Round 6 – Bonus Chapter: Wounds

Penelope Belgen was just trough what could have easily be the worst day of her life. She thought things at work might get easier once she switched her specialization from surgery to infectious medicine but she had been terribly wrong.

Today she stood and watched as an infant girl drew her last breath and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it. And then, still under the shock of it all she had to go and find the little girl’s parents. She had to tell them their daughter will never learn to pronounce their names, she would never finish school, never get married, never bring children of her own to this world. Their little girl was dead.


Penelope canceled all her obligations for this evening, including a skype call with Eduard and she couldn’t find the strength to leave the hospital. She was standing in front of the empty office of the hospital administrator wishing Andrew was here. Her mentor would know what to say to her right now, he couldn’t change what happened, and bring the little girl back but he would say something comforting… Or maybe he wouldn’t… The little girl that died was his niece after all, he should probably save his comforting for his brother and his wife….

Penelope sighed. It didn’t matter. Andrew was retired now. He wouldn’t be coming back to his office. The position was vacant currently. Penelope guessed it would probably go to Urte Vivi, she was rather new at the hospital but she was ambitious and praised for her work ethics. Penelope didn’t care either way, hospital politics weren’t her thing…

She headed outside carefully hoping she didn’t ran into the little girl’s parents, if they were still in the hospital. If she saw them just one more time she would probably break down… She didn’t see anyone as she stepped outside to the fresh air. She took a deep breath and slowly headed home. She was lost in her thoughts, and not that far from the hospital when she felt someone grab her from behind.

Now Penelope was a strong girl, she was an athlete back in school and she still did her best to stay in shape, she had even taken a few martial arts lessons some time back but tonight she was just so utterly destroyed mentally and physically that her reflexes were just a little bit too slow and her attacker managed to subdue her, she did however managed to plant one good elbow kick in his or hers rib cage but then just as her anger was reaching its tipping point someone pressed a rag of some kind over her mouth. She tried to fight it but the grip from behind was just too strong and she easily lost her consciousness.


When she came to Penelope found herself in an unknown, dark place, tied to a chair.And she was not alone. It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the weak light, and for her body and mind to make sense of the strange situation she had found herself in.She couldn’t remember what happened and how she came to be here, the last thing she could remember with certainty were the vacant green eyes of a mother whose child had just died.

Penelope closed her eyes and took deep breaths to steady her beating heart but nothing helped. The man in front of her had his back to her for now but the moment he turns she would see his face, the fact her kidnapper would allow it meant she was not leaving this awful place. The realisation that she would die spread in waves of dread all trough Penelope’s body, starting from the pit of her stomach and spreading everywhere.

Surprisingly she thought of the little girl from the hospital, maybe they would be together somewhere in the afterlife, maybe that had been her purpose all along, to be the guardian angel of this girl, that was her name, her full name, Penelope Angela Santoro Belgen. Her thoughts were going wild at this point and she wondered how her parents would react when they got the news, her father might cry, he was a good man,  and Phoibe her sister would probably shed a tear, Andrew and Eduard as well, the two were more a family to her then anyone else. Her mother wouldn’t care… She never did…

Penelope’s rambled thoughts were stopped from going further in that direction because the man stepped forward from the shadows.


“You are awake.” He said. He was naked from the waist up, and there was a bandage or something resembling a bandage, tied over his left arm. His dark pants were covered in something that could have been blood and Penelope felt fear and anger raise up inside her once again. She hoped it was his blood, she hoped he was hurt and that he would give her a chance to hurt him even more… But then he came closer and he recognised the narrow dark blue eyes and the pale face under the reddish-brown hair.

“Bradley?” She said with a gasp. Her own voice sounded strange and her throat was parched. The man smiled weakly.

“Hello Penelope.” His voice was calm and pleasant as if they had ran into each other on the street and they were not alone in some abandoned building and Penelope wasn’t tied to a chair and it hit with a new feeling, hope. Maybe Bradley somehow found her and had fought of her kidnapper.

“Please untie me.” She said hurriedly. They needed to get out of here, there might have been more of these goons that brought her here. “They might still be here.” She said looking around the dark shadowy corners.

“There is no one here, just you and me.” He said equally calm. Penelope took another deep breath but her heart was still hammering.

“They kidnapped me… In front of the hospital…” She said slowly, the details of the attack coming back to her.

“I know.” Bradley said.There was something in his voice that didn’t sit quite right with Penelope. He was just too calm…


“Bradley… Did you bring me here?” She said trying to hide the panic in her voice.

“I did.” He said. “I had some help, but they are gone, it is just us now.” He said again as if that was supposed to calm her. But Penelope was far from calm… It was Bradley Frail, he was the valedictorian of her school, he was married to Dina Caliente’s younger daughter…

“I… I know you…. I know your mother…” She said feeling confused. “I think she and my dad used to date… She always invites me to her house parties…”

“I am not going to hurt you Penelope.” Bradley said shutting her up. “I just need you to do something for me.” Now Penelope was angry. How dare he? He brought her here, against her will, tied her to a chair, and now he wanted something from her? “You see my arm? I have a bulled lodged there. I need you to help me get it out…” When Penelope said nothing he continued. “You are a surgeon are you not?”

“I was a surgical resident. I switched to infectious medicine a few months ago.” Penelope said angrily.

“But you helped Sara? You got her leg fixed up?” Sara was Sara Caliente, Bradley’s sister in law, a cop shot at the line of duty.

“I did. But that doesn’t mean I am going to help you.” Bradley sighed. “They do those things in the hospital you know, you don’t have to kidnap people over it.” She continued. “But then again they ask questions at the hospital don’t they?”


“Yes they do. And that is another part of my request, all that had happened tonight it will have to stay between the two of us. You are not to say a word to anyone.”

“And if I refuse?”

“I don’t want to hurt you Penelope, I really don’t…. But my boss… She is a terrible woman, and she wouldn’t hesitate one bit, and she would probably not stop at that, she might hurt your family as well, and probably even mine for allowing this to happen…” He said in a sad voice and Penelope felt her gut clench. She thought of her father, of her sister Phoibe. Andrew and Eduard might have been safe because they weren’t related by blood but it all depended of who his boss was, and what she knew…

“I will help.” She said softly. “Where is the bullet wound, and what tools do you have at hand? Someone bandaged you up? Did they clean the wound? What kind of bullet it was?”

/* Penelope isn’t one of the main story characters and probably won’t appear in the main story for a while. She did however appear in Raid and Recovery as Sara’s doctor. Bradley however is one of the main characters in the Caliente-Frail story line.This bonus chapter sets some story lines I hope to do next round. I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading, any feedback, good or bad is always welcome 🙂

Since I am way behind on actual game play I might do a few more of these bonus chapters, if I get the time, so not to keep you waiting a month or so for new chapters. I hope you don’t mind. 😀 */

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