Hoves – 7.2 : Retirement

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Taking that first cold sip of alcohol after a hard and boring day at home was the best damned feeling an elder man could have. Or at least that was how Junior Hoves felt. And so he closed his eyes and let the cold Starry Sea settle inside his stomach. He didn’t care the drink was purplish, he didn’t care what was in it. He knew it was alcoholic and it would give him a buzz and that is what mattered.


He was one of the very few customers in the Vampire Bar in town. The place was empty, and silent save for the sound of classical music coming from a piano in the corner, or as his step mother used to say, the place was as hot as Connor Frio with a bad case of hypothermia.

Junior didn’t mind. It wasn’t like he had come there to socialize. He came to drink. They ad a promotion of this new beverage called Starry Sea and he took the opportunity to try it, if not he would probably have a beer, in any case he would be drinking.

He hung around a bit, watching and listening to the pianist in the corner and dawning one drink after another. What else was there to do? After a lifetime of working as the prime forensic specialist in the region he was finally forced to step down and retire. He knew he should be glad, he had left his mark in the field, and gotten many bad guys from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook incarcerated. He had a beautiful wife he still loved very much and four children growing up faster than he would think possible. And he was still healthy and fit. He ran the Sunset Valley marathon every year.


And yet without his job he felt empty. He would get up every morning, have coffee on the balcony and then his wife would come up bringing him a plate of fresh pancakes or some other breakfast food. He would eat and go for a run. On afternoons he would go for a swim in his own pool and then watch TV with his children. On weekends he would entertain parents who brought their children for a play date with one of his younger children.

Some days he would practice playing the drums. He planned to start a band, he had even began recruiting Visenya Targeryen, Riam Gradle’s widow to play with him. Their children were friends and she would often come over to his house, and they had space in the garage for at least two to practice.

It wasn’t as if he had nothing to do but yet it was all devoid of any real meaning, or so he felt.

Hannah, his lovely wife he still loved so much always told him he just had to take some time to get used to having all this free time. And although Junior respected her input he knew that in this the wonderful mother of his children had been completely wrong. It wasn’t as if he was a workaholic who suddenly found himself away from his favorite drug and was going trough withdrawal.

What Junior found most likely is that what made his retirement the hardest was the sense of leaving things unfinished, he had solved many cases, he had put many bad guys in prison but he never did catch the person responsible for the murder of his uncle Jesse. He never proved that there was an active criminal organization operating right from his small town. And he never put an end to it. And now he never will. Now he was just an old man who drank alone at empty bars.

And Junior could not accept this. That is why he engaged in something that was unlike him, and what he stood for, he bend a rules a bit by working together with a young patrol officer that had joined the force shortly before Junior was asked to step down. Mikh’ail ran some of Junior clues and reported to him once every two weeks, on his free time, mostly when he was supposed to be taking his little brother for a walk.


It was the one thing that had kept Junior from slipping too deep into the glass. This hope that justice would be served and his little town would be freed from crime. If not by him directly than by the younger cops in the department.

But no matter how much we want some things they don’t come true. Junior Hoves wouldn’t be the one to stop crime in Sunset Valley, not himself, not by proxy, at least not until at least one more murder occurs. And sadly that murder won’t be the only crime committed in the small town of Sunset Valley but once again Junior Hoves had no idea, sometimes it is hardest for one to see what was happening directly under his nose. No matter how good a cop, how renowned a specialist Junior Hoves was he had no idea his own daughter, his eldest, named after him and his father before him was selling pills to high school kids.

Bad people lived everywhere. Bad things happened everywhere. And one man alone could never have stopped them. So maybe Junior Hoves should have enjoyed his retirement because in the very near future he would be called to work again weather he wanted it or not…

/* This is a bit shorter chapter which sorts of sets up some things that will happen in some other stories, mostly in Caliente (Dina) story line this round. The death of Jesse Hoves, Junior’s uncle was one of the main stories in last round chapters, mostly in Raid and Recovery and Blood on Bradley’s hands. Thank you all for reading!  

And aslo today is my second anniversary here at wordpress! */

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