Happy New Year!

To all my dear readers and followers I wish you all a very happy New Year! May all your wishes come true and may you have an even better year than the one behind us.

This year had been a very busy one in my private life, I started a new job and bought my first apartment which are all big and positive things but they also bring a bunch of new obligations that might have prevented me from writing and playing the sims as much as I wanted and hoped to do. I am also very much behind on most of your stories, I am at best a month behind but well I will catch up someday I promise…

Still I hope you have found something worthy and interesting on here, and maybe on my other blog Stories in Clay which I try to update at least a bit more regularly than this one.  For all of you who did I want to say thank you! I appreciate every one of your likes and comments and hope to receive more in the future!


As for this years stats it was not a better year than 2016, which is probably because of a smaller number of new posts, something I really aim to fix in 2018.

The most visited post was: The Grieving Husband which was the fifth and final post of the Prentiss story for the seventh round. The Prentiss story line for this round was my favorite to write for this last round since it dealt with some heavier subjects like loss, sorrow, death but also ended on a note of optimism and hope for a new love.


It all started with an unplanned meteor strike that killed a bunch of my sims and it really hit me hard as a player as well since like most of us, I assume, I get really attached to all my sims and it is hard to see them go, especially “before their time”. I was really at the crossroads there but I chose to save the game and keep in the story which is what shaped the Prentiss story the most since Rita Prentiss and her teenage daughter Lena were among the dead. From there the whole story of how that big and closely knit family is battling to deal with everything and stay together evolved…  You can find that story and all the Prentiss stories here.


What I have planned for this year?

Well for this blog I have not planned very much ahead, or started writing anything yet… I hope to do so in the days to come, my main goal is to write more, and publish stories closer together than last year.

First up will be a Caliente story most likely told from Nina’s POV. It will start with a lunch and a gossip party between two sisters, Dina and Nina Caliente. What will grow from there? Not even I know. 😀


Next up is a Caliente (Dina) story whose outline I have pretty much planned out in my head, it would be a detective story told from the POV of Sara Caliente, Dina’s oldest daughter, it would also touch a bit on the meteor strike and touch upon some events from the previous round, mainly from the bonus chapter Wounds. I am really excited to write that one and I hope it will turn up well and at least some of you will like it. 😀

As for  Stories in Clay my goal is to go back to publishing a chapter a week. There I have played very much ahead at least so all that is left is to write and grab an occasional screenshot. I can promise that a lot of things will happen to the Clay boys and it shouldn’t be boring…

I hope you are enjoying all of my stories, or at least some of them, if you have any suggestions, criticism or overall comments I would like very much to hear them!

Once more thank you for reading! Have a great 2018 everyone!

/*Also turns out that this is my 200 post. So yay, another thing to celebrate!! */

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Congratulations on the new job and the apartment, and happy new year! I love Stories of Clay so much ❤ But I should really catch up on your other stories too… the Caliente sisters? Yes please!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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