Hoves (Jesse): Round 6.4: Welcoming Party

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In the days that followed her sisters sudden reappearance Krystal barely left her side. She invited the principle, Mr. Borden over for dinner to schmooze him a bit so she could get a few days off right in the middle of the semester.


Irene of course was against this, she acted as if nothing had changed, as if she could just come back home and resume her life as it was. But Krystal couldn’t trust her. With Irene everything had a reason, Krystal didn’t believe not even for a second that Irene just happened to come home one day out of the blue with no plan behind it. Even this whole lab assistant thing… There was more behind it that it originally seemed but Krystal just didn’t have enough information to know for sure.

So she stayed around, following Irene around like a bird of prey stalking her dinner, or so Irene put it. And even after nearly a week of this Krystal still had no idea what Irene’s agenda was. She also still had no idea where she was all this time and what she was doing. She appeared to be the same girl that ran away from home the day their father had died, all she had were a few more nervous habits.

The first day being back in town Irene said to Krystal she was going to see her best friend from school, their cousin Freddie.

“I need to tell her I’m back in town.” She said with a smile. Today she was looking more like Irene Krystal had known her whole life, she was wearing a colorful short dress, more in her style.

“You need to tell her, huh? And you didn’t even call your own sisters?” Irene sighed.

“And yet you knew I’m here the day I arrived, no harm done, don’t you think?” she said and smiled. Krystal really had no response to that.

“I’m coming with you.”

“You are coming with me to Freddie’s? Wow Krys, you are even madder then before…” Irene had said but Krystal followed her anywhere.


She wondered what would be Irene’s old friend’s reaction to seeing her… She always suspected Freddie might know something about Irene’s disappearance. But if she did she acted well, then and now because to Krystal she seemed absolutely shocked when she noticed it was Irene who rang the bell. They stayed for coffee at Freddie’s. She and Irene talked about silly everyday things, Irene promised her she would teach her to drive and stuff like that. There was no mention of the time that Irene was presumed missing. Krystal figured Freddie didn’t want to ask anything in front of her but she still didn’t leave them alone.

Their next stop was Kain’s house. Krystal tried talking to Irene’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance many time. But he seemed as bitter about her disappearance as she did. She wondered how he would react to Irene just showing up on his doorstep out of the blue… She didn’t think it would be pretty…

However neither she or Irene would see Kain’s reaction. Not that day at least. It wasn’t Kain who opened the door but his mother Urte. The redheaded woman was dressed in her scrubs, they seemed to catch her either right before leaving to work or just arriving home. When she saw Irene her eyes narrowed.

“You.” She said coldly. “You are alive after all…”

“Alive and kicking!” Irene said with a smile. When the woman didn’t move or say anything, just kept staring at her Irene spoke again. “Look I’m here to see Kain, is he home by any chance?”


“If my life depended on that I would not share it with you.” The woman said harshly. “You are nothing but trouble. I was glad you left, I hoped you got what was coming to you… Get lost from my son’s life. I mean it. Don’t ever try to come back or you’ll have to deal with me!” With those words being said she slammed the door in Irene’s face without allowing her to answer.

Irene didn’t move. She just stared at the closed door. When Krystal approached her to see if she was okay she just sighed. “That I did not see coming… Well I’ll have to find another way to reach Kain…” She said and they walked home together. She said nothing the whole time and Krystal couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her. She once really cared for that boy… They knew each other most of their lives… And Dr. Vivi was really out of line there… But she said none of this to Irene… Irene didn’t like pity, or comforting, if she wanted help she would have asked for it…

They were in the kitchen, Krystal was getting ready to make lunch when Irene spoke making her turn to her. “I was just thinking… You and I should form a band! I have a name already. The ToneDeafs. What do you say?”


“A band… Irene really…” Krystal replied. “Is this some weird reaction to what happened today?”

“It’s a real idea! Think about it, please.” Irene said and turned around to go upstairs leaving Krystal utterly speechless…



Irene’s first meeting with Lucky was a bit odd as well. To Krystal at least. She walked in on the two of them having breakfast Saturday morning. She had called Lucky and told her about Irene the moment she first drove her home but she was so swamped with work she couldn’t possibly come home before the weekend.

“So you hate her now? Wasn’t she like your best friend, she gave you the blessing the marry her son or whatever?” Krystal heard Irene ask as she got down the stairs.

“Well she was but working for Mrs. Kerry… It’s a nightmare… And I don’t think she would win the next election… Not with her having that kid and refusing to name the father… It’s a press relations nightmare…” Laquita sighed. Krystal didn’t expect Irene to tell Lucky where she had been all this time but she expected Lucky to try at least a little bit harder to get the information, not to rant about her job the first time they met…

“Morning.” She said loudly from the bottom of the stairs.


“Morning Krys, I just came in!” Lucky said cheerfully getting up to greet her while Irene used the break to stuff more food in her mouth spreading crumbs everywhere making Krystal sigh loudly at just the sight. She then turned back to Lucky who was now standing behind the chair on the head of the table beaming at the both of them, as if she was on a stage, not their kitchen. “I have big news, now that you are both here! I was just telling Irene… I’m running for City Council this fall!”


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