Hoves – Round 6.3: Girl Problems

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“So you can’t explain why you girls are so damn complicated?” Kerry Hoves asked his best friend Persephone Santoro. Persephone smiled as she placed her hands on the metal chains of the swing she had been sitting on.


“You are dangerously generalizing things Hoves…” She said as she pushed herself around with her legs still touching the ground.

“Well I didn’t mean you, obviously… You’re cool for a girl Santoro…” He said with a wink and Persephone stuck out her tongue at him. “Now can we go back to my problem?” He asked and Persephone smiled again.

“You can’t figure it out on your own? Aren’t you supposed to be brilliant or something?” Kerry sighed loudly. He had the highest score on the IQ test they had given their class last year and Persephone loved to bring it up when he had a problem… Mainly because she knew it annoyed him…


“Aren’t you supposed to be my friend? Best friend I would say?” He spat back at her and  Persephone’s face brightened as she flashed him a smile.

“So I am your BFF? Would you please say that in front of Bran, pleeease?”

“Not if you don’t help me…” Persephone exhaled as she shifted nervously on her seat. He knew she was about to get serious and he straightened up on his own swing eager to hear it.

“Don’t you sometimes think you are reading too much into it?” She said and immediately looked away, afraid to face him. For a moment Kerry really wanted to shout at her but he stopped himself. He only wished Persephone would understand…


He and Tami met under strange circumstances, of course he always knew her from school but it wasn’t like they ever moved in the same crowd or anything. But then one evening Tami just appeared on his doorstep. It turned out she had been chatting on some social network with his little brother Ty for months. One night when their parents were at uncle Tommy and aunt Rita’s house Ty invited her over to meet in person. Naturally Tami had no idea Ty was still a child and their first meeting was a rather awkward one. Since his older sister Freddie had not even came out of her room, and Haley was practically rolling on the floor laughing Kerry had to step in and try and smooth out the situation.

After this event he and Tami started spending more and more time together and soon they were dating. Kerry had never had a girlfriend before and it was safe to say he in visioned the whole thing quite differently…He always thought he would find a nice girl who made him happy and then marry her and have a nice family, like his parents did… And seeing other people, like his friend Bran and his girlfriend he was sure it was just like that, for most people that is… His own relationship was way different…

Tami did make him happy. She was a pretty girl with straight brown hair and lovely brown eyes,she really liked music and knew a lot of stuff about music, and a lot of great bands too. It seemed every time he saw her she had a new band to recommend. She played some of the instruments herself, right now she was focused on her drums but she told Kerry she would like to learn to play every single one.

But the problem was that he never seemed to make Tami happy… And the more he tried the more impossible it had seemed to him… Whenever they went, what ever they did she would find something to complain about, the food she ate was never good enough, it was always either too salty, not salty enough, too spicy, tasteless…The weather was never just right, no matter the time of the year… She had the most negative outlook on life Kerry had ever seen and no matter what he did to change it, it never was enough…

This by itself was tiresome, it often made Kerry feel like he would never be enough, like what Tami needed was something he could never offer but he cared too much to just give up… But then there were also her sudden mood swings. Sometimes Tami would seem okay but then she would go on speaking madness, or yelling at him with no apparent reason like the other day in the park… It was just… Too much… It made him lose his own temper  and start yelling and then it would all turn into a fight…


And Persephone knew all of this, that is why it worried him that she might say it was he who got something wrong. “Why would you say so?” He asked and watched as his best friend shrugged. She was still not meeting her gaze, concentrated on her feet and the sand bellow.

“It’s just… The last few years weren’t really good for her weren’t they?” She  spoke reluctantly. “She lost her mother and then went to live with her father who hadn’t know about her and her sister at all, the man she hadn’t know at all… That doesn’t sound easy, does it?” She looked up at him and tried to smile but there were tears in her eyes and Kerry felt his own heart sinking. He hadn’t really thought about things that way… When he met Tami she was already living with her dad, and it had been a few years after her mother’s death… And it also made sense that Persephone would think of that when he didn’t, she had also lost her mother, her only family member, in an accident years back and was adopted by the Santoro’s when she was only seven.

“Sometimes I can be very slow can I…” He said slowly looking down on the ground.

“Nah, you try your best Hoves.” Persephone said cheerfully. “Don’t bring yourself down, you did something right at least when you have a good friend like me.” She added and he looked up to see her smiling.

