Justine Caliente

Justine Caliente was born Justine Hooks. Ever since she was very young she believed in living fast, partying hard and sleeping only when absolutely necessary. This lifestyle hadn’t brought Justine much money or career advancement but somehow she managed to avoid troubles and landed in Sunset Valley working as a waitress and occasional kitchen help in the local diner.

That is where she first saw her future wife Dina Caliente. Justine was never much into politics but even she knew who the older and stylish woman was. And while it was no wonder Justine noticed Dina the real wonder was that Dina noticed her.

Before she knew it Justine was partying, and soon dating the former leader of the free world. She never expected it to go far, none of her relationships before ever did  but that is how love works, it is unexpected and uninvited and before Justine knew it she was getting married to one of the most beautiful women on the world.

She gladly took her new wife’s last name and accepted to live in her big and beautiful house. As a wedding gift she now owns a local beach bar where she still sometimes mixes drinks. She practices SimFu, a skill she had to learn as a small, skinny woman living the lifestyle she used to lead. And although she now has everything a woman could wish for she sometimes dreams of having a career, preferably one filled with excitement like her  new step-daughter has…

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Donovan Alto

Donivan, or Donnie as he is called by those closest to him is the oldest son of Holly Alto. He and his sister Shawanda were born shortly after their mother ended her relationship with Mortimer Goth. She claims Mortimer is not their father but they have never met the man that sired them.

In high school he worked at the local spa and shortly after graduating he opened his own daycare. He met Hazel in high school and they had been together ever since. They broke up one time after Donnie didn’t show up at their own wedding.  Some time later he apologized to Hazel and they did get married, with no fuss at the City Hall.

Donovan moved in with Hazel and his brother Harry after the wedding. He opened his second daycare right next to their home.

Donnie likes sports, and also music and painting. He is close to his family, and very protective of his sister Shawanda and his other two younger sisters Lacey and Tami.

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Eevee Gradle

Eevee’s real first name is Yvette Gradle but ever since she was a little girl she had been know to everyone simply as Eevee. Eevee and her twin sister Martha, “Marty” Gradle were born to Mya Hoves and Benji Gradle. The couple were not married at the time and the girls spent their early days living in their mother’s house with their uncles Junior and Dougie and grandparents Blair and Freddie.

But after an intervention by their other grandmother, Benji’s mum Minissa their parents finally took that next step and the whole family somehow got cramped in a small house the Gradle’s used to live back then.

Eevee was not the best student while in school. It was hard to find the peace to study, or do anything in a house that cramped full of people. What Eevee was good at were martial arts, her parents enrolled both her and her sister into martial arts classes and the girls just excelled there.

Eventually the family moved to a bigger home, one know popularly referred to as the Gradle mansion. Right before the move however Eevee’s grandparents divorced and Minissa Gradle was left alone while Eevee, Marty, their parents and their two aunts Melody and Shirley all went to a new and bigger house.

While in high school Eevee also tried to learn to play all the different instruments, since their grandfather Riam Gradle was a mayor rock star it was expected that the girls would show some musical potential. Eevee liked drums the most but she abandoned her learning fast when her brother Ollie was born and he became grandpa Riam’s new favorite.

Eevee also tried to learn to cook, first from her grandmother then from her mum. It was safe to say it was a disaster, she managed to set the kitchen on fire, not once but twice and she gave up altogether.

Upon graduating from school Eevee wanted nothing more than to be a cop, like her mum and most of that side of her family. She was amazed by her grandmother Blair who was this awesome spy, and helped solve cases and catch bad guys with about every law enforcement agency that is. Her parents however did not support her in this.

Desperate yet determined Eevee decided to prove to them and everyone else how capable she was and how she would stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. And so Eevee launched an investigation of her own and it lead her to a secret criminal organization, operating right there from their city, lead by the convicted criminal Mortimer Goth.

Eevee’s plan was always to find out as much as she could about them, collect the evidence and run to the police, proving she was detective material once and for all. However unexpectedly Eevee developed a bond with this gang of dangerous criminals and she had even warned about a raid she knew her mother was planning on an abandoned warehouse they would often meet. This got her a lot of respect and she moved forward in the organization.

However when Mortimer was forced to retire by the horrible, blood thirsty Susannah Ramsay Eevee found herself a little over her head. She wasn’t giving up and she is always ready to confront her new boss which of course makes her gang members respect her but Susannah not so much. She got pushed to the sidelines of the operation and started running cons with Mortimer Goth as her mentor.

She moved out of her parents house because she didn’t want to bring attention to what she was doing and thanks to her grandfather’s money got a little place of her own. She learned a lot from Mortimer and enjoyed the work they were doing and somehow on the way she even fell in love with him… She had shared this with no one, no one but her sister Marty of course.

