Caliente – Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree

After Nina’s two older daughters Rosie and Latricia left home it is just her and her teenage son Branden, Bran and her living together. Nina is a mostly retired musician and composer who even in her elder days loves to party and go out with guys, both younger and older, she makes no difference.

Her son Branden isΒ  a quiet and good boy especially close to his older sister Latricia. He is an honor roll student who also works part time at the local supermarket. He is desperately in love with Nan Prentiss and although they are officially dating now their relationship is not the most solid one.

Table of Contents

Following the link above you can find all the previously published stories about Nina and Bran also featuring both Rosie and Latricia.

Last Round

All three of the last round chapters were told from Bran’s POV and focused on his troubled relationship with his girlfriend Nan. We learn that even though she and Bran were dating Nan went to the spring dance with Aenys Targeryen. On the end of the year dance she does however go with Bran but when he catches them talking jealousy takes the best of both of the boys and they get into a fight. Nan decides to stop talking to Bran and it takes the whole summer and the intervention of her older sister Maja, Aenys’ best friend for things to go back to normal between them…. On top of everything Bran’s mother’s newest fling is Aegon Targeryen, Aenys’ father….

This Round

This round I plan to focus more on Nina and her still very turbulent life. First chapter we would get to see her reaction to her younger daughter Latricia’s engagement and it would also feature an appearance by her sister Dina. The second chapter would focus on her relationship with her son Branden and after that I figure we would touch on Nina’s always complicated love life.

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