Calinte – 7.1: Lunch with Dina

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Nina Caliente is a retired musician, living alone with her youngest son Brandon Caliente. She has two daughters, the oldest Rosie lives in Bridgeport while Latrica had just moved out. Nina bough her a house and plans for her to have a music career just like she did but recently Latricia had taken her future in her own hands doing something her mother did not expect…

“Latricia is engaged.” Nina Caliente said watching one of her older sister’s perfectly trimmed eyebrows shoot upwards. The two of them were seated at the bistro downtown on of their weekly lunches. It was a tradition for them ever since they both retired and settled down a bit from their previous busy schedules.

“Engaged to whom?” Her sister asked.

“That Kerry boy, the one she had been dating in school.” Nina answered taking a sip of wine.

“Oh? He works for Sarah you know.” Her sister said in reply and Nina just nodded. The truth was both Dina’s oldest daughter and Nina’s daughter’s fiancee worked for the SVPD. They were both public servants but she didn’t want to make that distinction at the moment. She knew her sister wouldn’t appreciate being reminded of the fact. When she said nothing more her sister asked: “And how do you feel about it?”

Before replying Nina took another sip of wine, a more generous one this time. Truth was she didn’t approve. And not because the boy was a policeman or anything like that. Nina didn’t approve of marriage in general, and her daughter was so young… What did she really know about life? Nina planned for her to have a music career, she was talented and pretty. Marriage and kids could ruin all that… Nina herself had never been married and she had a great life. She came close once, with her oldest daughter’s father Dave, they even lived together for a time, big mistake. Yet back then she was young and stupid too… And she could not share any of this with her older sister who had just tied the knot, for the second time with a young waitress or whatever it was Justine did….


“I wish her all the best.” She said once she had lowered her glass. Dina smiled in amusement. Her older sister could always read people well, you learn that in politics Nina guessed.

“Engagements don’t have to mean anything….” She said dismissively. “You were engaged yourself once…. And my Sara and that boy of hers haven’t gotten married yet and you know how long it had been since he proposed….”

“I guess marriage is not for everyone.” Nina said hoping to switch the ball in her sister’s court. “How is your lovely bride doing?” Dina smiled a bright smile people usually do when they talk about the ones they love, or at the very least enjoy sharing a bed with. Nina herself wasn’t sure if she even believed in what people passed on as love….

“Justine is fine. I bought her a bar to keep her busy once we got from honeymoon… She had been very grateful. What about you sister, are you seeing anyone?”

“Just two guys.” Nina replied. “Abdul is young, he used to be my maid before I sacked him for not doing any cleaning on account of spending all day in my bed. Aegon is close to sealing the deal with wife number two so it is just a fling between us… I call him up whenever I am feeling bored or in want of a deeper conversation…”

“That doesn’t get boring? Even in your life stage?” Dina asked couriously.

“Why would it?” Nina asked defensivily. “They are both fun, easy on the eyes, and the sex is good.”

“Well surely you want something more, at times at least?” Nina snorted.

“What more is there? Life is too short to chase after imagined things… ” She didn’t want to say it. She didn’t want to offend her recently married, love-sick sister… Yet she couldn’t help it. “You would sooner see a unicorn then find ‘true love’.” When her sister said nothing Nina just went on. “You just married for the second time. Your first marriage fell apart because you slept with someone else. Please don’t tell me you believe in ‘the one’…” Her sister just looked away and when she turned back there was something in her eyes, something Nina didn’t see there ever before, a kind of sorrow and vulnerability so disconnected from how she perceived her older sister.

“I am not sure what I believe in. ” She said quietly. “Feeling are tricky I guess… And as we grow old our memories play tricks on us… ” She sighed looking out in the distance again. Once she turned back her face had resumed its usual coldness.

“Enough on that, there is something I wanted to ask you. How is money? If you are having any troubles surely you know you can always ask for a loan…”

“A loan? Where is that coming from?” Nina asked surprised.

“I hear rumors that you are in debt… You are working on something with the school and I also saw your nudes in a magazine….” At this Nina actually laughed.


“Come on sister, you actually believe in rumors in this city? I am working with the school, I am helping the Simlish teacher with a musical, she wrote a story adaptation and I am helping with the music, it is called giving back to the community… As for the nudes anyone could get a hold of those, they don’t even have to try very hard. Once I stop stripping it would mean my body had gone too saggy, now that would be a disaster.”