Things had gotten rather intense between them but after she realized Mortimer never meant to take their relationship seriously, and that she would never be the only woman in his life she broke up with him. As a parting gift Mortimer gave her a little foal named Dancer.With their bond being shattered Eevee had no choice but to return back to Susannah Ramsay as one of the henchman in her organization.

Eevee’s best friend trough out her whole life was Laquita, “Lucky” Hoves. The three of them, Eevee, Marty and Lucky have hung out since school, Marty even ended up dating and eventually marrying Lucky’s little half-brother Zeke. But now, after witnessing Susannah murder Lucky’s father and just running away Eevee can barely face her once best friend…

For reasons unknown even to Eevee herself she had still not gone to the police as she had planned all those years ago, maybe she is in to deep… And maybe she just doesn’t think revealing who she was and what she had been doing all this years to her family and everyone she knows is worth the joy of proving herself capable to them…

Her parents did got suspicious after Jesse Hoves’s death and they sent her aunt Melodie to live with her for a while. It didn’t go really well, the pair has nothing in common but a love for detective novels. Now however after she had adopted a child her aunt Melodie would soon be out of her life once and again leaving Eevee alone with her little dancer and Chloe, the little puppy she adopted from Phoibe Santoro, and her troubled conscience…

Eevee likes mediation, movies, and cares about saving the planet. She is ranked pretty high in the neighborhood chess tournament.

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Aenar Prentiss

Aenar Prentiss is the first child of Harry Prentiss and Rhaenys Targeryen. He was born before his parents were actually married so he spent the first year of his life living in his mothers unusual family. Now he lives with his parents, his little sister and his two uncles.

He had recently started school. His first day there he met a little boy named Silvester Caliente-Frail, trough Silvester he also met his friend and their classmate Melissa a little girl he likes very much.

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Domynika Javeed

Like her twin sister Sabina Domynika was raised by her mother since her father died when the two of them were babies. The twins were always very close but unlike her sister with her positive and pink views on life Domynika’s are very dark. She is fascinated by dark and morbid, and had always been. She loves music and had tried playing every instrument she could get her hands on. She also likes the cosmos and stars and one of her hobbies is also stargazing. Domynika can fall asleep anywhere, in bed, on her chair, on the floor. She really isn’t picky where that is concerned…

Domynika is a very confident person and she likes taking her own pictures. On their first school dance she charmed her best friend Maja’s date, Jacob. But the relationship didn’t go further than that, on the same dance she got into a fight with someone who was wearing the same outfit.

A year later, on another dance she and Jacob finally got together but now she and Maja are no longer friends. Domynika also likes Kain Vivi, she thinks he is cool and hot.

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Sabina Javeed

Sabina’s father Skip died when she was very young and she has no memories of him. She was raised by her mother Cocoa and has a twin sister Domynika. The two are very close despite being radically different people and share everything. She has two other close friends from school, Irene Hoves and her cousin Maja Prentiss.

Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed of being a princess, and although she knows she isn’t sometimes the lines of reality blur for her and she actually believes it, deep down she know this should scare her but in reality it doesn’t.

Sabina is very glad Andrew and Eduard came to live with them. They are both very smart, like her mum, and Andrew is being a great help with her schoolwork. She and Eduard became close very soon. Sabina likes pranks, and she doesn’t mind being victim of such, quite the opposite, she thinks it’s great fun so their friendship started with the two of them playing pranks on each other then the dance happened and they danced together, she really impressed him with her dance moves and they were crowned prom king and queen. Someone tried to steal her crown and she stopped them and started crowd surfing… It was a night she could only dream of… It would only be more perfect if she and Eduard could have pulled a prank together…

They have been a couple since that night but that is something they are keeping a secret from their parents. Sabina is very popular at school and she always felt everyone liked her that is why she is so upset when she found out an older boy, Jerome Ayers is snubbing her.

She recently took a charisma class because she wants to be accepted to the young politicians club in her school. She loves yellow flowers, a fact her boyfriend knows and brings her some for each date they have. She once sneaked a peek at her sister’s stargazing notes and using them discovered a new planet she named Princess.

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Eduard Prentiss

Eduard Prentiss was adopted as a baby by Hoster and Andrew Prentiss. His fathers both worked a lot, Hoster being a fireman and Andrew being a doctor. His chief babysitter was Penelope Belgen who would read to him and let him call her Penny, something nobody else does. His dad Hoster died when he was very young and he barely remembers him.

