Rosie’s Emails – 3

Dear Donnie,

Sooooo my new job… Not so hot I must admit. I made my own webpScreenshot_31age Rosie’s investigations (feel free to check it out) and the offers started coming in. I bought a trench coat and a hat, trying to get into it for real you know but most of the offers I get are well… Questionably legal to put it mildly (don’t tell on me to officer Sara :P), I mostly gather intel that is used to blackmail people, which means a lot of online stalking, rummaging trough trashcans and intercepting people’s mail. Not cool.

But every once in a while a good one comes my way, my last case I helped a small time local politician, Jeffrey Cook (you probably never heard of him) discover a local business woman is into some criminal activities, I hope this would be put to good use and I believe it will, I do like this Jeffrey Cook, I’ll be voting for him that’s for sure!

That’s about it from the glorious life or Rosie Calinte, PI! Stay tuned 😛


Rosie Caliente, Private investigator



Dear sis!

Glad you listened to Lil’ Bling but we aren’t close anymore, life here moves fast, people don’t stay close, it’s kinda sad but it is how it is…

How is everything little one? When are you getting up here? You know city life is more then big boring buildings 😛 I have even learned fishing here, true, you don’t really catch edible fish in this murky water but it’s fun! Sara would love that I’m a fisherman now 😛 (fisher woman ???). I work hard at the gym, my weight is still going up and down, you are so lucky to have mum’s skinny build! I have even taken up jogging. I love my little midnight runs. This city is so pretty at night!


People have noticed me running and gave me some deodorant to endorse, crazy huh? That’s being famous in Bridgeport, well semi-famous as a daughter of a renowned music composer but it’s something. A girl actually took my picture on the street the other day! I don’t really mind the exposure if it makes my business grow. Pass my love on to mum and Bran.


Rosie Caliente, Private investigator


/*That’s it for Rosie this round, I hope you enjoyed her stories and let me know if you want to see more of her adventures in Bridgeport, also if you want me to keep this format or switch to regular story mode. */

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