Caliente – Round 6.2 : Where it went wrong

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“Flowers, really Bran? That’s suppose to fix this?” Nan asked sharply. Her tone was cold and there wasn’t a trace of amusement in her light green eyes.

“It’s a start.” Bran said and smiled. He hoped his girlfriend would smile back. But she didn’t, of course she didn’t.


“A start of what?” She asked instead not even moving her hands to take the bouquet of flowers Bran brought her leaving him to hold it in his hands rather stupidly.

“An apology?” He asked still smiling weakly despite the crushing feeling in his chest.

“You apologized a thousand times already.” She said. It was true, Bran knew it was, but there was nothing else he could do. “Apologies can’t change anything.”

Bran sighed moving his hands down to limply hang besides his body. He imagined all of this much differently…


When the concert had finished he walked outside the theater with his sister Latrica. the crowd was parting and he was finally able to catch a breath of cold, fresh air. He and Tricia were supposed to go home together, catch up on all those months they had spent apart. But Bran knew his head was elsewhere… No matter how much he loved his sister he couldn’t focus on her tonight… It was Nan, only Nan that occupied his thoughts…

“Do you love Mikha’il?” He asked stopping suddenly and turning to look at his sister. A brief look of confusion appeared on her face.

“I do. Very much. And where is this coming from?” She asked him back. Bran shrugged. All around them the crowd was parting, people were leaving for home, or for drinks after the concert, only Bran and his sister were standing, talking on the middle of the sidewalk.

“Nowhere… Just wondering…” But it was Tricia standing besides him. His sister… No one really knew him as well as Tricia did…

“Is this about your girlfriend? The one I have yet to meet?” She asked with a smile. Bran sighed.

“I really, really though she would come tonight… She knows how much this meant to me… Meeting you… Being here…” He stopped. “I know I should be mad at her… But we are in kind of a bad a place right now… And… That song… ‘Lost’… It made me think of her… And I miss her… And… I don’t know.” He concluded miserably. He didn’t want to look at his sister so he pinned his gaze on his shoes. Tricia was quiet for a moment before she finally spoke.

“That is a powerful song.” She said. “Do you know aunt Nala wrote it a year after she divorced aunt Dina? When I first heard that, and really listened to that song I thought that’s the saddest thing in the world… There was that great love between them… An eternal kind of love, and that love lost it’s way… I just couldn’t understand it.” Tricia said solemnly. “I think I understand it better now. Love is complicated. It’s hard… You sometimes have to fight for it.” She concluded with a smile. Bran still didn’t speak, just eyed his sister miserably. She sighed. “If you really believe you love that girl,  if she means that much to you, and if you screwed up… Apologize. Try to fix it. It’s worth it… And if that doesn’t work… If she hurts you… Then I’ll kick her ass.” Bran laughed and Tricia punched him playfully.  “What? I did more then meditate in that temple. I can kick your ass too.”

“Thanks Tricia.” Bran said still smiling. “I need to see her tonight…” Tricia sighed.

“Be careful. It’s late.” She said with a smile.


And so Bran called Nan saying he needs to see her. He was on his way to her house when she told him to meet her in front of the City Hall. On his way he stopped in the park and picked some flowers to present to her. He had hoped they would melt her heart. They didn’t.

“Nothing can change the past. I can take back what happened… But I want us to move forward… That isn’t possible if you don’t forgive me…” Bran said determined. Thinking about his sister’s words gave him strength. He really wanted this to work, he needed it to work…

“You humiliated me, humiliated both of us, in front of the whole school… You hurt a friend of mine…”

“He hit me back! I had a bruise for a week” Bran interrupted defensively and without thinking. Nan just looked at him coldly.

“I wished he hit you harder. Maybe he would have knocked some sense into you…” She was about to say something more when she got interrupted by a sound of police sirens in the distance. She looked at the street behind Bran and then she turned to him her eyes filled with determination . “Run!” She said and turned in the distance of their street.


Bran didn’t waste any time he followed right after her. The shoes he wore tonight were of a fancy kind, his mother helped him pick them especially for the concert tonight, they weren’t exactly made for running and he never was especially fast anyway. Still he had to get away, he couldn’t be caught… And not just because he would look like a total looser in front of Nan…

He hoped it wasn’t his cousin Sara in that car. If it was Sara then none of this mattered… Even if her managed to run away she would still tell his mother. And then he would get in trouble… Again…

He distinctly remembered the last time he got in trouble. Of course that was also the first time he really got in trouble, with his mum anyways. Nina Caliente wasn’t a strict parent, Bran knew she tolerated more things then his friends’ parents did not.

