skip died when she was very young and she has no memories of him. She was raised by her mother Cocoa and has a twin sister Domynika. The two are very close despite being radically different people and share everything. She has two other close friends from school, Irene Hoves and her cousin Maja Prentiss.

Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed of being a princess, and although she knows she isn’t sometimes the lines of reality blur for her and she actually believes it, deep down she know this should scare her but in reality it doesn’t.

Sabina is very glad Andrew and Eduard came to live with them. They are both very smart, like her mum, and Andrew is being a great help with her schoolwork. She and Eduard became close very soon. Sabina likes pranks, and she doesn’t mind being victim of such, quite the opposite, she thinks it’s great fun so their friendship started with the two of them playing pranks on each other then the dance happened and they danced together, she really impressed him with her dance moves and they were crowned prom king and queen. Someone tried to steal her crown and she stopped them and started crowd surfing… It was a night she could only dream of… It would only be more perfect if she and Eduard could have pulled a prank together…

They have been a couple since that night but that is something they are keeping a secret from their parents. Sabina is very popular at school and she always felt everyone liked her that is why she is so upset when she found out an older boy, Jerome Ayers is snubbing her.

She recently took a charisma class because she wants to be accepted to the young politicians club in her school. She loves yellow flowers, a fact her boyfriend knows and brings her some for each date they have. She once sneaked a peek at her sister’s stargazing notes and using them discovered a new planet she named Princess.

Sign: Taurus

TraitsAthletic, Insane, Star Quality, Good Sense of Humor

Skills: Handiness (1),Logic (4),  Drums(3), Charisma(2), Cooking(1)

4 thoughts on “Sabina Javeed

    1. Yes she never gets a bad moodlet from pranks like other sims (maybe because of the insane trait :D) and yes I didn’t really plan for her and Eduard to get together it just happened during prom and it seamed really romantic to me too 😀 thanks a lot for reading and commenting 😀

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