Domynika Javeed

Like her twin sister Sabina Domynika was raised by her mother since her father died when the two of them were babies. The twins were always very close but unlike her sister with her positive and pink views on life Domynika’s are very dark. She is fascinated by dark and morbid, and had always been. She loves music and had tried playing every instrument she could get her hands on. She also likes the cosmos and stars and one of her hobbies is also stargazing. Domynika can fall asleep anywhere, in bed, on her chair, on the floor. She really isn’t picky where that is concerned…

Domynika is a very confident person and she likes taking her own pictures. On their first school dance she charmed her best friend Maja’s date, Jacob. But the relationship didn’t go further than that, on the same dance she got into a fight with someone who was wearing the same outfit.

A year later, on another dance she and Jacob finally got together but now she and Maja are no longer friends. Domynika also likes Kain Vivi, she thinks he is cool and hot.

Sign: Sagittarius

Traits: Perceptive, Easily Impressed, Mean Spirited, Bookworm


Skills: Charisma(2), Cooking(1), Logic(4), Guitar(1), Drums(3), Bass(3), Piano(3)

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