Caliente (Dina)-Round 6.3: Raid and recovery

/* NOTICE: This post continues directly on the previous post, I split them up because it was getting too long. I recommend reading previous post first. Also this is a flashback post, it explains the events mentioned in Escape, and happens much before all other posts in this round(except Locked up and  Escape) so don’t get confused. 🙂 */

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In her dream the memories came back. She came to work like she did any other day. She brought two cups of coffee, one for herself and one for her partner and mentor Jesse Hoves. She was really starting to like her job. It was a big change from being a receptionist down in the basement, in the forensics department. She didn’t have as much time as she did before, she couldn’t draw at work anymore, she had to shadow and learn from the senior officer but she didn’t mind it one bit. She knew she would learn a lot from Jesse Hoves. He had been a police officer his whole life. He was old, older then her mother probably but even though his hair had gone gray he still had a charming smile and lively eyes.


Whenever work took them to speak to a female, of any age Sara would observe them swoon and fluster over him. It amused her slightly, especially combined with the nonchalance with which he took in their attention. The only sign he ever noticed was when he would turn to Sara and wink slightly. It always made her smile.

That day however there would be no charming. They didn’t even finish their coffee when the phones started to ring. There was an anonymous tip about a weapon sale that was about to come down at the abandoned warehouse, just behind Mortimer Goth’s house… Now Mortimer Goth had been their town’s only convicted criminal and the working theory of the SVPD was that he was still running a criminal organization in town.

Naturally the whole town wanted to take him down. And Sara also had her own personal reasons for wanting to be the one who arrests him… All units were dispatched to the warehouse. It was supposed to be a routine take over. Jesse assured her, and gave her last minute advice as they rode there in their patrol car. Sara barely heard a voice he said over the beating of her heart as adrenaline pumped all over her body.

Excitement followed her every step of the way as they advanced toward the rundown building. Almost the whole force of the department was here but lieutenant Gradle let them be the first officers through the door, per Jesse’s request.

“Easy Sara.” He told her as she released the safety of her gun. She had never had to use it outside the shooting range. “We don’t know how many of them are in there… Maybe we won’t have to shoot at all… And maybe they’ll outnumber us. Stay close and don’t shoot if you don’t have to.” Even with those words Sara was not afraid. She was confident today would be the day they rid Mortimer Goth of his freedom and it gave her such perverse joy she would be their to see it, in the first row…


However upon entry they found the room deserted. An uneasy feeling washed over Sara’s body. Another letdown? Or perhaps a trap? She thought too late. There were holes in the ceiling and trough them the first bullets came. “Take cover!” Jesse was yelling and Sara started to run towards the empty crates. There were more shouts and gunshots as the police fired back and the criminals didn’t stop. She had almost made it…

She fell when the bullet struck her leg. She hit the floor with her head and split her lip. Her mouth was filling with blood and she couldn’t move. Somebody dragged her to safety… By that time pain had already started to take over and the world was loosing focus… “Stay down Sara…” Jesse had said… She didn’t hear the rest… She woke up in a hospital bed again… This time they must have toned down her painkillers because everything hurt… Sara tried to focus on Jesse’s face, still fresh in her mind… But there was something sad and painful lurking behind it and she felt warm tears spill down her face. What happened in that warehouse?



She didn’t get the answer that day. She was visited only by Penelope Belgen, and other medical staff, nurses and some doctors… Even the chief of staff of Sacred Spleen, Andrew Prentiss himself came down to see her. He was friends with her mum Sara remembered. None of them wanted to talk about the shooting. All they spoke was the surgery, her leg, how she would make a full recovery, how tomorrow they might allow her family to visit…  Sara listened to their words but she didn’t feel like they reached her at all. She knew something bad had happened… Something life shattering… And she couldn’t remember it…

As promised her family came to visit the next day. They let them in one at the time. First it was her mother. Her eyes were cold as she took in Sara’s room before she seated herself in the chair next to her. She asked how she was feeling… If she was eating… If they were treating her well… If she was in a lot of pain…

“Mum what happened?” Sara asked her in a weak voice after she ran out of questions. Her mother frowned.

“It is not my place to talk about those things. I am sure when you are feeling better, when the good doctors say you are ready somebody from the police would come and talk to you.” She said. “Now… If there is anything you need just let me know, I’ll talk to Andrew…”

“Could they send Jesse… Officer Hoves… I want to talk to him.” An uncharacteristic look of sadness passed over her mother’s face and her eyes softened.


“I’ll see that they do what they can, as soon as possible…”

After mum came Summer, Sara’s little sister and Bradley, her husband. Summer came up to her bedside attempting to look as stoic as possible while Bradley just lingered close to the door looking uncomfortable.

