Caliente-Frail – Round 6.2: Play-date

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“You are making pancakes!” Silvester spoke loudly behind his father’s back. Although he startled him from the worst of thoughts Bradley managed to smile back.

“Yup, all for you champ.”


“And you and mom?” Silvester asked surprised.

“Well some for me and mum too.” Bradley said and smiled. Silvester hopped up on the high chair with an anxious look in his green eyes. He does have the sweetest eyes… Bradley thought with a slight chill but  he managed to remain focused on the pan in front of him.

“How is school?” He asked his son in order to distract himself.

“Good.” Sivlester answered. “We got a new student this year, I met her the other day. Her name is Luz Trevino. Luz. That is a weird name.”

“Sure is.” Bradley agreed. Silvester was still telling him about the new girl when his mother walked in the kitchen. Summer was in good spirits, tomorrow was her big day after all.  She was singing as she came up and kissed both Bradley and Silvester good morning. She then proceeded to set up the table.


“Come on Silvester, a little help taking all this outside.” She said to her son. Silvester happily obliged. Remembering himself and his younger brothers at that age Bradley knew they were very lucky to have such a nice, obedient child.

“One day to go.” He told his wife and she beamed at him.

“I just can’t wait.” She replied. “I can’t wait to sign those papers.” His wife worked at the spa in town, had been since she was a teenager and about the same time she started dreaming she would own it one day. That day wasn’t tomorrow. But tomorrow she would make an important step in that direction. The two of them had not gathered enough money to buy the place, yet, but they did however have enough money to make Summer one of the partners and tomorrow she would become one officially, signing all the legal documents.

Her happiness had been contagious and Bradley caught himself almost singing as he brushed his teeth after breakfast. And then his phone rang… He knew who it was before he picked up, there was only one person calling on that phone…

“Bradley I need you ready to roll in an hour. Pick me up at the warehouse we are going to Twinbrook.”Susannah spoke without even greeting him first. Bradley groaned when he heard his boss’ voice. Twinbrook… That meant all day… Sadly there was nothing he could say. He just agreed and started getting ready.


He found Summer in the garden. It was her mother’s ex-girlfriend that planted the first plants there and Summer’s mum took only sporadic care of the plants but once Summer moved in she vowed to give it life again. So far it wasn’t going so good but he knew how determined his wife could be.

“Please don’t get mad…” Bradley begun and she straightened up immediately giving him the coldest of stares.

“What is it?” She asked and he sighed.

“I need to work…”

“Today? But you told me you are going to be free….”

“I did, I really thought I would be but Susannah called, she needs me to go to Twinbrook with her…”

“Twinbrook? What does she want there? And that would take you all day…” His wife said obviously displeased. Bradley didn’t say anything. What could he say? If I don’t come she might kill you and our son…I already saw her kill a man, and put your sister in a hospital… Summer sighed. “Harry is coming today, I really thought you would be here today as well…”

“Who is Harry?” Bradley asked surprised. Summer frowned.

“Harry Prentiss. His son Aenar is in Silvester’s class.” When Bradley’s face showed now signs of recongition she added. “Never mind, he called asked if he could bring his kids over for a play-date, he has two, Aenar is in Harry’s class and his daughter just started school. His wife is working on the elections… She works for Tori Kimura, and he is going a bit crazy all alone with them… I told him it’s okay and we would both be here…” She sighed again. “It’s okay. Work comes first. I get it.” She finally said and walked up to him. She kissed his cheek gently and Bradley wanted to yell at her. You come first. Our son comes first. Everything I do, I do for the two of you… But once again he didn’t.


He left the house right in time for Susannah not to throw a fit. As he walked toward his car he saw two bikes discarded on the ground. The smaller one was pink with red ribbons tied to the handlebars while the other one was once dark blue but the paint was chipped off on many places exposing the cold gray metal beneath. If Bradley had to guess the Prentiss’ kids had already arrived. Sure enough he saw his wife talking to someone on the end of the pathway leading to their home. Summer seemed to listen intently to what the man was speaking. He had his back to Bradley but he saw a athletically built young man with light blond hair wearing a white kimono. For some reason he felt a slight pang of jealousy, and he didn’t feel like he should leave them alone… Maybe it was the way his wife batted her eyelashes at their guest or the fact he was rather handsome from what Bradley could se… Still he trusted his wife, and anyway he had no choice… He got in his car and drove away.


When Bradley came home after yet another day he didn’t want to remember, it was already dark outside. It seemed Summer had cooked after all, she microwaved some hot dogs for the kids and they were eating on the balcony, chatting vigorously, or at least the boy and the girl were. The boy looked a lot like his father with light blond hair and green eyes. His sister was smaller, not older than five or six  with brown hair tied in two pigtails with pink ribbons, dressed also in pink with little lilac boots. Silvester was sitting a little further away from them but it appeared that at least he was listening to the conversation.


Bradley was glad the kids came over. Silvester didn’t really have problems socializing but he rarely sought out other people. He seemed happiest when left alone to write in his little notebook, something he did ever since he learned his letters. Just a few weeks ago when they were all at his grandmother’s for her second wedding, after a few panicky moments Bradley found him writing in the dinning room alone while all the other guests were partying outside. He had just finished his piece of cake when he got the need to write something down, or so he said, and he just stayed inside forgetting about the party around him.


Summer especially encouraged him to change, that was probably why she organized this play-date in the first place but Bradley understood that it was just the way his son was, a part of him. If writing made him happy then he should be left to write. Maybe his destiny was to be famous writer one day, like Bradley’s own father had been, who knows… All Bradley knew at this moment was that he needed to do all he could to protect him so nothing ever comes between him and his dreams what ever they might turn out to be…



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  1. Oh no, I hope Bradley’s not going to lose his wife and kids (because of the blond man), after all he’s doing to try to keep them safe and provide. Although it would hopefully be a safer life for his family. I just feel so badly for Bradley.

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