Mayor – Round 6.2: Back at home

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Working tirelessly trough the summer on his sister’s campaign meant Zeke had little time so spend at home, he was there mostly to sleep and when he really got the time to cook an occasional meal. He wasn’t able to join his mum who was now retired and when she wasn’t in the garden keeping her plants alive, would be relaxing in the newest addition to their garden, a hot tub, it seemed for his outdoor-loving mother the pool was just not enough…


Nevertheless Zeke felt his mother would be okay without him spending time with her. Even though he was rarely at home he wasn’t clueless enough not to notice a certain gentleman coming over every so often. Aegon Targeryen was a famous fencer, the sports pride of their little community. And since his recent divorce he was very popular with the ladies, or so rumors went… He would sometimes come over alone, and sometimes with his little granddaughter Jillian.


Zeke was glad his mother had someone to keep her company, as long as he made her happy he didn’t care about anything else, even if he was friends with Aegon’s ex-wife Holy. It had been years since his mother was in a relationship… Or at least to Zeke’s knowledge… Ever since breaking up with the famous musician Nala Caliente he hadn’t seen her with anyone and Aegon was handsome, brave and athletic, in a way he reminded Zeke of his own father and he really hoped his mother would find happiness with him…

On the other hand his sister Vanessa just broke up with her fiancee, Cecil Frail and Zeke just learned about it when she came home for the summer. They didn’t spend very much time together during her stay so he suggested they go out on her last weekend in town.

“Why do you want to know? Life sucks. Bad things happen.” Vanessa said when he asked her about Cecil. She took a large swing of the pinkish drink she had been drinking. It was hard for Zeke to see his little sister heartbroken, he noticed she had changed, she had become very serious, she rarely smiled and all she talked about were her studies, and how focused she was at becoming a renowned forensics specialist one day.

Screenshot_2.jpg“I am sorry I hadn’t been around as much during the summer…” Zeke said mournfully as he looked at his own drink.  “I was pretty busy but I should have made time for you…. you are leaving on Monday and I…”

“Oh don’t sweat it.” Vanessa said putting down the empty glass and signaling to the bartender to get her another one. “I won’t miss your snoring.” She added and Zeke smiled, a gesture Vanessa did not return…

The rest of the evening went in, at least for Zeke, not so pleasant conversation about Vanessa’s classes, professors, and subject matter. Or at least it went that way until she finally got the bartender to leave his post and play bar games with her after what Zeke pulled away in a corner and finished a few drinks alone.

And that is how Zeke’s summer pretty much went. Before he knew it, it was election day… He and Lucky waited for the results to come in all alone in their “headquarters”.  The results were no surprise, at least for Zeke. Lucky had won her seat in the council. She was ecstatic and Zeke himself couldn’t be much prouder or happy for her, even if the end of elections meant him going back to his same drudging job… They hugged and cheered and Lucky promised to take him out to celebrate as soon as she got the time. right now she had to prepare, she would have to give a speech at the City Hall tomorrow… Zeke watched her happily. He was proud of his sister, putting herself out there, making her dreams come true…


The end of summer also meant Marty was free from filming once again, her movie was in production and they will get to see it together this winter… And Zeke was determined that by the time they do get to see it they would do so as husband and wife…

There was this spot, at the very edge of town, far in the mountains surrounding their little valley. Zeke had spent hours and hours searching for the most romantic destination in town and when he saw it he was sure he had found what he was looking for. There was a little lake there, surrounded by the most beautiful and untouched nature, and best of all was of course the giant waterfall that spilled just above the lake. The sound of its gushing water was the only one to be heard up here and it was all so beautiful for one to behold, even on a cold autumn night as the one Zeke chose. Even the night sky was perfect, cloudless and clear with stars sparkling overhead like diamonds in the sky.


This spot was were Zeke took Marty one Thursday night. He had bought a pretty nice wedding arch and placed it right there, close to the lake, surrounded by flowers and bushes. He was sure everything was perfect, he felt it in the air as he got closer holding his fiancee’s hand.

“So what do you think?” He asked holding his breath.

“It is a beautiful place…” Marty said cautiously. Her voice wasn’t just overfilled with excitement, the way Zeke pictured it would be. He remained silent letting her look around, take in the feel and the magic of it all. Her eyes stopped on the wooden arch and lingered there for a few moments. “Is this… For our wedding?” She asked timidly. “My grandfather would want it to be at our house… It is big enough for many people…” Marty rambled on.

