Happy New Year!

To all my dear readers I wish you a Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true and may this new year bring you more happiness than any other!

I want to thank you all who have stopped by this blog in this past year. I have really enjoyed writing these stories this year¬†and have also enjoyed reading all your stories so thank you for that as well. ūüôā

I have discovered so many great blogs and amazing stories that I hope to enjoy this new year as well.

I hope to continue writing here, and I hope you all will find something to enjoy. Also this year I have started a new blog: Stories in Clay and I hope to continue with that one in this new year as well.


Some fun stats:

  • This year the most visited post on this blog was the¬†The Versatile Blogger Award¬†I got from the lovely RosemaryMarie¬†thank you RosemaryMarie once again! RosemaryMarie’s blog is one of those I discovered this year, it is a very well written Sims3 legacy story, I am still on Generation 1 and I hope to catch up with it this new year, and I strongly recommend you all to visit and take a look!¬† (on my¬†About page¬†you can find more awards my wonderful¬†followers have awarded me with, each post contains my nominations as well, check them out, they are all awesome blogs!)
  • The most visited character page this year was¬†Dina Caliente¬†most likely because I have base Dina on an EA premade character. In my version of Sunset Valley¬†Dina is currently the oldest living sim, she is rich and accomplished, a former Leader of The Free World (for most updated info you can find Dina on the People’s page) she had recently gotten married (for the second time) and to read about that and more you can visit Dina’s story’s table of contents.¬†(Dina is followed closely by Ebony Brown¬†– my first actual post about the first sim that I moved into my version of Sunset Valley and Cocoa Javeed, Ebony’s daughter who’s introduction¬†post was published recently)
  • The most visited actual story post is a standalone bonus chapter: The SV Crime World.¬†It’s main characters is a sim from Sunset Valley that I plan to introduce at the end of round 6: Eevee Gradle. I won’t spoil anything else for you, so if you like check it out! I have really enjoyed writing this one and I am glad so many people read it. So far I have published only two “bonus posts” both in Round 5. I hope to have some in this current round as well. ūüôā
  • The most visited table of contents page was the¬†Caliente-Frail TOC Page.¬†Following that link will take you to a page with all the stories published for that family. Summer and Bradley are a married couple that lives in Summer’s deceased mum’s luxurious house. Summer is very devoted and passionate about her job which is maybe why she had missed the fact her husband is a criminal! The truth however is that Bradley really isn’t a bad person just easily impressed he fell in some very dangerous waters he can’t easily get out off… Their son Silvester is a sweet little boy who enjoys writing. He had just started school and is making friends of his own.
  • In this year I have had 1361 views (which is more than double the number of visits from last year), 361 visitor and 561 like! There had been a lot of visitors from all around the world, most of them are from the USA, South Africa is in the second place followed by the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Croatia, Finland, Guatemala, Poland and many more)! Thank you all from wherever you are. ūüôā

Once more thank you for reading! Have a great 2017 everyone!