Rosie’s Emails – 5

Dear Tricia,

You were robbed?? I can hardly believe it. And they say cities are dangerous… By the looks of things we in Bridgeport have it good. My building has great security, and I am so up high here no one can just break my window and sneak in… Well mum is right, you should get an alarm or something, it sounds pretty scary what happened. Luckily it is just your TV and some broken glass… I hope lieutenant Sara will fix all that. It is so hard for me to believe it… Our cousin a police officer, who would have thought seeing us grow up, she a policewoman, me a PI… Strange times. Strange things.

As for what is been going on in my life… Well don’t tell mum, or anyone… I fainted in the street the other day. I was with Lola we were talking and then BAM! I woke up on the street holding my head, my whole back aching and Lola staring at me panicking. Not a nice experience I must say…

She helped me up, we got to the ER the doctors checked me up and they called this morning with the results…. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement. 


It turns out it is just my vampirisim acting up. I had spent too much time in the sun. They warned me time and time again how dangerous this can be…. Doctors here have much more experience with vampires so I am sure they can patch me up! Don’t worry. All is well.




Hi Latricia,

Yes I am listening to the doctors. Don’t worry… I stay indoors. Lola comes over. She was very concerned after what happened but it sometimes annoys me how she coddles me like a fragile little flower or a little child. Then I remember how she is still recovering from her loss and I feel bad… 


I am not such a good friend am I? You know more then most how selfish I can be… I am trying to change though… Be better. After our last fight I called Lola over, I made dinner, well mac and cheese but that is something right? At least I didn’t burn them, they were edible I promise…

Small steps right? Dinner might help things between me and Lola but I hope one day I will find a way to repay you and mum and Bran and Sara and everyone…. I promise!


Your sorry sister Rosie

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