Hoves – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Hoves family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



The Hoves family originally started with the Hoves brothers, Freddie and Jesse, and Freddie’s two kids: Junior and Mya. Freddie’s wife died in a fire a few years before so he decided to move to a new town and start over, his younger carefree brother Jesse came with him. They were both cops in their old hometown so they decided to join the police force again. And while Jesse partied and met women Freddie was concentrated on providing for his family and helping his kids deal with life without a mother. However what Freddie didn’t expect was falling in love, with his boss, no less. Blair was young, funny, charming and smart and the weird thing, to Freddie at least, was that she liked him back. She even understood he was not ready to marry just yet so for a while they just lived together. In that time they had a son, little Douglas. But Blair was not just a mother to Dougie, she was also a mother to both Junior and Mya, Freddie’s older kids. They finally married, just before Jesse moved out with his new girlfriend, Elena and their daughter Krystal.

For years they were a happy couple. Blair rose to the top of the police force and Freddie held on to his job until his untimely death. At the time of his death both of his older children were married, Mya had twin girls and was living with her husband and his family and Junior married his high-school girlfriend, Hannah. After Freddie’s death their daughter was born and in his honor they named her Frederica. Hannah and Junior went on and had three more kids, Kerry, Ty and Haley. Blair was a great help in raising all of them until her recent death. After his mother’s death Dougie got married to his longtime girlfriend Lysa and moved out to start a new life with her.


Family Tree

Round 1


Family members:

Blair deals with the impact of her husbands death. She grows into an elder, without reminding her family of her birthday. Junior makes progress in his career and Hannah makes progress with their daughter.

Round 2.1


Family members:

There was a fire in the Hoves home, while Hannah, and her two kids were inside, luckily they were saved but Hannah is still affected by the trauma. To distract herself she goes fishing and to a party where she gets and autograph from a famous composer, Nala Caliente.

Round 2.2


Dougie spends time carrying about his mother who has the flu and playing with his little niece and nephew. His mother is coping with her depression after his father’s death and she amuses her youngest son by dying her hair bright green.

Round 3.1


Family members:

Junior hears rumors of Hannah and Dougie fighting in public, he is distressed by his wife and brother’s behavior. His step-mum Blair had retired and is now volunteering in the Fire Department. We also learn he is worried about his oldest daughter, he doesn’t think everything is quite okay with little Freddie… We also learn Hannah is expecting another child and Junior is worried about sibling rivalry.

Round 3.2


Blair deals with unwanted attention from a coworker at the Fire Station. She spends time with her little grandchildren and worries about her son and his lack of ambition in life.

Round 4


Family members:

We see Freddie’s POV for the first time. She has a partner in crime, her cousin Irene. They team up to make fun of their classmates, not even Freddie’s cousins Lena and Maja are safe from their teasing and malicious comments. They however got confronted by and older girl, Chiquita Fegel who is angry of the new nickname they have for her younger brother. The girls pay her no mind but they are then caught outside of class by their science teacher, Tomas. They both end up in detention and Freddie has to hide it from her strict parents. Luther, her uncle’s best friend throws him a bachelor party and her grandmother brakes up with her young boyfriend Walter.

Round 5.1


Family members:

  • Blair Hoves (elder)
  • Junior Hoves (elder)
  • Hannah Hoves (elder)
  • Dougie Hoves (young adult)
  • Frederica Hoves (teen:  Couch Potato, Evil, Kleptomaniac, Can’t Stand Art, LTW:  Emperor of Evil)
  • Kerry Hoves (child: Slob, Genius, Angler)
  • Ty Hoves (child: Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Bookworm)
  • Haley Hoves(toddler: Disciplined, Excitable)

Junior and Hannah had a new kid, a daughter named Haley. The whole family goes to the City Hall to protest “Jelly Corp.”. 

Round 5.2


It’s Hannah’s graduation day. Junior goes with her to the ceremony after a morning of jogging. Their romantic afternoon is interrupted by news of a large fire in their town and they see Blair on TV, fighting the flames.

Other Round 5 updates relevant to the Hoves family:

Blair’s funeral 


Told from the POV of Dougie’s fiancee Lysa we see the whole town give it’s final goodbye to Blair Wainwright Hoves.

Dougie’s wedding


Told from the POV of Dougie’s fiancee Lysa we finaly see her and Dougie tie the knot and start a new life together.

Round 6.1: A not so quiet evening at home 

Family members:

  • Junior Hoves (elder)
  • Hannah Hoves (elder)
  • Frederica Hoves (teen:  Couch Potato, Evil, Kleptomaniac, Can’t Stand Art, LTW:  Emperor of Evil)
  • Kerry Hoves (teen: Slob, Genius, Angler, Flirty)
  • Ty Hoves (child: Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Bookworm)
  • Haley Hoves(child: Disciplined, Excitable, Evil)


Hannah and Junior get in a disagreement at home. Kerry and Freddie attend the Spring Dance and Haley is making friends with her cousin Vaela.

Round 6.2: A little bit of nepotism


Hannah confronts her fears. She talks to her brother Andrew and gets a job at his hospital.

Round 6.3: Girl Problems


Kerry confides in his best friend Persephone Santoro regarding the problems be and his girlfriend Tami are aging. Persephone tries to help but their plan fails when Tami reacts quite unexpectedly.

Round 6.4: Crushed 


Frederica has her fist crush on Aenys Targeryen and deals with her new feelings at the same time recovering from her best friend Irene leaving quite unexpectedly.

Round 6 – Bonus Chapter: Camping trip


Kerry goes to a camping trip with his two best friends, Bran and Persephone. Persephone delivers some bad news and Kerry tries to be supportive…

Hoves – 7.1: Teenage love

Family members:

  • Junior Hoves (elder)
  • Hannah Hoves (elder)
  • Frederica Hoves (teen:  Couch Potato, Evil, Kleptomaniac, Can’t Stand Art, LTW:  Emperor of Evil)
  • Kerry Hoves (teen: Slob, Genius, Angler, Flirty)
  • Ty Hoves (child: Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, Bookworm)
  • Haley Hoves(child: Disciplined, Excitable, Evil)


Kerry finally admits his feelings to himself and breaks up with Tami in order to find love in another place…

Hoves – 7.2: Retirement


Junior Hoves finds it hard to enjoy being off work. As usual he finds comfort in drinks.

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