“That I surely did…” He said and smiled back thinking about the first time they met, right here at this park, the quiet chubby boy and the new girl with a weird haircut…


“Life was much simpler when we were kids?” He added as Persephone got up to stretch her back.

“Much.” She agreed. “We didn’t have to worry about cops busting us in the park… Or worrying what your dad will have to say about that…”

“True.” He said getting up himself. The thought of breaking curfew made him very anxious all of the sudden. It pushed all the thoughts of Tami and of a child version of himself out of his head, all he could picture was his father yelling at Freddie the other night, and there wasn’t even any police involved…


“We should head home.” He said nervously. “I’ll walk you to your house.” He added.

“You shouldn’t… Your parents would freak out, my mums would hardly bat an eye whenever I drag myself home.”

“I won’t be late either.” Kerry said dismissively. “We’ll walk very fast.” Persephone smiled and they left the park together.



The very next day he went to Tami’s house. She didn’t pick up the phone when he called her earlier and he knew she would ignore all of his messages too. He rang the bell hoping it won’t be Tami’s dad who opens the door. Old Mortimer Goth scared him a little, like everyone else in town he heard rumours about him being in prison….


Luckily he didn’t have to dwell on those thoughts for too long because it was indeed Tami who opened the door.  “Hello.” He said smiling awkwardly before Tami even had a chance to open her mouth. She didn’t even say hello. Instead she just stood there in front of him with a blank, expressionless face. Kerry swallowed deeply trying hard not to get mad. He tried his best to recall in his mind the image of Tami who went with him to the school dance, Tami who laughed and danced and cheered as loudly as anyone else when Kerry was crowned Prom King. He also tried to push out the images of Tami who yelled at him at the park, or screamed about a government conspiracy while they were waiting in line to get their flu shots… “Listen Tams… I…” He tried to speak, his throat suddenly dry.

“You what?” She said suddenly interrupting him. “Persephone told you what to say? Didn’t she?” She said loudly her brown eyes full of tears.

“I…” Kerry stuttered in shock. He had absolutely no idea what was happening or what to say… But Tami on the other hand didn’t stop.

“What now? Don’t know what to say? You thought I wouldn’t find out about your little meetings at the park after dark?” Tami ignored the puzzlement on Kerry’s face and just went on. “Whenever I say something you don’t like you run to her? Is that the way it is? Speak now, you came here to speak didn’t you?”


“Yes, yes I did!” Kerry yelled back at her. “I came here to talk about us, not about Santoro… And sure as hell I didn’t come here to be yelled at!” He stopped, trying to compose himself. “I have no idea what happens in that sweet little head of yours but I really… I really like you…. Maybe even something more… I don’t know and I don’t want to fight every time we see each other…” He said slowly feeling his voice go weaker

“Well you have to! I’m your girlfriend, not her! And if you can’t stand me then too bad… You have to suck it up… Or..or.. break up with me…” She finished her voice shaking. Kerry saw the tears in her eyes and stepped closer, he wanted to hug her, to comfort her, to tell her something… However as he came close Tami stepped back and turned around walking in the house shutting the door at his face. A horrible sinking feeling, mixed with utter helplessness filled Kerry’s body as he stared at that closed door…

/* I am on vacation! I am away from home and my sims, I have one more post close to ready and I might publish it this week but for the next family you’ll probably have to wait a bit longer. 😦 Thank you for reading, liking and commenting! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Hoves – Round 6.3: Girl Problems

  1. Congratulations on being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award; I think that is so appropriate for your blog as seeing that you’ve posted always brightens my day and you’ve put so much care and work into your blog.

    Hope you’re having a great vacation!

    I love the conversation you wrote between Hoves and Persephone. She’s so empathetic and caring and sensible, and their friendship is very comforting. I was a little surprised by Tami’s reaction and jealousy, I guess I identified with Hoves a little there feeling like that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting! It was heart-breaking though, that he wanted to comfort her and she was unable to see that, and pushed him away.

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    1. Thank you so much 😀 I am so glad my posts brighten your day, that means so much to me 🙂 the vacation had been good so far, hope it stays that way 🙂 I had fun writing that conversation, I like their friendship a lot 🙂 Tami is grumpy and insane and unfortunately every conversation the two of them have ends up lowering their relationship 😦 but I haven’t given up on them t yet 😀 Thank you once again for reading and commenting, I really appreciate your kind words 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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