Prentiss – 7.3: The Lost Twin I

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Maja Prentiss tossed and turned in her bed. Sleep would just not come. It wasn’t anything new, for the past few months more and more nights were like this. She sighed. What disturbed her most was the silence of her room. She knew she would never get used to that. Her whole life she had shared a room with her sister, from their time in their mothers womb to that terrible day that would never leave Maja’s thoughts…

She looked over to Lena’s empty bed. Her pink covers were pulled back and unmade, just as she had left them the last morning of her life. Maja could never bring herself to make the bed, or take them off. She knew Della would freak out and do it one day but not even Della was herself these days. It would take time before everything gets to normal, if it ever does…

It was strange to think about what kept Maja up at nights before. Before everything had gone wrong and she was left incomplete. Before he sister was dead. Gone forever from this world. Back then, in those ancient and oh so distant times there was a boy. The boy’s name was Brenton Frail and he had been Lena’s boyfriend. They had been together for years, ever since their first school dance and he was close with the whole Prentiss family, maybe not to Nan but that was not so important for the story anyway…


One day Brenton came over to see Lena but she was out, on a guitar class if Maja remembered correctly and since she didn’t want to just send Brent away after he had came all this way it was her who hung out with him. They just talked, about school, and music and movies and just stuff. And it had been nice, nicer then either had expected it to be Maja had guessed and they ended it agreeing they should hang out more, as friends.

And so one day Brenton called and asked Maja to go with him to this dance club in town. The place was out of bounds for teenagers so Maja never went there, apart from the occasional prank she liked to pull when she was younger Maja had considered herself a rule abiding girl. But there was something attractive about being rebelious, if only for that night. And so they went, and they drank and they danced. And then there was a moment… An ever fleeting instant when Maja looked trough her drunken haze into Brent’s glowing eyes and realized how cute he really was and for a moment it seemed as if their lips would meet… Something interrupted them however and nothing happened. The police got them as they exited the club, Maja’s parents were pissed, she was grounded for most of the winter break but the worst feeling was the guilt she felt the next day when she sobered up and realized how badly she could have messed up…

And so for months she looked for a perfect way to tell all this to her sister. To get it off her chest, plead forgiveness for what could have almost been and hope it wouldn’t mess up anything between them. But she never got the courage to tell it aloud and now she never could. She would never tell anything to her sister again. She would never see her again, hear her voice…

Suddenly Maja couldn’t take it anymore and she jumped out of bed. She needed to get away from her room and when she did she realized she had nowhere to go. Every room in this house reminded her of her sister.

There was the living room where the two of them had played chess when they were younger, were they had played video games, the kitchen where Lena used to annoy her when she cooked, albeit she called it helping, the dinning room where she used to eat, the study where she wrote her silly science fiction stories and practiced her guitar. And there was the backyard where she used to paint on those easels their father had bought them for their fifth birthday. One of her unfinished paintings still hung there, just like her sheets no one had the heart to take it off…

Everything in the damned house screamed Lena and Maja couldn’t take it. She missed her sister so badly she couldn’t even breathe. She dragged herself to the nursery in the end, the first room she and her sister had shared but it had been so long since then she thought she might feel her sister less in here.


Little Tracy, Maja’s youngest sister slept there. It was her room now. Maja leaned over her crib and watched her. She slept so peacefully, one little hand stretched over her tiny chest. She was so small, and so sweet but looking over her Maja couldn’t help but wonder how long her peace would last? She wondered if she would grow up feeling a piece of her was missing like Maja did now. Tracy also lost a twin, a twin she might not even remembered but still… Such pain was so big one had to feel it…. Tears were streaming down her face now but Maja couldn’t really bother… Not any more… Tears were all she had left now…

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