Hoves (Jesse) – Round 6.1 : Locked up

/* Events from this and the next post happen before the other events described so far in Round 6, they start right after Illustrious Author, also I have made two new pages: Families of Sunset Valley and People of Sunset Valley so if you have time check them out, tell me what you think 🙂 */

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The cell that they put Irene in was grey and dirty. It smelled of urine and something else, something nasty. Irene did her best not to dwell on the smells too much, she figured not knowing was better. At least she was alone, and the cell was quiet. she was in no mood to deal with other human beings right now… She wished she had her phone though, that would help her pass the time, and get her mind off those terrible smells… But they took her phone when they arrested her…


She sighed loudly even though there was no on around to hear. She watched the ugly tiles on the floor wondering how long would they leave her in here… Hours? Days? An eternity? She had never been arrested before. She had toyed with the law a bit a few times already but she was never caught… Kain did, her boyfriend. One time they were all drinking in the park and the police came… She escaped then but this time… No such luck. 

It was all thanks to that miserable old fuck from the nectary… Stupid idiot! Irene thought angrily. It was just one stupid bottle. We would have paid for it if we were legally allowed… But probably they wouldn’t, and she knew it. But it didn’t matter now… The damage was done.

She wondered how Kain was doing. They separated them when they brought them in and she had no idea where they took him, what he was doing, how he felt.. There was no point feeling sorry for him anyway. Irene concluded. He would get a better deal out of all this then she would…

His big brother Walter would probably come and take him home soon. He might give him a short lecture on stealing, or tell him he should have called him up if he wanted a drink… Walter was so cool. He wasn’t that much older then them and he was a fireman, which on its own was really bad ass… Irene sighed again resigned and sat on one of the benches.


She knew she would not get off that easily. Her half-sister Krystal would probably come and pick her up. Whenever she was in trouble it was Krystal who would come and lecture her. Irene always thought it was because she secretly liked it. It amused her to think how that serious school teacher facade was just a mask for an evil sadist. But then again that would make Krystal interesting and she was just the opposite…

She was much older then Irene, a boring schoolteacher with not social life to speak of. In Krystal’s little world a perfect Saturday night included staying at home, doing laundry and then retiring to bed with a book. Lame, lame, lame. The only way to describe Krystal. The two of them really had nothing in common,  besides their father of course.

And Irene could just imagine Krystal’s reaction, her condescending gaze and the boring lecture she would have to endure before she would be allowed home. It almost made her wish she could stay here… At least here she was alone and didn’t have to listen to anyone nagging…

It was then that Irene heard footsteps from down the hall. Was it her annoying half-sister? Did she somehow summon her with her thoughts? Or was it perhaps Walter coming to free Kain from the misery… Maybe Kain had been in a nearby cell all this time.. She was edgy but she remained seated. If it was Krys she didn’t want to seem eager to see her… She wouldn’t hive her any satisfaction… She would make sure she knew she would rather get stuck in a cell all night then listen to her… She would….


Her thoughts were interrupted and her feelings of defiance replaced by those of surprise. It wasn’t her boring half-sister that showed up on her cell door. It was her father. He stood there not even looking at Irene but down at his hands, she noticed he had a set of keys and he went trough them to find the right one to open the door. He had to duck a bit before entering the small cell.

Once he was in he just stood there, looking at Irene a smile dancing on his face. He had short hair that had gone gray years ago but with that smile, and the ever-present spark in his eye he looked much younger than his years.

Irene did not move. She did not even bother returning a smile. It was her father who made the first step, coming closer to her and then sat next to her, careful to find the last dirty spot on the ugly bench.

“Never thought I would see one of my children here.” He said looking around their ugly surroundings before his gaze finally settled on his youngest daughter. He was still smiling, despite his words and Irene felt anger rising inside her.


“Of course you didn’t.” She said quietly meeting his smiling eyes. People always said she had a devious smile and now seemed an appropriate time to show it, so she did.”Krys is too boring, Lucky is your little princess, Zeke is nothing but a wimp…”

“Not the best way to describe your siblings.” Her father responded. He frowned just a bit but still he seemed amused, as all this was the funniest thing in the world. It annoyed her even more. “And how would you describe yourself?” He asked and Irene just shrugged.

“A normal person?” She said.

“So it’s normal to steal nectar and get arrested? That’s what normal people do?” Her father asked amused.

“If they want some and legally can’t buy it then yes.” Irene replied without hesitation.

“Really? That is how you see the world?” Her father asked, he was no longer smiling, he seemed genuinely curious. Irene shrugged again.

“I guess I do.” Her father backed up a little and Irene straightened up in response. He seemed to be lost in thought. It annoyed her. “Did you come down here just to chat? Is that what you cops do to criminals? Chat with them about their world views in their cells?” Her father laughed at this. His loud laughter echoed around the empty cell. Irene frowned.

“No, we usually chat upstairs.” He said finally. “We have a room especially for that? Would you like to see it?” There was an excited spark in his eyes.


“No.” Irene replied as coldly as she could watching the spark go away. Her father just nodded before continuing.

“Anyways, you aren’t exactly classified as a criminal… yet. You are more of a delinquent. And besides I’m here right now as your father, not a cop.”

“Then we can talk at home.” She replied narrowing her eyes at him.

“Why, you don’t like it here?” He asked.

“What do you think?” She said viciously. He smiled again, she didn’t. “So that is how it’s happening?” She continued when he said nothing. “You are going to leave me here in this piss smelling hole until I change my ‘world views’?”

“No.” Her father said. “I just wanted to talk to you… I wanted to understand..”

“What is there to understand, or talk about?” Irene asked not trying to hide her anger. “You know what I did, you know why I did. What is there to talk about?” Jesse Hoves was quiet for a moment.


“There was a boy arrested with you. Is he your boyfriend?” He asked calmly.

“Yes.” Irene responded in an equal manner.

“Was it his idea to rob the nectary?” Irene shrugged at him.

“We made the decision together I guess. That is how we roll.” She smiled widely at her father, hoping she would upset him but his expression did not change. Surely he was hoping she would say it was big bad Kain who made her steal, who made her drink? But if he did he didn’t show it.

“Well you’ll both get this in your records regardless… And I will think of an appropriate punishment for you once we get home.” He said getting up suddenly. Irene was puzzled but she got up hastily, in case he changed his mind about leaving.

They left the station in silence. She still didn’t see Kain, or Walter just a bunch of other cops who addressed her father fondly as they passed them by. No one payed her any mind. They drove back home in silence. Once they were in the garage he turned to her before she left the car.  “I figured out how to punish you. I’ll tell Krys to think of something.” He smiled and Irene just gave him her death stare. She just knew Krys would be involved in this… “But first…” Her father said stretching his hand to the back seat. He pulled out a bottle, a bottle of nectar… “…we’ll finish this, you and me.” When he brought the bottle closer she noticed it was the same one she and Kain had stolen. She looked at him surprised.


“Maybe after this I can make you change your world views… Who knows.” He said with a smile and shrug.

That evening was the first time since forever that Irene had spent time alone with her father. Little did she know it would also be the last…

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