Rosie’s Emails – 1

Dear Mum, Latricia and Bran,

I never thought I would struggle so much for words when writing to you guys but believe me I am. Before everything I want you to know that I am fine,  I have arrived to Bridgeport, found a nice apartment and started seeing that therapist that my old one recommended. I’m seeing her three times a week now and it helps me, a lot. She says I’m not ready to reconnect with the past just yet so I can’t invite you too visit but she encourages contact so here is me… Contacting you… 

My flat is not so big but I have a nice big terrace up here, with a view and everything. Tricia would hate it, I can just tell but I love it! The big buildings, the bustle, the noise, the commotion, everything! Here is a picture of my view, in case you don’t believe me.


I hope you are all doing well, I miss you, I really do! Please tell me everything, write, call whatever.

Love Rosie

Dear Sara,

I really hope you won’t delete this email the moment you see it’s from me… I screwed up, I know that, I know I hurt you and many others. You have no idea how hard it is, and was for me, but I’m trying to make it right, to get my life together. I could never make it up to you but I’m trying… I hope you’ll see that and still be a part of my new life, that is how I see this, as if I have truly died and been given a second chance to start over.

If you have read on let me tell you about my life in the majestic city of Bridgeport! I love it here! It’s all I ever dreamed living in a big city would be like, and then some. I kid you not! The downside is it does get a little lonely here and you know me, stuck me in front of a tv or a loptop and I’m never getting off the chair. So I joined a gym, the same one I went that one time when I was here with mum, remember where I met Lola Belle, well I started going there hoping I would ran into her and she would remember me (I did, and OMG she did!!! but more on that later :P),

And one day I’m going in and this guy whistles as I walk by, really whistles and I’m the only girl there! Crazy right? Well I turn around and he asks for my number and I gave it to him, I was like what the hell, how often do I turn heads, right?

Two days later he calls, he asks me out to this art gallery opening. Luckily I bought a new sweater that very day so I don’t have to worry about what to wear! (Picture attached). Well I go out with him, his name is Big, Big Hartley (I see I had not written that before). He lives with (get this): Tom Wordy! (you gotta love Bridgeport, and besides I kinda met him too but that’s another date), anyways he is an ex bounceScreenshot_2r trying to get into professional boxing (an athlete again, I know, I’m talking this trough with my therapist). And we are at this gallery, it’s all fancy, and he is being very suggestive about how he wants this night to end but I play it cool, I talk about art (thanks Sara, I wouldn’t know half of that stuff if it wasn’t for you), name drop Cocoa Brown, he never heard of her but I can see he is impressed, and we end the night at this diner just chatting away till sunrise… The diner’s on this cliff it’s pretty cool, I imagined us kind of watching the sunrise together, a bit of romance but I guess Big just isn’t that kind a guy so we just say goodbye and that was our first date.

As for the second one, well it wasn’t a date per se, he was in the “hood” and he called, asked if I was “up for a walk” and we did walk around the city, just talking and stuff, he bought me some food from a food truck (those are seriously a thing in Bridgeport and the food is… interesting is the right word), and there we ran into his roomie, Tom Wardy and he kind of introduced us, it was cool.Screenshot_3

What else? Oh right! Lola! Well like I said I ran into her in the gym, she didn’t remember me at first but we chatted, I said I was Nina Caliente’s daughter and that rang a bell, she even introduced me to Jupiter, her son. (There is a link to a picture of us from some website, she is THAT cool even in a gym).

That’s it for me… I’m really doing better. I hope you can forgive me and we can move past my suicide attempt. There I said it… Write back please! I want to hear about your life. Did you and Jared set a date? How’s your art? When am I going to see your stuff in a gallery?

Love Rosie

Dear Donovan,

I didn’t forget you, I’m so glad you wrote to me. I’m glad you are doing well, both you and Hazel, send my love to him. What’s new in my life? 

I told you about Lola (that’s right first name basis, suck it Alto)? We saw each other at the gym, talked a bit there, and then the other day, I’m sitting home, minding my own business, watching the news when I hear the intercom and it’s Lola! I buzz her in, she stopped by for a drink and we hang out. Me and Lola Belle. Seriously. (I know you don’t believe me, so here goes, from my sneaky web cam)


Yeah that’s about it… I upped my ranking on online chess but I doubt that tops this. FREAKING LOLA BELLE AT MY APARTMENT!

I’m still looking for a job, I know no one knows better than you that nothing beats working at a spa (:P) but it’s time for a change, my therapist agrees and we’ll see. I’m glad we are keeping in touch! Please write again!

Love Rosie

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