Round 6 – Bonus chapter: Camping trip

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Kerry Hoves had always imagined that summer vacations would be way different once he was a teenager, he imagined all the wild things he would to with his friends and girlfriend but reality proved much different.


He ended up spending the majority of his days sitting by the pool watching his little sister Haley jump in the water for the hundredth time, forcing him to watch and grade her jumps. He knew Haley didn’t actually need any supervision but his parents made him watch her whenever she went out to the pool, and she wanted to go there every single day. His older sister Freddie was supposed to take turns with him but ever since she got a boyfriend she would sneak out of the house to meet him whenever their parents were away.

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Round 6 – Bonus Chapter: Wounds

Penelope Belgen was just trough what could have easily be the worst day of her life. She thought things at work might get easier once she switched her specialization from surgery to infectious medicine but she had been terribly wrong.

Today she stood and watched as an infant girl drew her last breath and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it. And then, still under the shock of it all she had to go and find the little girl’s parents. She had to tell them their daughter will never learn to pronounce their names, she would never finish school, never get married, never bring children of her own to this world. Their little girl was dead.


Penelope canceled all her obligations for this evening, including a skype call with Eduard and she couldn’t find the strength to leave the hospital. She was standing in front of the empty office of the hospital administrator wishing Andrew was here. Her mentor would know what to say to her right now, he couldn’t change what happened, and bring the little girl back but he would say something comforting… Or maybe he wouldn’t… The little girl that died was his niece after all, he should probably save his comforting for his brother and his wife….

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Eevee Gradle

Eevee’s real first name is Yvette Gradle but ever since she was a little girl she had been know to everyone simply as Eevee. Eevee and her twin sister Martha, “Marty” Gradle were born to Mya Hoves and Benji Gradle. The couple were not married at the time and the girls spent their early days living in their mother’s house with their uncles Junior and Dougie and grandparents Blair and Freddie.

But after an intervention by their other grandmother, Benji’s mum Minissa their parents finally took that next step and the whole family somehow got cramped in a small house the Gradle’s used to live back then.

Eevee was not the best student while in school. It was hard to find the peace to study, or do anything in a house that cramped full of people. What Eevee was good at were martial arts, her parents enrolled both her and her sister into martial arts classes and the girls just excelled there.

Eventually the family moved to a bigger home, one know popularly referred to as the Gradle mansion. Right before the move however Eevee’s grandparents divorced and Minissa Gradle was left alone while Eevee, Marty, their parents and their two aunts Melody and Shirley all went to a new and bigger house.

While in high school Eevee also tried to learn to play all the different instruments, since their grandfather Riam Gradle was a mayor rock star it was expected that the girls would show some musical potential. Eevee liked drums the most but she abandoned her learning fast when her brother Ollie was born and he became grandpa Riam’s new favorite.

Eevee also tried to learn to cook, first from her grandmother then from her mum. It was safe to say it was a disaster, she managed to set the kitchen on fire, not once but twice and she gave up altogether.

Upon graduating from school Eevee wanted nothing more than to be a cop, like her mum and most of that side of her family. She was amazed by her grandmother Blair who was this awesome spy, and helped solve cases and catch bad guys with about every law enforcement agency that is. Her parents however did not support her in this.

Desperate yet determined Eevee decided to prove to them and everyone else how capable she was and how she would stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. And so Eevee launched an investigation of her own and it lead her to a secret criminal organization, operating right there from their city, lead by the convicted criminal Mortimer Goth.

Eevee’s plan was always to find out as much as she could about them, collect the evidence and run to the police, proving she was detective material once and for all. However unexpectedly Eevee developed a bond with this gang of dangerous criminals and she had even warned about a raid she knew her mother was planning on an abandoned warehouse they would often meet. This got her a lot of respect and she moved forward in the organization.

However when Mortimer was forced to retire by the horrible, blood thirsty Susannah Ramsay Eevee found herself a little over her head. She wasn’t giving up and she is always ready to confront her new boss which of course makes her gang members respect her but Susannah not so much. She got pushed to the sidelines of the operation and started running cons with Mortimer Goth as her mentor.

She moved out of her parents house because she didn’t want to bring attention to what she was doing and thanks to her grandfather’s money got a little place of her own. She learned a lot from Mortimer and enjoyed the work they were doing and somehow on the way she even fell in love with him… She had shared this with no one, no one but her sister Marty of course.

Things had gotten rather intense between them but after she realized Mortimer never meant to take their relationship seriously, and that she would never be the only woman in his life she broke up with him. As a parting gift Mortimer gave her a little foal named Dancer.With their bond being shattered Eevee had no choice but to return back to Susannah Ramsay as one of the henchman in her organization.