“Forget your grandfather. Forget those people.” Zeke said loudly turning to face his girlfriend. “I though we could marry out here tonight… Just you and me. And tomorrow I would finish the paperwork, I know a guy at City Hall.” He added and winked still smiling. He hoped Marty would smile back. He hoped this was what she wanted. Marty didn’t smile. She just stood there, motionless like a statue…

“I can’t Zekey…” She finally said. “I can’t do it like this… Behind their backs… Now… I can’t…” There were tears in his eyes as she met Zeke’s gaze. She let go of his arm and ran towards the road. She tripped and nearly fell but she didn’t stop…

Zeke turned to his beautiful little arch wondering what the hell just happened here…


The wind, and the cold water it carried from the waterfall gave Zeke the chills. He waited for almost an hour standing in front of the arch, hoping Marty might change her mind and come back. When it was obvious she wouldn’t he headed back into town. He had no idea what he might do. He didn’t feel like going home, nothing was going according to plan… He had rented a room for them in a tavern in town, they were supposed to celebrate their marriage there, tonight… He was supposed to be the happiest man in town, married to the lovelies woman in town… Instead he headed slowly downhill lost in the almost empty streets of Sunset Valley….

Somehow he wandered right back to that same tavern. It was the place where he and Vanessa went her last weekend at home. The place was moderately filled, people were drinking, playing games and talking but Zeke found it hard to be a part of that merriment so he avoided running into anyone he knew by heading strait down to the basement.

There was a stage set up down there and nobody was playing so Zeke headed there and took up the guitar. Music always made him feel better, even more than cooking did. Back when he was in high school he played bass a bit, he took lessons with Lucky, because she wanted to play not because he did ,but he learned he was pretty good at it. He didn’t play the guitar often, sometimes on parties where there was always one around, especially when the party was at Marty’s, her grandfather had been a mayor rock star back in his youth and there was a guitar almost in every room of his spacious mansions.


Thinking of Marty made his stomach churn in an uncomfortable way so he moved his hand over the soft strings enjoying the sound it produced. Before he knew it he was playing a love ballad, one of Nala Caliente’s older hits and he was lost in his music, forgetting about the wedding arch left alone back in front of the waterfall, the room upstairs where he was supposed to be with his beautiful wife, and the dim lit, smoke filled tavern basement… All that existed were his raw emotions and the song they produced as his fingers moved over the guitar strings.

When the song was done he stopped. The basement was still pretty much deserted, it sounded it was still much merrier upstairs where he could hear the mix of sounds from people laughing and talking. Here even the bartender, the same one Vanessa hit it off the other night, look bored as he washed some glasses behind his bar watching Zeke from back there. But it wasn’t just the bartender that was watching  him. There was a girl standing there, all alone, seemingly drawn to Zeke’s playing, or so he figured since there was no other reason for her to be here.

She was young and pretty. Her hair was golden brown and reminded Zeke of his father for some reason. She smiled when he looked her way. It was a pretty smile, and as their eyes met he saw she had pretty eyes as well, light green and also vaguely familiar.  He smiled back at her politely. She couldn’t be more then seventeen… He thought feeling guilty.


As he stopped off the stage he felt she was still watching him, maybe wanting to say something but he walked right passed her to the wooden spiral stairs behind her and upstairs to the crowd. He pushed his way outside the door and nearly bumped into his mother. She and Aegon were standing outside, under the light of a street lamp. Aegon was talking about something quite enthusiastically, waving his arms around and his mother smiled at him affectionately.

“Zeke?” She said as she looked at him. “What are you doing here love?”

“Just blowing off some steam.” Zeke answered and tried to smile but his mother of course saw right trough it.

“Is everything okay?” She asked concern written all over her lined face.

“I am fine. Just too much  cigarette smoke inside… I am heading home.” Zeke said, he gave a polite goodbye to both his mother and her date and walked towards the road. He hadn’t told his mother about his plans for the evening, he was sure she would never let him go trough with his wedding without her present. Now he was glad he didn’t. He had no strength to explain that his beloved fiancee just got up and left him and he had no idea what he did wrong…



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