“Come closer Brad… I don’t bite…” Sara said and tried to smile but her lip was still sore. Brad did come closer but he was so pale and his eyes were so sad, almost apologetic… As if it was somehow his fault she was here. They didn’t stay long and they also didn’t answer Sara’s questions.

She had been in a hospital for almost a week when she was visited by someone from the police department. When he stepped in trough the door her heart leaped. Jesse. But it wasn’t him. The man who walked in also had gray hair, only shorter than Jesse’s had been. He was tall and of a similar build but he was not Jesse Hoves. His name was Frederic Hoves Junior, friends and family called him Junior but to Sara he would always be Mr. Hoves. He was her old boss, from when she worked in the forensics department. He was the one who helped her get her badge…

“They say you’ll make a full recovery.” He said standing over Sara’s bedside. Sara nodded.

“They do say that.” She answered. A hundred times a day… “I am in much less pain now… They say I would be able to get up in a few days…” She added. Words were spilling out of her mouth almost automatically, her voice was getting back to normal now but there was a large hole in her chest that kept widening, oozing dread…

Mr. Hoves nodded slowly. “That is nice to hear…” He said. Sara noticed he also seemed absent, as if fighting for words. Sara couldn’t take it anymore…


“Why hadn’t my partner come here to visit? Why you?” She asked looking straight to the older man’s eyes. He didn’t flinch.

“Jesse was also shot that day.”  He said calmly. “He didn’t make it.” He finished. His voice didn’t shake but there were tears in his brown eyes. Sara took in a deep breath. She had already known it…  She knew it from the first time she woke up in the hospital… Still it hurt to know it was the truth… Everything hurt.. She tried not to cry, not here in front of the most renowned forensic specialist in the country. But she failed. He sat next to her and patted her hair gently as she sobbed. Once she had calmed down again she spoke again.

“Did they get him? Mortimer Goth?” Mr. Hoves sighed. “No arrest was made that day.”

“So he died for nothing?” Sara asked. All of it was for nothing… She started crying again. Crying for a good man that died… Crying because she couldn’t save him… Crying because the bad guys got away… Crying because she almost died… Crying because she couldn’t walk… Just crying and crying until she couldn’t take it anymore…



After she learned Jesse was dead Sara had nightmares for days. She was lying on the floor bleeding when he fell next to her, his eyes were open but they were empty and lifeless and then the world would go red and she would wake up… Her leg would usually hurt. It was actually a sharp pain that started in her leg but soon would radiate trough her whole body.

It would start when she opened her eyes and most often stay with her till the end of the day like a constant shadowy companion. At least I am alive… Sara would say to herself a hundred times a day. She was going crazy in this awful hospital room. She yearned to go home, to be outside… But there was a long way to go… Her doctors reminded her, also every single day.


They were all good doctors, professionals. Everyone treated her as well as they could, everyone including Dr. Belgen. Now that she was out of the painkiller daze Sara had enough sense to feel ashamed around Penelope Belgen. The two of them went to school together but they never did hang out. Oh no… Back in school they worlds didn’t overlap at all, Sara was the popular girl, daughter of two powerful and beloved women, always surrounded by friends,dating the cool and handsome Jerod Prentiss and Penelope was far on the other side of the spectrum…

People that Sara hung out would often make up things about Penelope and laugh at her when ever they saw her. She was a quiet girl, always messy, wearing old clothes, stuff teenagers would notice and abuse. Even back then the rumors Penelope was actually an abandoned daughter of the famous musician Phaena Santoro were pretty much alive and everyone found it pretty amusing, poor Penelope, not even her mother had wanted her…

Penelope was in love with Rosie, Sara’s best friend, everyone knew it and they only used it against her… They were so terrible Sara knew even then but she did nothing about it…

The only person that hung out with Penelope was Krystal Hoves, Jesse’s daughter. It would have been only fair that Penelope got to save her father’s life and not Sara’s… But life was not fair. Sara knew it wasn’t, and sadly Penelope must have learned that lesson long ago…


Still she made no mention of their shared history as she helped Sara trough recovery. Weeks passed before Sara was able to take short walks around the hallway of the hospital. And a few more before she was in physical therapy. The time she spent there was the hardest of Sara’s life. Before she thought the Police Academy had been though but compared to the time spent in Sacred Spleen it was a walk in the park…

Still Sara went on, every night she would come to bed, exhausted and hurting all over she would repeat once more… I am alive… At least I am alive…

/* Sorry for the delay, I had this written already, I only had to read and review it but I was very busy at work this week and barely had any energy left for anything else… That being said there might be a delay in starting the next story as well.. But I’ll do my best to get it done over the weekend. The next story will be for the Caliente-Frail family. Thank you all for reading. :)*/

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