She was also a reasonable woman, she tried to solve any problem any of them had with talking, not yelling, especially so after Bran’s oldest sister’s suicide attempt. After that unfortunate event she was even more determined to be in touch with any problem he and Tricia might have. However the night of the summer dance there was no talking…

That night Bran’s mother was yelling so hard Bran was sure people on the other side of town heard every single word being said…


But then again he deserved it, every single word…  It was his actions, his stupid behavior that night that ruined everything, his reputation at school, his relationship with Nan… The last thing he could do was stand there limply and listen as his mother’s yells.

That night he and Nan went to the dance separately. There had also been a heated argument about that some time ago… It all started after the Spring dance. Nan had gone that time, with Aenys Targeryen. At the time she and Bran had already been dating for a few months and Bran was really angry when she heard about it. Nan just shrugged it off. She didn’t understand the problem, or at least she pretended to understand, no one could say Nan was stupid. She said Aenys was a friend and she was doing him a favor. Bran really couldn’t think of what kind of favor that could be. Anyway that argument ended with Nan saying she would never go with anyone to any dance, and that included Bran as well.

Things got better between them in the meantime but she hadn’t forgotten that ill made promise and when the time for the Summer Dance came she rejected Bran’s invitation. That left him with a sinking feeling and despite Nan’s assurances she was coming all alone and they could meet up there he got to the school earlier. He didn’t want to come inside without Nan, even though they were officially not going together so he stood close to the door scanning the crowd eagerly. He was unusually nervous as he did so.


Before he saw Nan however he saw Aenys. And once he did he let out a sigh of relief feeling his tension dissolve. Nan wasn’t with him…  In fact it seemed he had come with Marian Denison, it was her walking next to him looking more suitably dressed for the start of summer then Aenys in his red sweater…

He was so focused on the two of them that he didn’t notice Nan until she walked right up to him.

“Hey you! I’m talking to you? Have you gone deaf?” She asked narrowing her eyes at him.

He beamed at her the moment he heard the lovely sound of her voice. “I must certainly have not!” He said still smiling widely. “I’m so glad you came.” He added and took her hand in his. She didn’t protest.


“Well I said I would, I said we could meet up.” She responded and all the while he couldn’t stop smiling. He noticed she was wearing a very short checkered skirt showing off her perfect long legs. She was the prettiest of all the girls there, and she was his girlfriend, she was here with him after all… Still holding her hand gently they walked in together. It was all so perfect, the music was good, he couldn’t wait to start dancing… He was so happy. If only the evening could have ended the same way…

At one point Bran excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came back he saw Nan standing with Aenys. He was standing awfully close to her and saying something Bran couldn’t here from where he was. As he moved trough the crowd towards them he noticed him moving to touch her hand. Nan pulled it away and as Bran saw a dejected look in Aneys’ pale violet eyes. But he didn’t move. He said something more, or at least tried to because in that very moment Bran’s fist connected with his jaw.

Aenys stumbled and nearly fell. Someone screamed. Nan stepped away looking utterly confused. And Bran just stood there. He couldn’t believe what he had done… He had absolutely no idea what came over him. His hand was burning but so was his face… He was about to apologize when the other boy straightened up. There was anger in his eyes now, they were burning with it..

He was much stronger than Bran was, he couldn’t have stopped him even if he tried. He hit him strongly in the left side of the face and Bran felt it explode with pain. He tried to focus, prepare for another hit, defend himself… But the world was a blur of lights and color… He received another blow and unwillingly let out a cry of pain. Aenys grabbed the front of his shirt and Bran flailed around helplessly somehow causing them both to fall trough the backdrop.

Next thing he knew was that the principal was standing in front of him and yelling at both him and Aenys. Bran could hardly hear a word being said, his head was still ringing and he felt his left eye swelling. He couldn’t  see anything on that side. With his good eye he looked at Aenys. He was looking down at his feet looking absolutely mortified. Bran felt the same way… He then moved his eye to the crowd assembled all around them looking for Nan but she was no where to be found…

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