Eevee’s best friend trough out her whole life was Laquita, “Lucky” Hoves. The three of them, Eevee, Marty and Lucky have hung out since school, Marty even ended up dating and eventually marrying Lucky’s little half-brother Zeke. But now, after witnessing Susannah murder Lucky’s father and just running away Eevee can barely face her once best friend…

For reasons unknown even to Eevee herself she had still not gone to the police as she had planned all those years ago, maybe she is in to deep… And maybe she just doesn’t think revealing who she was and what she had been doing all this years to her family and everyone she knows is worth the joy of proving herself capable to them…

Her parents did got suspicious after Jesse Hoves’s death and they sent her aunt Melodie to live with her for a while. It didn’t go really well, the pair has nothing in common but a love for detective novels. Now however after she had adopted a child her aunt Melodie would soon be out of her life once and again leaving Eevee alone with her little dancer and Chloe, the little puppy she adopted from Phoibe Santoro, and her troubled conscience…

Eevee likes mediation, movies, and cares about saving the planet. She is ranked pretty high in the neighborhood chess tournament.

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Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.3: The Vampire Bar

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Sabina couldn’t be more excited when she woke up the next morning to Ed’s text. He was already on the bus and coming over. She and Domynika made some waffles together, neither of them was a great cook but together they actually managed to put together a decent meal. They had breakfast together and then Dom went to tend the garden.

“Mum said to at least water the plants.” She told a confused Sabina. “We don’t want them all dying out before mum and Andrew come back do we? They will never leave us alone then…” Sabina had to agree. She was also very thankful Domynika didn’t ask her for help, she was in no mood to deal with some dumb plants she was overjoyed. Ed was coming!


She called Lena to tell her about her good news and they chatted away as they did every day. She then did the laundry because she had nothing nice to wear tonight and she was too excited to do anything else…

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Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.2: Princess

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The princess stood on the balcony of her castle watching with a smile at her kingdom below. She cast her gaze over the rolling green hills, the vibrant forests teeming with life, and the small villages in between where her people were hard at work bringing in this year’s harvest. Winter would soon be upon them and they must be ready.


Sabina was sure they would be. She believed in her people, in her kingdom, when winter comes they would want for nothing… Well almost nothing…. The prince was still gone, her prince, the love of her life… He had gone far away to war and left her alone to rule the kingdom and dream patiently of his return… Sabina sighed. She missed him, as much as she had ever missed anyone….

And then she gave her land one last longing look and suddenly there he was. Seated on a white horse as a true prince should be, triumphantly returned from a distant war, he looked up at her and she smiled when they eyes met almost crying out with delight before remembering that a princess should not act that way.

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Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.1: An evening stroll

Table of contents


It was a pleasant evening for a stroll. Cocoa was glad Andrew talked her into it. Lately this evening walks have become her favourite time of the day, just some quiet time with her best friend in the whole world… Looking at Andrew now Cocoa couldn’t help but feel grateful that they got to grow old together. Once her husband died it nearly destroyed her… She thought she would never again feel happy or anything but lonely… It was Andrew that helped her get over that… It was always Andrew that helped her pick up the pieces… Like when she got her heart broken by his little brother Tommy, or when she lost her first baby…

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Javeed-Prentiss – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Javeed-Prentiss family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers possible).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.


Cocoa Javeed was born Cocoa Brown and she moved to Sunset Valley with her mother Ebony. She and Andrew became friends almost as soon as they started school together and have been pretty inseparable their whole life. After they both lost their spouses Andrew, a successful and world renowned doctor with a little son moved in with his best friend and her twin daughters.

Moving in together worked well for them, with Andrew’s help Cocoa managed to keep her big house and raise her daughters but what will happen now that Andrew is engaged again or if they found out Cocoa’s daughter Sabina and Andrew’s son Eduard are dating?

Round 6.1: An evening stroll

Family members:

  • Cocoa Javeed (elder)
  • Andrew Prentiss (elder)
  • Eduard Prentiss (young adult)
  • Sabina Javeed (teen)
  • Domynika Javeed (teen)

Cocoa and Andrew take a stroll around town, they talk about their past and their plans for the future before agreeing to take an extended weekend away from home.

Round 6.2: Princess


Sabina struggles with missing her boyfriend who had gone to college, she also struggles with vivid hallucinations that make her believe she is a real life princess…

Round 6.3: The Vampire Bar


When Eduard comes to visit he and Sabina head to the newly opened place in town.

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