His best friend throughout elementary school  was Kain Vivi, his partner in crime. Together they caused many mischief, like crashing Lysa Santoro’s party. He wasn’t really happy for the move to Cocoa Javeed’s with his father, he missed Penny, he would have to live with two girls he barely knew…

But good things were right around the corner for Eduard and he would soon see it. First good thing was that he had been given his own room, in fact he and his father had the whole third floor for themselves. He is very smart and was always on top of his class, as a kid he thought of nothing but being a doctor like his dad or Penny but lately he is rethinking things…

He had a mayor crush on Lacey Alto but then he got to spend a lot of time with Sabina and realized that there is something there… They got together on one formal dance at school when his and his friends from the computer club hacked into the school computer and rigged the votes so he and Sabina would be crowned prom king and queen.

They are very happy together, she makes him act a lot braver then he really is and he is teaching her to play chess… But they are trying very hard to keep their relationship a secret, especially from their parents because they aren’t really sure how they would react to them dating while they are all living together…

On the latest dance he and Domynika were crowned prom king and queen which was a great surprise to everyone.

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Andrew Prentiss

Andrew Prentiss moved to Sunset Valley as a child. He moved to town with his parents Harald and Elena, his two sisters Alyssa and Hannah and his little brother Tomas. Andrew adjusted to the new town rather quickly. He was always pretty popular and he enjoyed being outside, visiting his friend’s houses and so on. His best friend almost from day one was little Cocoa Brown, his neighbor. They were an inseparable duo and everyone believed there is a chance for something to happen between them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Andrew never liked girls, not in a way it was expected at least. And he always knew what he was and also that his parents would never accept him for who he is, they just wouldn’t understand. So the only person who knew his secret was of course Cocoa. She supported him and dared him to confront his parents but Andrew just couldn’t…

He met Hoster in high school and they really hit off right from the start. He would sneak out at night to meet him, or Hoster would come out to the graveyard where Andrew worked during high school so they could be together without anyone knowing.

Andrew really liked his job at the graveyard, he loved writing epigraphs and as he grew older he seriously considered pursuing a job that corresponded to his creative side but of course his father wouldn’t hear it. At the time his parents were already divorced and his father was even worse then he was when they were all growing up. But Andrew was always a good judge of character and he recognized his father was hurting inside so he continued keeping his secret, he left his job and started working in the Science Facility, as his father wanted.

After a few years at the Science Facility however he switched to medicine which proved to be a better fit for him anyway. It was around that time that he got engaged to Hoster which made him pretty famous around town and he had no choice but to come out to his family. As expected his father kicked him out and didn’t speak to him again. He married Hoster and for a while at least everything seemed just right.

Andrew was working very hard in the hospital and Hoster joined the fire department where he head to work with Andrew’s father which made it hard for them to spend time together and strained their relationship, but it wasn’t the only problem they faced. Andrew himself coming from a big family had always wanted one of his own, it didn’t help they were at the time living with Clyde Belgen Hoster’s guardian, and his little girl Penelope who was very dear to Andrew and often reminded him what kind of blessing children were. Hoster however wouldn’t hear about it, they were busy as it was, children were too much work, etc. Those were Hoster’s excuses and true as they were Andrew was sure they would make it work together.

It took years, and many fights before he was finally able to convince Hoster to consider adoption and they did adopt, a beautiful little boy named Eduard. It was then that Andrew’s life became truly perfect. He was a very renowned and respected doctor, he got discounts pretty much everywhere he went, bookstores, restaurants… He nurtured his creative side by sometimes performing in local plays…

He helped a lot of people, including the famous Nina Caliente, giving her experimental treatment that helped her with her pregnancies. He also saved the life of Rhaenys Targeryen who would go and become his youngest brother Harry’s wife.

But as often happens things didn’t stay so good… Out of the blue his husband had a heart attack and died leaving him all alone. After it happened Andrew was a mess… Nothing could bring him back to his senses… He was even bad at his job, failing to help Morgana Wolff when she needed him…

But then he moved in with Cocoa, his childhood best friend who also lost a husband and had two kids Eduard’s age. It was then things started looking up for Andrew… He held a seminar at the spa, he joined Phoibe Santoro’s band… He even started dating again, he went out with a coworker, Geoffrey Landgraab but it went poorly. But things started going for the better, patients started hitting on him, he turned them down of course but it helped his self esteem. And then he met Patrick Crane, a younger burial specialist, who quickly became Andrew’s boyfriend. And one lovely winter day at the Nectary Andrew proposed to Patrick, right after helping Sara Caliente.

Andrew is a good heated and kind person, one that is kind to everyone they meet so as an extension people really like him. He is also a caffeine addict.

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Cocoa Javeed

Cocoa Javeed and her mother Ebony were the first inhabitants of the emptied out Sunset Valley. Cocoa was not born in town but she remembered nothing of the life before, she was only a baby when her mother ran away from the miserable life she had hoping to give her daughter a better life.

