Browns – 7.2: Piggy

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Getting up before his wife on a Sunday morning, or any morning, was a rare occurrence for Harry Prentiss. So when that Sunday he managed it he hurried to get up without waking her, made two caramel non-fat cappuccinos, sliced up two bananas, put it all on a tray and carried it to the bedroom.

He hoped to surprise his wife and have her start the day in a good mood. He knew Rhaenys had a stressful week, just the other day her boss, the aspiring young politician Laquita Hoves, asked her if she should fire a member of her staff. Rhaenys fought her coworkers case and Laquita agreed to keep her on, and even awarded Rhae with a raise for her honesty. Still Harry knew his wife had at least one sleepless night over the whole ordeal.

He also hoped she would award him for his efforts, before their children got up and started running around the place.

“Is that coffee I smell?” Rhaenys asked sleepily from beneath the covers.

“Mhm.” Harry muttered putting the tray on the nightstand and turning just in time to see his wife’s beautiful violet eyes open and look at him. They both smiled at each other and Harry was reminded once again how lucky he was that he got to marry this remarkable woman.

Just like he had imagined they had breakfast in bed and as his wife was about to thank him, slowly untying his robe his phone rang. Harry frowned ready to let it ring bur Rhaenys urged him to answer it before it woke the kids up. So he lazily got up reaching for the phone.


“Harry Prentiss speaking.”

“Morning Harry, hope I didn’t wake you up.” A female voice spoke on the other end. “It is Summer.” Summer Caliente-Frail was Harry’s crush back in high school, he went after her older sister Sara first but once she got together with his cousin Jerod Harry set his sights on the younger Summer. The infatuation didn’t last long, and it hadn’t really been realized in any way. Harry was lucky enough to meet Rhae and forget all about Summer. Now their boys were in the same class and were best friends so they were seeing each other from time to time, on play dates and parent-teacher conferences.

“Morning Summer. No no, you didn’t wake me up.” He said and turned to his wife, waiting patiently at the bed. He was hoping to wrap this up very soon.

“Good, good. Look our dog gave birth a few weeks ago and we have three adorable puppies now, naturally Silvester wants to keep them all but it is just too much for us to handle… So do Aenar and Vaela want a dog? And more importantly do you and Rhaenys want a dog?”

Screenshot_17.jpgHarry couldn’t help but smile as he made arrangements to visit the Caliente-Frail family later that day. He had been looking for a present for Aenar for weeks now. Sure his son loved toys and games now but this was a big birthday, he would be a teenager now. A puppy was a perfect present!

Rhaenys agreed and so later that day they left the children with their uncles and went to Summer’s house. She and her husband lived in a big house left to her by her late mother, the famous composer Nala Caliente. It surprised Harry to see her husband Bradley was there, he knew he had some job at the city, working for some security firm or something like that, he was hardly ever around when Harry brought Aenar over.


The four of them sat down together at the Caliente-Frail’s large sitting room. Summer brought out coffee and homemade cookies apparently Bradley made and they sat and talked about their children, them growing up, school , life, politics, recent Llama games. Their hosts even showed them the hot tub they had right in their spacious bedroom.

“You can try it if you like.” Summer said. “I’ll go and fetch the puppies. I am so glad you decided to take one, I think it would be easier for Silvester to know one of them went to his best friend.”

As soon as Summer was out of the room Harry started stripping.

“What on Earth are you doing?” Rhaenys asked appalled.

“I want to try this hot tub out.” Harry said. “I can’t do that clothed, well I can but then I would have to head home in wet clothes and that isn’t a good idea, especially for this part of the year.” Rhaenys frowned not amused for a second.

“Harry I think that is highly inappropriate. Please stop.”

“Why?” Harry asked jumping into the warm bubbly water. “This feels so good. Join me.”

Screenshot_19.jpg“Get out before Summer comes back. I beg of you.” His wife continued. Harry sighed loudly.

“But this feels great….” He closed his eyes for a second relaxing completely before he hoisted himself up and put on his glasses proceeding to gather and put on the rest of his clothes. “You could have joined me you know, we could have finished what we started this morning.” He said casting a look toward his wife.

“But we did finish it.” Rhaenys said leaning closer a flirty smile on her lips.

“Yes, but we were quick and quiet, not to wake the kids. Here we could take our time…” His wife laughed.

“Yes, it is a perfect setting, woohoo in the tub of someone else’s house… You really do surprise me sometimes Harry Prentiss.” Harry just shrugged.

“I just tend to forget the world when I am around you.” His wife smiled again leaning closer, her violet eyes sparkling. Right then the door opened and she straightened up hurriedly.

“Here they are!”  Summer said loudly. “This gray one, this is Cashew. He is the only boy. And this two ladies, Silvester calls them both Piggy. ” She laughed. “You can call them whatever you like if you choose one of them.”

It wasn’t an easy choice, all three little things were just too adorable but Harry and Rhaenys settled on the black and white female one.


Harry wanted to show him to the kids immediately but Rhaenys insisted he doesn’t do it so close to their bedtime because they would never get them to go to sleep once they see the cute little thing so Harry hid Piggy, and all the stuff they bought for her,  in Donnie’s daycare, but not before he got to spend some quality time with her.

The next morning Harry got up after everyone else. Aenar was in the living room having a bowl of cereals and Vaela was helping her mother prepare waffles in the kitchen.

“Morning guys!” Harry exclaimed loudly making everyone turn to him. Vaela run to him to give him a good morning kiss, Aenar said good morning without getting away from his breakfast and Rahenys gave him a questioning glance. Harry nodded her way and she smiled.

“Well kids me and your mum have a little surprise for you. We have gotten Aenar an early present, but I am sure you both are going to enjoy it.”

“What is it?” Vaela asked quickly.

“Come outside and see.” Harry said moving away from the open door that led to the small closed backyard. Vaela sprinted beside him and Aenar dropped his cereal bowl next to the sink first. When he heard his sister’s delighted squeal from outside he broke into a run as well.


Piggy was outside eating from a bowl of dog treats, leaned dangerously over the edge, both her head and her front paws in the bowl. She completely ignored the two kids standing around and watching her.

“Is he really ours?” “What is his name?” “Can we play with him?” His kids blurted one question after another so fast Harry didn’t have time to respond.

“Yes, she is all yours now. Her name is Piggy. And of course you can play with her, just make it short for now, be careful not to hurt her and wash your hands afterwards, waffles would be ready soon.” Harry said with a warm smile watching his kids meet their newest family member.

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