Hoves – Round 6.1: A not so quiet evening at home

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Thing were finally normalizing in the Hoves household. A tough period was behind them, with Junior’s stepmom dying and Dougie getting married and moving out life at home had changed for every one of them. And that is why Hannah so eagerly welcomed a nice quite family dinner at home, even if it was just burned grilled sandwiches her oldest daughter made in a rush to get ready for the Spring Dance, and even if it was just her husband and their son Ty eating with her.


Ty was just finished telling them about his day at school, finishing the story with a tad distressing tale of a boy falling of a swing.

“Maegon Targeryen you said?” Hannah asked lowering down the burnt sandwich. “He is in Haley’s class right?” Ty nodded, his mouth full.

“Haley told me about it, while we were in the bus. She says he is fine though.” He assured her afther he swallowed his sandwich. Still Hannah frowned slightly before turning to her husband. She wished Haley was here to interrogate her, if she was the one who witnessed the event but she was out. Hannah’s youngest brother’s wife Rhaenys had taken her out to the arcade, along with her daughter who was only a little younger then Haley.

“Aren’t those things supposed to be safer? Children could really get hurt that way…” She said turning to her husband. Junior took a sip of his beer before he spoke.

“They are safe as they get. Kids will be kids, always getting themselves hurt in new ways. You heard Ty the boy’s okay.” He looked at the last piece of his sandwich swallowed it in one big bite and then took another big swing out of the can of beer. Hannah frowned at him. She really didn’t like him drinking that much but she didn’t want to pick a fight with him now, not in front of Ty at least. That is why she hadn’t asked the question that was on the tip of her tongue. What if it was Haley? She was sure Junior would be the first to protest the swings, the school, everything if it was his youngest that got hurt but she said nothing.


She was in the kitchen grudgingly washing the dishes. She hated household work and she wished Freddie was home to put this on her, but both her and her son were out at the dance and they wouldn’t be back until later tonight… She didn’t hear her daughter walk in over the running water, she only noticed Haley when she heard her speak from right behind her.

“Hi mum.” She said in her sweet, child voice making Hannah turn around to her. Haley took after the Hoves side with both her honey colored hair and big dark eyes. In that regard she was a lot like Freddie, her older sister but unlike her she loved wearing her long hair down, and always protested when Hannah tried to tie it, or braid it.

“Hello love. How was it with auntie Rhaenys and Vaela? Are you hungry?”


“It was nice. Vaela is cooler then I thought. I’m not hungry. Going to bed.” Haley said shortly and ran out of the room. Hannah sighed looking after her. She wished Rhaenys had come in with her when she brought her home. She would love it to sit down, have coffee and share a bit of gossip with her, Rhaenys just started working at the City Hall, there had to be some interesting stories there…

Of course it would also save her from doing dishes and give her an excuse to sit and wait up for her older children to come home. If she was too obvious about it they would no doubt throw a fit about it, well Freddie would for sure.

She went upstairs quietly, not wanting to wake Ty or her husband whom she expected to be passed out already. However she was up for a surprise though because her husband was not sleeping. He didn’t even appear to be drunk. He was simply sitting on the bed, waiting for her it seemed because he got up as she walked in closing the door behind her.  Are the little ones in bed?” He asked with a smile. Hannah nodded.

“Freddie and Kerry are not back yet though…” Her husband came up to her and took her hands in his. Screenshot_13.jpg

“They are probably out, having fun, let them.” He said making Hannah frown.

“If their idea of fun includes drinking or doing who know what with other kids then…”

“Oh stop it love. You know they are not like that, they are good kids.” Hannah didn’t let go.

“They are teenagers, they are susceptible, naive, eager to prove themselves…”

“They are also smart and responsible. Listen love, you should relax… You are being silly, like today with that swing thing.” He was smiling but Hannah felt anger building up in her chest, she tried to break free from his grip but he didn’t let her.

“I’m not being silly!” She said louder then she intended. “They are our children Jun, our responsibility.”

“I worry about you Hannah. You are being too protective, you don’t think of anything but them…”

“So? Is there anything more important?” She asked annoyed.

“No… But other things are important too…” Junior started.

“What things?” She snapped at him.

“You. Us.”

“Us?” She asked lifting an eyebrow at him.

“I think we should go away.” Junior said anxiously. “I booked us an extended spa weekend… Just you and me… Imagine all of our worries melted away…” He was smiling but Hannah was horrified as she finally wrenched free.

“And what about the children Junior? Blair is not around any more to babysit, and neither is your brother.” A flicker of anger sparked in her husbands eyes.

“I know that.” He said slowly. “But we have two grown up kids, perfectly capable…”

“Perfectly capable?” Hannah was shouting now. “Perfectly capable of what? You trust Freddie now?” Junior sighed.

“Freddie can be a loose gun, I know… But she has Kerry to ground her. I think they would make a good team, besides they can always send Ty and Haley to Dougie’s… You know Haley adores her uncle…”

“Stop it Junior. Just stop that madness. We aren’t going anywhere. I’m not leaving my kids.” There was a pleading look in her husbands eyes but it disappeared as she spoke.

“Fine.” He said simply and started pulling off his clothes until he was just in his underwear. “Goodnight Hannah.” He said and crawled in bed turning his back to her.Hannah picked up his discarded clothes, folded it and exchanged her own clothes for her simple, long nightgown. She then lay under the covers and waited staring at the ceiling until she heard Freddie and Kerry talking in the hallway. It wasn’t until then she finally closed her eyes and slept.

3 thoughts on “Hoves – Round 6.1: A not so quiet evening at home

  1. Aww, I really felt badly for them, it seems they have an honest disagreement about how much supervision the kids need at this age, and Junior really wants some romance, but Hannah’s worried about so many things. Middle age is tough sometimes!

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