Browns – 7.2: Piggy

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Getting up before his wife on a Sunday morning, or any morning, was a rare occurrence for Harry Prentiss. So when that Sunday he managed it he hurried to get up without waking her, made two caramel non-fat cappuccinos, sliced up two bananas, put it all on a tray and carried it to the bedroom.

He hoped to surprise his wife and have her start the day in a good mood. He knew Rhaenys had a stressful week, just the other day her boss, the aspiring young politician Laquita Hoves, asked her if she should fire a member of her staff. Rhaenys fought her coworkers case and Laquita agreed to keep her on, and even awarded Rhae with a raise for her honesty. Still Harry knew his wife had at least one sleepless night over the whole ordeal.

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Brown – 7.1: Children

 Table of Contents

Harry found his children waiting for him on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store. They seemed lost in conversation, or rather it was his daughter Vaela speaking enthusiastically and Aenar, the good brother he was was, patiently listening. It made Harry smile. His children were growing up so fast it seemed.  Vaela was already in school and Aenar would soon be a teenager. It was crazy how quickly time went by.


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Donovan Alto

Donivan, or Donnie as he is called by those closest to him is the oldest son of Holly Alto. He and his sister Shawanda were born shortly after their mother ended her relationship with Mortimer Goth. She claims Mortimer is not their father but they have never met the man that sired them.

In high school he worked at the local spa and shortly after graduating he opened his own daycare. He met Hazel in high school and they had been together ever since. They broke up one time after Donnie didn’t show up at their own wedding.  Some time later he apologized to Hazel and they did get married, with no fuss at the City Hall.

Donovan moved in with Hazel and his brother Harry after the wedding. He opened his second daycare right next to their home.

Donnie likes sports, and also music and painting. He is close to his family, and very protective of his sister Shawanda and his other two younger sisters Lacey and Tami.

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Sunset Valley – Round 7

Round 6 is now officially behind us and it is time to start over (finally). Firstly I would like to thank all of you who stopped by in the last 7-8 months (and before of course :D) and left a comment or a like, I really appreciate the feedback, I hope you enjoyed the stories from Sunset Valley and will continue to drop by for this round and any other that may come after it. 🙂 As always any feedback, suggestions, criticism, all is welcome!

We will start off with new things at the blog this round and than move on to recap. This round I have finished TOC pages for each family, I have added the new static homepage which I try to update with recent post recap and updates for the future. I have also added the people’s page and the families page. The people’s page has the pictures and images with a short character summary of all the sims appearing in stories, there is a section for the deceased sims that have appeared as well. The families page has a list of all appearing families, link to their TOC page and also a short summary of the current status of the family.

And now I will add a short recap of all mayor events from round 6 followed with what to expect in the new round.


I will start with the sad stuff. Last round we lost Jesse Hoves. Jesse was CAS made and moved into town with his brother Freddie (dead before I put the story up on this blog) and his two kids Junior and Mya. Jesse was a big ladies man who married only once but he had five kids with four different women. He was a policeman until his death. He was killed on duty by Susannah Ramsay, in front of his partner Sara Caliente.


Many chapters from last round dealt with Jesse’s death, one way or another, Sara’s chapter Raid and Recovery show the events of his death from her POV while Blood on Bradley’s hands shows the same events from the other side. RIP Jesse Hoves.



Dougie and Lysa Hoves got married just last round and now they are expecting their first child!


I have already seen the baby in game but I believe I haven’t mentioned it any story posts so I’ll leave the baby’s gender and name as a surprise for now!

New babies

At the end of the Prentiss family story we learn Rita is pregnant! However we do get to see her daughters in other stories so here they are in one place, meet twin sisters Dalma and Traci Prentiss.

Rita and Tomas Prentiss are happily married and have four teenage daughters already.

Starting school

Both Vaela Prentiss and Haley Hoves start school.


Puberty kicks in

Kerry Hoves ages up in a teen and starts high school, his first prom he is crowned prom king alongside his older sister Frederica!


High school graduations

Latricia Caliente, Irene Hoves and Vanessa Mayor all graduate high school. Latricia goes to the conservatory to study music (following in the footsteps of both her parents who reached the top of their music careers), Irene runs away from home the day she learns about the death of her father (Jesse Hoves) and reappears in town years later as if nothing had happened. Vanessa also goes to university to study psychology.

New jobs

There were plenty of new jobs and career changes this round. Rhaenys Targeryen starts working for councilwoman Tori Jackson, the first step of her journey to Leader of The Free World. Donovan Alto reopens his daycare. The troublesome Nandini Prentiss starts working part time at the local bookstore. Hannah Prentiss pulls all her strings to get a job at the hospital. Irene Hoves gets a job at the Science Lab, working as Tomas Prenitss’ lab assistant, Justine Hooks-Caliente gets a beach bar from her new wife and Summer Caliente-Frail becomes a partner at the spa. Branden Caliente also starts a part time job at the grocery store. Laquita Hoves runs for City Council (and wins) while Dougie Hoved decides to try his luck as a self employed inventor.

New romances

Love is in the air this round, especially at the local high school! Nandini Prentiss gets together with Branden Caliente but she also shares a kiss with Aenys Prentiss, this leads to some tension developing between the boys that results in Aenys looking to Frederica Hoves for comfort. Frederica’s brother Kerry also has a new girlfriend, the slightly unstable Tami Alto. Tami’s sister Lacey gets together with Delores Prentiss but this relationship is still hidden from prying eyes even though two girls attend Nala Caliente’s memorial concert together.

In the adult world, or in this case elder world, both Nina Caliente and Jill Mayor start a relationship with Aegon Targeryen.


There were two wedding this round. The first one, the wedding of Dina Caliente and Justine Hooks was a pretty big affair. Even though this is Dina’s second marriage she was once the Leader of the Free World and is still a five star celebrity, Dina always goes big!


Zeke and Marty Mayor had a private wedding, only the two of them and Marty’s family at Marty’s grandfather’s home at sunset. With Marty being a loner this did seem like the best option for the happy couple which had been together since their teen years.



I think that is about it as recap goes.It had been an interesting round to write, I’m more happy with some chapters than others but overall it had been fun both playing and writing each and every one of them.

As for round 7 I plan to introduce a few new sims, like Donovan Alto (he has been around for two rounds now but I always forget to add his post, I hope I won’t do the same this round :D) , Marty Mayor (nee Gradle) who will be living with Zeke, Vanessa and Jill from this round, and Justine Hooks who starts her new life with Dina Caliente.

Latricia Caliente will also get a new house and a new story of her own this round! And of course so will a new character, Eevee Gradle.

There will be new romances and attempts of such, but there will sadly be some darker events as well. Death is lingering around Sunset Valley… But I still hope you’ll like the stories I have to tell! Not all is of course planned out, we will have to see what the game will throw our way. 🙂

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting. I am glad you liked my stories and really hope you’ll come back for more 🙂

There were also four bonus chapters this round whose events I haven’t included in this summary (mostly because I wrote this a few months ago).  

The first one of those, Wounds deals with some darker events, it sets up some things for future plot lines and also hints at a child’s death. The second one Camping Trip hints at a potential new romance for Kerry Hoves. Fresh Blood is the shortest chapter that is also used mostly to set up the story for next round and a New Opportunity gives us a first look at Latricia Caliente’s new house and also includes a career change for Hazel Brown.