Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.3: The Vampire Bar

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Sabina couldn’t be more excited when she woke up the next morning to Ed’s text. He was already on the bus and coming over. She and Domynika made some waffles together, neither of them was a great cook but together they actually managed to put together a decent meal. They had breakfast together and then Dom went to tend the garden.

“Mum said to at least water the plants.” She told a confused Sabina. “We don’t want them all dying out before mum and Andrew come back do we? They will never leave us alone then…” Sabina had to agree. She was also very thankful Domynika didn’t ask her for help, she was in no mood to deal with some dumb plants she was overjoyed. Ed was coming!


She called Lena to tell her about her good news and they chatted away as they did every day. She then did the laundry because she had nothing nice to wear tonight and she was too excited to do anything else…

Eduard found her sitting in his room reading a book. Books were more Domynika and Eduard’s thing but since he went away Sabina loved going to his room and touching his stuff, it all reminded her of him, even his old, used up books.

“Hey princess!” A familiar voice spoke from the door making her jump and nearly drop the book.

“Eduard!” She squealed and threw herself right in his arms. He laughed as he held her close and she breathed in his scent, he smelled of his bus trip but also of everything Sabina loved and she held him close for what seemed like an eternity.


He wanted them to stay at home, watch TV, or play chess while listening to classical music but it was a Saturday! And besides he was of age, together they could get into any club they wanted. So in the end he caved and they went out to the newly opened Vampire Bar.

It was a spooky structure close to the graveyard, surrounded by leafless, creepy trees. It made Sabina a bit uncomfortable at first glance but she had her prince holding her arm, it chased all the fear away. The place also looked to small for a decent club but Ed explained all the fun happened in the basement.

They descended the stairs arm in arm and found themselves in a stony hallway lit by candles stationed all over the world. From a distance piano music could be heard. It made Eduard smile. “I love this song.” He whispered in Sabina’s ear and she smiled at him. She didn’t care much for classical music. She loved upbeat songs you could sing and dance to, or ballads that helped you cry when you were sad, or missing your boyfriend.


The entrance to the room where the music was coming from was guarded by a grumpy man with the hair the same kind of color as Sabina’s. She straightened up trying her best to look older.

“We got this.” Eduard whispered in her ear as they approached the grumpy bouncer. Of course her prince could slay the angry knight. He had his sword and a look of steel, he was the bravest and toughest warrior in all the kingdom. No doors stayed closed for him.

The man however didn’t even try to stop him. He just looked at them and let them pass. It was a bit anticlimactic they both agreed but once they were in they didn’t care much. The place was all stone walls, candlelight, and gothic furniture.

“Domynika would love this place!” Sabina said to Eduard and he nodded. He had his eyes fixed to the piano of course. It made Sabina roll her eyes, but honestly it wasn’t that unexpected? Music was one of Eduard’s favorite things. She managed to break him away and steer him to the bar where he got them some food.

They found a table and ate together chatting about everything they had already gone over by the phone and emails, stuff at home, Eduard’s life at college… Eduard had always wanted to study science, or computers, it what he was best at, and what his father had approved off. “But it is just… I don’t know… I think music might be my true passion you know…” Sabina nodded.

“Follow your heart.” She said and they both laughed at the cliche. It was then that none other than their school principal walked in. He walked with a cane but he looked as he owned the place in a tailor made black suit.


“I can’t believe it! Mr Borders!” Sabina whispered. “Damn my luck…”

“Relax.” Eduard said. “We can go downstairs, there is a dance floor there.” Sabina’s face lightened up to the idea. They were actually going dancing! Just like at a ball!

Downstairs was decorated much the same way as upstairs, except there were less tables and a large open space for dancing.  “I’ll get us some drinks.” Eduard said and moved towards the bar. This floor was also a lot more packed than the quieter area upstairs and Eduard had to wait in line to get to the bar.

Sabina stood a bit back and was amazed by the bartenders skill while she was mixing their Dark Energies. She wasn’t that much older then Sabina, the young bartender and she was handsome with short brown hair and long limbs.


“Wow. That is what I want to do!” Sabina said amazed when Ed was by her side. He laughed.

“It does look cool.” He added. “Come, lets drink this and dance!”


It was a magical night indeed, not even spoiled by Domynika being driven home in a police car. She was lucky mum and Andrew weren’t there even though Ed tried to be strict with her which resulted in Dom showing him a finger before heading to her room. Still Sabina couldn’t help but wish for more weekends like this…


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