Browns – Round 6.3: Moving forward

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As the weather started growing warmer and the days longer Aenar was also starting to feel better, and so did Vaela who in the end got sick too. He wasn’t going to school but he was enjoying time with his mother watching cartoons (when the TV wasn’t broken. yet another relic that Rhaenys needed to persuade Harry to change).

Of course mom and TV weren’t the only two factors that lifted Aenar’s mood. If Rhaenys had to guess a visit from a friend also helped. Melissa Gradle was also affected by the chicken pox epidemic but she got better before Aenar and couldn’t wait to come and visit. She brought him his homework and brought him up to speed to the happenings in fourth grade of SV Elementary, or so Aenar told his mum. She was kind enough to leave him alone with his friend, but she wasn’t above checking up on them while they laughed and had a pillow fight in the hallway.


But Rhaenys wasn’t idle anymore, not as much as she was in the first weeks after leaving her job in the army. She had finally found a job she wanted, it wasn’t her dream job, but it was a step in the right direction, or so she felt. There was a spot on Tori Jackons’s campaign staff, she was running for City Council again this fall and Rhaenys was ready to apply. If it was up to her she would run herself but she guessed getting some experience in the world of politics wouldn’t be such a bad thing, and who would be a better mentor then Tori, she was in politics ever since Harry’s mother’s days. She knew the competition would be tough, there were a lot better, and younger candidates which was why she was preparing for the interview more then she had prepared for anything in her life.


“You know, my mum prepared all her big speeches on that same spot.” Harry told her as he walked in on her the day before the interview at City Hall. Rhaenys smiled and turned to her husband. “Maybe it brings luck for the women in your life.” “Let’s hope so. Even though I think you don’t need the luck, you’ll kick ass on that interview.” Rhaenys kept smiling. She did feel confident, and Harry’s encouragement meant the world to her. She wouldn’t be ready for such a big career change if she didn’t have his unrelenting support in all of this.

She sat on the bed next to him and kissed him softly. “Thank you Harry.” She was about to say more but then she saw the papers he had brought in with him and placed on the bed. “What are those?” “Hmm?” Harry asked surprised and then followed her gaze. “Oh, those. Some stuff I found in the mail… Aenar wanted to donate the money he saved to the Sacred Spleen Pediatric Department. He saw some sick kids in the hospital when we he was in one of his check ups and I was helping him mail the check…” “Honey, focus, the papers.” Rhaenys interrupted her husband. Harry was a kind soul but he could get a little absent minded, and forget what was talking about, and she knew about Aenar’s donation, he had told her all about it that morning.


“Oh, yes, the papers. It was from mum’s lawyer… She got the Baliestiery award, it was awarded post-mortem and he sent over the certificate… And there were also two letters… Mum wrote them when she got sick I guess… For Hazel and me, to be sent after we get married…” Rhaenys took her husbands hand gently. “Have you opened it?” “No, no…” “I’m waiting for Hazel to come home so we can open them together…” He then looked at her and smiled. “I know you worry, but I’m fine… I do miss my mum, but I’m fine.. I know it seems I’m too hung up on the past but I’m not, I want to move on I promise.” He took a deep breath. “We are going to redecorate this place. But can we start small? Like do the kids room first, buy a bunk bed and move Vaela in there, get rid of this crib, she is getting to big…” Rhaenys smiled and kissed him softly. “Okay love, baby steps.”


The next day Rhaenys did not take baby steps as she walked up the steps that lead do the City Hall. She was walking in a confident stride of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and was ready to take it. She waited politely in front of Councilwoman Jackson’s office until she was called in for her interview. After they were finished with the introductions and the pleasantries Tori Jackson asked: “Why do you want this job Rhaenys, it is essentially and intern position? You’ll be making copies, fetching coffee, maintaining the staplers… It seems a little beneath a woman with your level of education and experience?” Rhaenys smiled and delivered the response she had prepared perfectly.


She walked in the kitchen that afternoon to find Harry nervously repairing the sink while Aenar stood next to him. “Please dad, can I participate in the spring scavenger hunt? Melissa is going to go, she just called. I know I have been sick but it’s this weekend, please dad, pleaseeee.” A spray of water from the broken faucet hit Harry right in the glasses and he continued to blindly try to hit the right screw and stop the water flow. “Ask your mum when she comes back buddy.” He replied in a strained voice and Aenar was just about to say something else when Rhaenys spoke from the door. “He can go, his fever is gone and so are all the spots.” “Thank you mum!” Aenar squealed and ran to hug her. She embraced him happily stroking his light blond hair. Harry managed to stop the water from spraying and was cleaning his glasses on the rim of his sweatshirt looking at her with questions in his green eyes. She smiled. “I got the job.” He breathed in with relief as he put back his glasses. “I knew you would dazzle her!” He said happily. “I sure did, she even offered me an hourly 4$ dollar raise from the salary that she was going to offer initially.” “Well congrats!” He said walking to her to kiss her. “Congrats mum!” Aenar yelled too and Rhaenys smiled. She was happier then she had been in a long time. “I’m going to see Hazel and Donnie, share the good news with them.” “Knowing those two they would throw you a party immediately” She laughed at her husband and her very heart was dancing. Maybe a party wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

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    1. he got a wish to donate to charity and I just had to include it in the story because it was really sweet 🙂 I think she is much more suited for her new job, and in a few promotions she might to a lot of good for the town 😀 thank you for reading and commenting, I’m glad you liked it 😀

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