“Well I needed to check.” Dina replied in defense. “What kind of a sister would I be if I didn’t?”

“Not a fine older sister I suppose.” Nina said gladly accenting the ‘older’. “The royalty check still keep coming, I did spend a lot on Latricia’s new house but  I’ll have it covered in less than a year.”

“Fine then, I guess you wouldn’t mind taking the check?” Dina said pushing it towards her sister. Their eyes met and they both smiled.




Caliente – Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree

After Nina’s two older daughters Rosie and Latricia left home it is just her and her teenage son Branden, Bran and her living together. Nina is a mostly retired musician and composer who even in her elder days loves to party and go out with guys, both younger and older, she makes no difference.

Her son Branden is  a quiet and good boy especially close to his older sister Latricia. He is an honor roll student who also works part time at the local supermarket. He is desperately in love with Nan Prentiss and although they are officially dating now their relationship is not the most solid one.

Table of Contents

Following the link above you can find all the previously published stories about Nina and Bran also featuring both Rosie and Latricia.

Last Round

All three of the last round chapters were told from Bran’s POV and focused on his troubled relationship with his girlfriend Nan. We learn that even though she and Bran were dating Nan went to the spring dance with Aenys Targeryen. On the end of the year dance she does however go with Bran but when he catches them talking jealousy takes the best of both of the boys and they get into a fight. Nan decides to stop talking to Bran and it takes the whole summer and the intervention of her older sister Maja, Aenys’ best friend for things to go back to normal between them…. On top of everything Bran’s mother’s newest fling is Aegon Targeryen, Aenys’ father….

This Round

This round I plan to focus more on Nina and her still very turbulent life. First chapter we would get to see her reaction to her younger daughter Latricia’s engagement and it would also feature an appearance by her sister Dina. The second chapter would focus on her relationship with her son Branden and after that I figure we would touch on Nina’s always complicated love life.

Happy New Year!

To all my dear readers and followers I wish you all a very happy New Year! May all your wishes come true and may you have an even better year than the one behind us.

This year had been a very busy one in my private life, I started a new job and bought my first apartment which are all big and positive things but they also bring a bunch of new obligations that might have prevented me from writing and playing the sims as much as I wanted and hoped to do. I am also very much behind on most of your stories, I am at best a month behind but well I will catch up someday I promise…

Still I hope you have found something worthy and interesting on here, and maybe on my other blog Stories in Clay which I try to update at least a bit more regularly than this one.  For all of you who did I want to say thank you! I appreciate every one of your likes and comments and hope to receive more in the future!


As for this years stats it was not a better year than 2016, which is probably because of a smaller number of new posts, something I really aim to fix in 2018.

The most visited post was: The Grieving Husband which was the fifth and final post of the Prentiss story for the seventh round. The Prentiss story line for this round was my favorite to write for this last round since it dealt with some heavier subjects like loss, sorrow, death but also ended on a note of optimism and hope for a new love.


It all started with an unplanned meteor strike that killed a bunch of my sims and it really hit me hard as a player as well since like most of us, I assume, I get really attached to all my sims and it is hard to see them go, especially “before their time”. I was really at the crossroads there but I chose to save the game and keep in the story which is what shaped the Prentiss story the most since Rita Prentiss and her teenage daughter Lena were among the dead. From there the whole story of how that big and closely knit family is battling to deal with everything and stay together evolved…  You can find that story and all the Prentiss stories here.


What I have planned for this year?

Well for this blog I have not planned very much ahead, or started writing anything yet… I hope to do so in the days to come, my main goal is to write more, and publish stories closer together than last year.

First up will be a Caliente story most likely told from Nina’s POV. It will start with a lunch and a gossip party between two sisters, Dina and Nina Caliente. What will grow from there? Not even I know. 😀


Next up is a Caliente (Dina) story whose outline I have pretty much planned out in my head, it would be a detective story told from the POV of Sara Caliente, Dina’s oldest daughter, it would also touch a bit on the meteor strike and touch upon some events from the previous round, mainly from the bonus chapter Wounds. I am really excited to write that one and I hope it will turn up well and at least some of you will like it. 😀

As for  Stories in Clay my goal is to go back to publishing a chapter a week. There I have played very much ahead at least so all that is left is to write and grab an occasional screenshot. I can promise that a lot of things will happen to the Clay boys and it shouldn’t be boring…

I hope you are enjoying all of my stories, or at least some of them, if you have any suggestions, criticism or overall comments I would like very much to hear them!

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