Caliente (Dina) – Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree

Dina Caliente, the retired leader of the free world lives in Sunset Valley with her older, adopted daughter, Sara, a lieutenant in the Sunset Valley Police Department, and her second wife, former waitress Justine.

Dina is enjoying life as a rich and famous woman with a beautiful new young wife while her daughter Sara grapples with new life challenges at work, and her fiancee Jerod Prentiss who had recently moved in after a tragedy struck his family.

Table of Contents

Following the link above you can find all the previously published stories about Dina and Sara.

Last Round 

Last round’s chapters started with Dina and Justine’s wedding ceremony. Before Dina marries her second wife we learn that her heart still belongs to her first, now deceased wife, Nala, mother of her two daughters Sara and Summer. Meanwhile Sara recovers from a nearly fatal gunshot wound and the loss of her older mentor, officer Jesse Hoves. The story ends with a bonus chapter  in which we learn of Sara’s promotion to lieutenant and about two new, young officers joining her department.

This round

This round will be more focused on Sara, her relationship with her fiancee Jerod, his trauma and personal tragedies and a new case that shakes up the whole town of Sunset Valley, and the Caliente family personally. In the first post however we will shortly meet Justine Caliente, Dina’s second wife and the newest character in the story.

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