Brown – Round 6.2: Visiting the doctor

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Weeks passed since Rhaenys had quit the army and she felt good, better, more like herself. She knew what she did was the right thing to do. Things at home were going really well. She got to spend more time with her two children. Harry had gone back to doing what he did best, paint in his pajamas, at night even, as temperatures rapidly approached zero. “I wear a sweater!” Harry said defensively when Rhaenys approached him about this. “I’m fine, I paint better outside, that’s all.”


And so she let him be. She still hadn’t sold him on the idea of redecorating the house, and she also tried to get him to host an exhibit at the local gallery. Harry was just not into that sort of thing. He sold his paintings online exclusively, trough a web page he had for years now, even before they were married. It wasn’t easy getting used to being unemployed Rhaenys figured when she was told not to meddle, for a hundredth time that week.


Some days, when she felt she was smothering Harry to much, she would go and visit Donovan’s daycare. It seemed that project was going rather well, the two kids from that first day became Donnie’s first regulars which didn’t surprise Rhaenys at all, Donnie was great with them, he changed diapers, played with them, but also found time to teach them things. Both the kids and the parents loved him from the start. So he didn’t really need her help but she liked coming there, sometimes she would come alone, sometimes she would bring her daughter to play with other kids. It relaxed her, being around the innocent little ones, it helped keep the dark thoughts and fears of the future at bay.

Nobody really put any pressure on Rhaenys, especially not her husband but still she felt like she needed to start at least looking for a job. Being a stay at home mum was not that bad but she missed having somewhere to go every day, she was even growing jelaus of Donnie and Haze’s social life.

Hazel was trying to make a name of himself in the world of music which got him gigs at dance clubs on big nights, gigs at parties… Just the other night he and Donnie were at a party at Dina Caliente’s house. Sure Mrs. Caliente was a close friend of Harry and Hazel’s mother a long time ago and she was practically family to the boys so for them it wasn’t a big deal but to Rhaenys it was! She and Harry almost never went out, it came with having kids she guessed but she missed it… The last party she was ever at was probably her bachelorette party!


All of this would continue troubling Rhaenys until she found a job if something hadn’t happened one lovely afternoon… She was having lunch with Aenar like every day when he came back home from school, Harry had made them mac and cheese and he and Vaela had eaten earlier because she was hungry and restless so he took her for a walk to the park, it was a nice day sunny and finally a little warmer so they were eating outside. Their house did have a lovely backyard,  and it was a shame not to use it whenever conditions allowed.

Aenar was telling her about the field trip to the graveyard they took that day: “And uncle Andrew chaperoned!” He exclaimed excitedly. “Did you know he worked at the graveyard?” “I did not.” Rhaenys replied smiling. “He did, when he was in high school. Could I have a job when I’m in high school?” He asked equally enthusiastic. “We shall see.” His mother replied with a warm smile. “High school is still years away darling.” She was about to say something else when she saw something on Aenar’s face.

She touched him instinctively feeling his warm skin, and her heart started beating faster. “How are you feeling honey?” She asked feeling her own voice shake and a knot forming in her stomach. “I’m a little tired, but I feel fine.” Her son replied and she could see she scared him a bit. “You are a little feverish. Maybe we should go inside.” She said trying to sound more like herself all the while not taking her eyes from the rash that was appearing on her boy’s face. Aenar nodded and she ushered him in the kitchen immediately. It was at that moment that Harry appeared at the door holding Vaela’s hand. He froze slightly when he saw his son’s face and then he turned to his daughter. “Hey sweetie, want to go play with uncle Donnie?” Vaela nodded and he watched from the house door as she ran to the daycare.

“Honey, call Silvester. Tell him you won’t go to school tomorrow.” “But mommy, I want to go to school!” Aeanr replied sadly. “Listen to your mother, buddy.” Harry said coming inside and ruffling his hair.”Then go and lay down a bit, I’ll make you some tea.”All the while her husband appeared perfectly calm, he even had smile one his face. Rhaenys wondered how he does that, she felt as her insides would explode, one of her babies was sick…


While their son made the phone call Harry and Rhaenys went outside. “He is sick! We should call Luther. He works in infectious disease, right?” To Rhaenys’ grat surprise Harry just smiled. “We won’t call Luther baby… It’s just chicken pox. Vaela would probably catch them next…” “How are you so calm?” Rhaenys exploded in his face and Harry’s smile disappeared. He took a deep breath. “It’s perfectly normal thing for a child to have, all kids get it… Did you? It would be much worse if you got them..” “I’m fine.” She stopped him. “I’ll call Luther.” “Rhae…I don’t think….” Harry started but seeing the cold determination in his wife’s voice stopped him in his tracks. “I’ll make some tea, I promised him…” He said and walked inside while Rhaenys pulled out her phone and started pressing keys with shaky hands.


