Caliente(Dina)-Round 6.2: Home alone

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Dear Sara,

We are still safe and sound at Champs Les Sims. The place is absolutely enchanting.  Both Justine and I fell in love with his history, the rustic houses, museums, and vibrant nature. I can’t wait to see you and tell you about all of our adventures here because if I were to write them I would need a hundred of these postcards. I hope you would visit here one day and see it all for yourself. Stay safe.

With love


Sara finished reading her mother’s postcard before she got to the door. She was glad her mother was having fun on her honeymoon. Both her and Justine needed a break after the stressful period that was planning their wedding, and the postcard did look lovely. She couldn’t help but feeling a little jealous, thinking of all the adventures that they must have had, and that were still in front of them…

She felt especially bad as she neared the big empty house. Sara couldn’t remember a time when she was here alone for so long. Even when she was young and her mothers worked and traveled she had her sister Summer, or their tenant Cocoa.


She sighed as she unlocked the door and went in. Usually she stayed longer at work, she needed to go back on track since she had missed a lot during the months she had physical therapy. Today however she had to leave early because she had to go to finish some paperwork at the City Hall on her mother’s behalf.

Dina Caliente had always been prone to grand gestures Sara knew but this time she surprised even her. She bought the beach bar as a wedding gift for Justine. Her bride was of course ecstatic and with them being gone for so long it fell on Sara to finish all the paperwork so they can have the grand opening once they are back in town.

It hadn’t been too much of a trouble for Sara to leave early, their small town had been relatively peaceful for the last few months anyway… The biggest cases Sara had since coming back to work was arresting a teenage boy for egging her sister’s house and of course finding Irene Hoves, but she felt that one didn’t really count since the girl had returned home on her own anyway…

It is better this way… She chastised herself for these thoughts. Thing were far worse when it wasn’t boring at work… She sighed as she threw herself on the empty couch. She wished she could go upstairs to her room and paint. She knew art had a power to cleanse her mind but fatigue and pain won over. Her leg was killing her. She massaged it gently with one hand and used the other to check her email on her phone.

Her mother had sent her a link to a drive where the photographer had uploaded the wedding photos. This made Sara chuckle, in a world where her mother could communicate with her instantly just by tapping a few keys on her phone she still opted to send her a postcard which took weeks to arrive…

She started going trough the pictures, they were all lovely and professionally done, her mother would never have settled for less. Most were of course of mum and Justine, both looking beautiful and happy.


After a countless number of scrolls Sara landed of one of herself. It was taken during the ceremony and showed her, in the first row, right next to her aunt Nina. Aunt Nina was radiant as ever, smiling and clapping. She had recently started dying her hair back to orange and she looked much younger then her actual age this way. But then again she had always been a beautiful woman.

Sara was glad the two of them made up. Aunt Nina was always her favorite, out of her two aunts, she had always been more a friend then an aunt. But then Rosie tried to kill herself and Sara shifted all the blame to her aunt. She hadn’t spoken to her in months, even after Rosie woke up from her coma Sara still resented her. Her therapist said she blamed herself in truth and was just shifting blame…

Whatever it was they were okay now. Sara managed to put some things in perspective after all, almost dying does that to you… It helps filter out what is important and what is not… It helps you appreciate everyone and everything you have in your life.



Sara could still vividly remember waking up in that hospital room. The lights hurt her eyes and she had to blink a few times before she adjusted. She didn’t know where she was… But she didn’t panic… She didn’t feel she had the strength to… Everything was a daze… Her throat was parched but she found that she couldn’t even move… Strange… She thought. I could run once… The last thing she remembered was running. There was a lot of noise around her, shouting and… and loud bangs. There was one especially loud. That was one she fell and the pain started. “Stay down Sara. Help is on it’s way. Stay down, you’ll be okay…” Those were the last words she heard, she was still down it seemed…

But it was silent now. There were no voices and no gunshots. She was alone, only the machines were beeping, louder and louder…

“Sara?” A voice spoke somewhere above her. “Are you awake?” Sara opened her eyes again. She didn’t remember closing them. It had been a female voice and a female head above her she saw now that her eyes were open. The woman was far from pretty, she had long dark hair that fell beneath her shoulders, and Sara knew she was her age.


“Penelope? Penelope Belgen? Why are you here?” She asked out loud her own voice sounding hoarse and weak. She was so dizzy… It was hard to stay focused… Help is on it’s way.  It was Jesse who said it, Jesse Hoves… Help must have come. Penelope was a paramedic. “Is the ambulance close?” She asked. “I don’t think I can walk…”

Penelope looked at one of the machines. Machines? Why are there machines here? He left me behind a crate… We were in an abandoned warehouse… There were no machines… Then she turned back to Sara a displeased frown on her face. “Try not to talk to much Sara. Everything is okay, you are in a hospital.”

“What’s wrong with my head?” Sara asked. “I can’t think straight… I… can’t remember… Why am I here?”

“You are on high dose of painkillers. It’s to be expected you are a little hazy. It will get better. You had surgery, we operated on you leg yesterday. It went well, we expect you to make a full recovery. But you need to rest now.” Penelope spoke in a calm reassuring voice.

“You operated on me? Aren’t you a paramedic?” Sara asked trying to focus on her face but failing.

“No. I’m a surgical resident here at Sacred Spleen.” Penelope said. There was a trace of annoyance in her voice but she didn’t raise it. “Try to get some rest.” She added as she turned and left. Sara could hear her footsteps echo trough the hallway as she drifted asleep.


/* World Adventures doesn’t really play along on my computer. That is why I never sent anyone from this save to any of the locations. But recently I have been looking at pictures in other people’s stories and I was reminded how pretty it was so I decided to give it a shot. It didn’t go well. Dina and Justine didn’t arrive. Champ Les Sims was loaded but they just weren’t there… Now I have save in Champ Les Sims in which I can choose a family to play… Way weird… 

Anyways that is why there will be no more of their adventures there. Instead we get some flashbacks. I wanted to do Sara’s story from the start. It was a convenient way to tell you what happened to Jesse Hoves, in case you read Escape you might have been wondering about it since there I gave very little details and focused on his family’s reactions instead. When I started writing it though it kinda got away from me so it is much longer than I expected. I hope you’ll like it anyway. Thank you for reading 🙂 */



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