Round 6 – Bonus chapter: Fresh blood

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When Sara was finally back to work in full force after the shooting she also received a promotion. It didn’t really come as a surprise, the Sunset Valley Police Department was more understaffed than ever, her mentor Jesse had been killed and both his niece, lieutenant Gradle and Sara’s fiancé’s mum, Alyssa Prentiss had retired. And so now she was lieutenant Caliente.


It was exciting to think that once, not so long ago, she was just a desk jockey down in the forensics department and now she was up here, in her own office… A strong knock on the door interrupted her running thoughts.

“Come in.” She said trying to sound authoritative and commanding. She even straightened a bit in her, not so comfortable desk chair. The door of her very own office opened and a familiar face and strong frame of the chief of the station’s forensics department, the country’s leading forensics specialist, Frédéric Jr. Hoves appeared-

Sara stood up quickly out of respect for the older man and remained standing until he sat himself in a chair opposite her desk. He didn’t waste any time looking around but focused his light green eyes on her before speaking.

“Morning lieutenant. Are you busy?” He asked. It felt odd hearing him use the title and Sara shifted nervously in her seat.


“Not particularly.” Sara said honestly. Sunset Valley was void of crime in the most part, there was an occasional burglary,like the recent one in Phoibe Santoro’s house. It wasn’t the first time she was targeted, it probably had to do with her living alone in a big house all in glass, giving everyone a good look of her lavish belongings. At least now she had enough good sense to get an alarm like everyone else in town and the perpetrator was successfully apprehended.

Of course there were always speculations of a crime organization existing and operating out of their small town but weather those speculations were true or not remained to be proved, and after recent event there weren’t much people at the stations disposal to launch any official investigation into such matters.

“There are two new employees coming in on Monday.” Mr Hoves said leaning closer over Sara’s desk.

“Locals?” She asked and the man nodded.

” Fresh from the academy.” He added. “Both are very young, the girl graduated from college, she studied psychology I think. Vanessa Mayor.” He read from a piece of paper that he procured from his pocket. “The boy is a college dropout but he had graduated the academy the top of his class. Everyone there agrees he has what it takes. He is also the son of our State Representative, Mikhail Kerry’s his name. I’ll email you their files I just wanted you to know they’ll both be placed here, in your department.” Sara nodded. She did need new manpower and she had to hope those kids would fit in quickly because their new job was dangerous and unforgiving she thought remembering a flash of pain as a bullet struck her leg.


“And how are you?” Sara felt awkward under a warm but observant gaze of the man in front of her. He reminded her so much of his uncle, Sara’s mentor who died the same day she got shot. She touched her leg absently.

“I am fine.” She said and smiled. “Keeping myself busy.”

“Good, I am glad to hear it. It is never easy loosing a partner, especially the way it happened to you… ” Sara’s smile disappeared as he remembered that forsaken warehouse.  Not a day went by that she didn’t think about it… “Well anyway, I have to go back to work, I won’t forget those files…” He added quickly probably noticing the change in her face. Sara nodded before walking him out.Lieutenant Caliente…. It still sounded so odd.

/* This short little chapter happens between Caliente (Dina) and Caliente-Frail story lines from last round. So when Mikha’il appears in Trying to get back to normal he is already a police employee, as Shannon Simsfan correctly guessed. 🙂 I planned to do this as a flashback next round but I think it will fit better here. Thanks for reading. 🙂 */



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