Fifteen minutes later Rhaenys was standing on the door to her sons room watching him sleep on his bed. Harry walked up behind her and kissed her gently on the cheek. She smiled faintly at the gesture. “What did Luther say?” Harry asked silently. “He quit his job. Can you imagine? He works as a stylist now. His only client for now is Justine Hooks, Dina Caliente’s fiancee but he is at the salon almost every day… He told me to come by sometimes…” Rhaenys said dryly and Harry laughed. “Oh, my what a career change! Midlife crisis hit him hard.” His wife didn’t smile. “He said it’s probably just chicken pox, like you said and to take him to see a doctor tomorrow. Sacred Spleen is full of talented doctors he said… Should we call Andrew?” “Honey…” Harry said in a calm voice. “Andrew is the chief of staff there, we shouldn’t alarm him over something like this… There are plenty of other doctors…” “Fine.” Rhaenys replied sharply turning around, furious at her husband, at the world, at everything….


The next morning she was still annoyed by her husband  who  was circling around her nervously as she was getting ready to take her son to the doctor’s. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take him?” He asked for the hundredth time and Rhaenys only inhaled loudly. “I’m sure Harry. You just stay here, take care of Vaela and call me if she starts exhibiting any symptoms.” Harry nodded simply but remained standing there annoyingly, hovering…She however said nothing more and just walked to her sons room to check if he was dressed and ready to go.

They waited in the waiting room on the ground floor like everyone else. It was fair, Rhaenys knew that. It wouldn’t have been fair if Harry called his step brother, world renowned doctor, and the chief of staff of their small town’s hospital. But still she could get a little selfish when her children were involved…

“Are you feeling okay sweetie?” She asked her son softly squeezing his small, and warm, hand. Aenar nodded and started to scratch his face but Rhaenys stopped him. He said nothing just looked miserable. After about a half an hour they were finally called in and they walked together in the doctor’s office. Aenar went in first and Rhaenys closed the door behind him and proceeded to take a seat at the table in front of them. However before she could do so she saw the female doctor in front of them and froze in her tracks.


Urte Vivi just smiled, her emerald green eyes sparkling with malice, or so it seemed to Rhaenys. “Mrs. Prentiss. So nice to see you again.” Rhaenys’ former boss said in a calm, cold voice Rhaenys knew so well from the years working at the Langraab Science Facility. “I actually kept my maiden name.” She said as she took the seat across the red haired woman. “I see… Interesting.” Urte said still smiling. Rhaenys didn’t return the favor. She knew the woman on the other side of the table disliked her, and above all else Rhaenys hated duplicity. “Can we get to the point Mrs. Vivi? This is my son, Aenar…” “Dr. Vivi.” Urte interrupted her. “I have his file right here.” She continued. Even the pretense of niceness disappeared from her voice. “I think it’s chicken pox. There is an epidemic going round but I’ll examine your son and determine conclusively.”

Back home that night Rhaenys told Harry it would be better if he took Aenar to his follow-up appointments. He laughed loudly when she told him what happened and she herself couldn’t help but smiling. It felt nice to just be alone with Harry for a while after all the bad that had been happening lately, the kids were in bed and Donnie and Hazel were out.


“I love you.” She said smiling warmly at her dashing, young husband and walking straight to his warm embrace. “I love you too.” He said still smiling. “We’ll figure out everything, won’t we?” She asked him softly as she leaned her head against his shoulder. “Of course we will.” “Even if Vaela gets sick too?” “Even when Vaela gets sick too.” Harry replied amused, stroking her hair. It was all Rhaenys wanted to hear.

4 thoughts on “Brown – Round 6.2: Visiting the doctor

  1. Wow, that wasn’t very professional of the doctor to sneer at Rhaenys, even if she doesn’t like her personally! Poor Rhaenys, she was so worried already about Aenar. He is so adorable, though! I hope he’s all better soon. I’m glad Rhaenys’ husband helped her feel better at the end and he can do any follow up appointments!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, the doctor is an evil sim so she is mean to everyone… and she has some personal grudges against Rhaenys that may come up in the later chapters 🙂 and yes Aenar is so cute, I lvoed taking pictures of him 😀 thank you for reading and commenting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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