Sunset Valley – Round 6

After five whole months of Round 5 it is finally time for a new one. In Round 5 I have made some changes, namely I have changed the writing format, I have abandoned the writing day by day for each family making some family updates have more posts then others, this works better for me because sometimes there is just more story to tell. 🙂

These changes start with: Hoves (Jesse) Round 5.1 where I have start naming each post/chapter. I have also started adding TOC posts to make it easier to navigate trough posts and added summaries there so if you miss any of the posts it is easier to catch up, for now these TOCs exist for Caliente(Dina), Caliente-Frail and Mayor families but I intend to add it to all other as well.I hope you like the new changes since I do. But don’t be afraid to leave comments and feedback.

One unfortonate thing about last round is that it had a fair number of deaths… All of my initial CAS sims have started dying out… It’s been thoug hand there are unfortunately even more deaths to come… 😦

To freshen up your memory (and mine) we start with the Browns which will be first as usual. Last time I promised to introduce Rhaenys and Aenar but I forgot about Aenar so he will be definitely introduced in a proper post this time leaving Donovan for next round. As for what happened… Hazel finally married Donovan, his long time love who had not shown up for their first planned wedding in Round 4. The two are still living in the Brown house but they have their own apartment built in the basement. I plan to do more remodeling of the house, it’s getting a little too small for all of them but I’m kind of sad about it because it’s the first house I built in this neighborhood… Rhaenys we learn is expecting her and Harry’s second child, a girl. We catch a glimpse of her in Caliente 5.2 from Latricia’s point of view. Aenar is also a child now.

After the Brown’s we go to the Prentiss. In last round we saw things from Maja’s POV. We learn about her love interest Jacob and her love for science. We also learn Tomas is back on track with his LTW going back to the science career. All four girls are teens which makes it one hectic household… Also Rita is an adult and if I remember correctly started having a midlife crisis which might make things interesting….

The Hoves family will have to recover from Blair’s death… Last time we saw them Blair was fine, both Junior and Hannah were elders, Kerry is a teen and we saw they had another child, a girl named Haley. However at Dina’s bachelorette party Blair faints and we see her funeral from Lysa’s POV.

Jesse’s family update is seen from his POV, he gets a new girlfriend and is fighting to get back to work, he had been suspended after an authorized investigation of a civilian who happens to be his boss’ daughter, and also his own kin.

The Caliente family is recovering from Rosie’s suicide attempt, she ends up in a coma and it leaves a big toll on the whole family. However in one of this round’s special bonus chapters we hear Rosie is awake. In game actually Rosie died. It happened during Blair’s last firefighting job, I didn’t see she was stuck on a balcony and by the time Blair got to her she died (she was a vampire so it was sun exposure that got her). I felt terrible since it was my fault and I decided to give Rosie a second life in Bridgeport. And starting this round we would get her updates from there via emails she sends to her family.

Events at Dina’s house are seen trough Sara’s eyes. You can see all the summaries here. In short we follow Sara on a mission for the police department, we learn Dina is engaged and she hosts a bachelorette party.

Summer doesn’t live there anymore, she marries Bradley, has a son named Silvester and they live with her other mother, Nala. In the very first update for this family we follow Nala and see her disagreements with her own daughter, mainly over raising Silvester. We meet Bradley and learn there is something fishy about his job… We also see his and Summer’s wedding. All summaries can be found here.

And finally the Mayor family features before mentioned funeral for Blair Wainwright Hoves and Dougie and Lysa’s wedding. Since the happy couple moved out to a house of their own they would be featured in a separate update in the future.

We will also meet a whole new family, the Javeed-Prentiss whose members were recently introduced, you can go and read about them here before their official story begins.

Like I mentioned we also got two bonus chapters these round.

The SV Crime World

Features Eevee Gradle and Mortimer Goth. These two were mentioned in almost every chapter of these round so I figured to give them some screen time and to learn more about them.

Life goes on

The before mentioned conclusion to Rosie Caliente’s story line, we found out she is alive, and awake.

That’s it! Stay tuned for new posts, I have already started writing and taking pictures so they should be up soon. Like I promised above, there is one introduction and one Table of Contents and then on to the actual story!

I want to thank you all for your likes and comments, it means a lot to me to see people reading this. 🙂

And a special thanks goes to Shannon Sims Fan for all the kind comments and feedback which encourages me to try even harder to write better stories. 🙂

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