Cocoa’s mother really did her best for her, she worked part time jobs so she could spend time with her, bought her toys, like her favorite teddy bear Marco from whom Cocoa never separated as a child but the highlight of Cocoa’s childhood was her visit to the town Art Gallery. Cocoa was entranced by this place and when her mother agreed for her to start art lessons there Cocoa knew she had found her passion, something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. To this day the Art Gallery is her favorite place in the whole world.

During her childhood years Cocoa also met Andrew Prentiss. He lived across the street from her with his brother and two sisters and was in the same class as Cocoa. It didn’t take long for the two of them to become best friends. They spent all their time together, sometimes at Cocoa’s house, and sometimes at Andrew’s house and there Cocoa acquainted herself with Andrew’s younger brother, Tomas. She didn’t know when she first developed a crush on Tomas, she knew everyone thought her and Andrew would get together but they didn’t know his secret, only Cocoa knew that, and only Andrew knew about Tomas.

As Cocoa started her teenage years her mother started seeing Jesse Hoves, his niece Mya was Cocoa’s best female friend ever since she moved to town and both of the girls were very supportive of this development and dreamed of becoming actual family. But it turned out to be just a dream… Like their dream of buying a house together right after graduation it never came true. Ebony got pregnant, gave birth to Cocoa’s little sister Rita and she and Jesse broke up. For a while Cocoa blamed her mother, she didn’t know any better then, like any teenager would she believed her mother was out to ruin her life.

During that period of her life she spent more time with the Prentiss family, Andrew had started seeing someone then so she was left to spend time with Tomas, not that she minded much, but it made it hard for her to hide her feelings any longer, they shared a kiss but nothing more, and pretty soon Cocoa learned Tomas and Mya were a couple. She was devastated of course,she tried not to show it and stay friends with both of them but it was eating her alive. She concentrated on her little sister since her mother was away a lot at that time, being a roadie for the raising rock star, Riam Gradle. Her sister grew up a quiet, but a really smart kid and Cocoa was always protective of her.During her final years of school Cocoa dated Parker Langerak but they broke up when Parker left town after graduation.

Then another shock came to Cocoa when her mother announced she was getting married, to none other but Andrew and Tomas’ father Harald. He divorced his wife after she got pregnant with none other then Rita’s biological father Jesse. It all felt like one messy soap opera to Cocoa and she wanted to just stay out of it. Her mother and Rita moved in with the Prentiss and she continued living in the same small house she had lived for the most of her life. Despite everything she never did start loving Tomas but the two of them becoming brother and sister really made things complicated and she was finally able to let it go… But not before many sleepless night spend drinking and talking with Andrew who was also dealing with problems of his own…

Her mother’s marriage did not last long and she was back home with Rita, and another baby, Cocoa’s first brother Harry. Harry would not remain Cocoa’s only brother for long, soon her mother’s rebound with Jack Bunch would result in another pregnancy and Hazel would be born. Cocoa helped with the babies as much as she could but she was still longing for love, and hoping to get over Tomas so she had a date with Skip Javeed and her little one night stand resulted in a pregnancy as well. Cocoa was freaking out but she was excited to be a mother, she was to have a little boy and name him Ethan but she lost her baby. The tragedy hit her hard, and even her art suffered. When her mother told her that maybe it was for the best she finally lost it and left home.

She found refuge at her mother’s friend and mentor’s house, Hazel’s godmother Dina Caliente. Dina and her wife Nala made her a room and a painting studio on their attic and Cocoa was very happy there. She made friends with their little girl Sara, she painted as much as she wanted… She missed her siblings, with whom she was very close but she didn’t go that far away and went to visit as much as she could.

She and Skip started seeing each other again and eventually they got married. It wasn’t long after that she learned Tomas and Rita were now seeing each other. She was shocked to say the least but she gave them her blessing, after all she had found love too. The only thing that was missing were children, and she was happy when she conceived for the second time. However it turned out to be the same thing as with Ethan all over again… She lost both the babies she was carrying but she never gave up. And some years later she gave birth to twin girls, Sabina and Dominyka.

After her lovely girls were born she and Skip got a house of their own, a lovely big house, fit for the whole big family their were planning to have. However just after the girl’s first birthday Skip had a heart attack and died leaving Cocoa and her babies all alone…

This left Cocoa alone and desperate, she tried her best to take care of her daughters, she had no time for anything, she lost contact with all her friends, even Mya and Andrew she stopped paining and before she knew it they were broke. Cocoa never really did have a job, her mother made her do some part time work at she spa when she was in high school but Cocoa hated it, all she ever wanted was to be an artist but now she was left to feed not only herself but her two baby daughters. She tried earning money playing her bass around town but id didn’t really put food on the table and so she went to the local newspaper and started as a paper girl, the same job her late husband had when he was a child.

She did surprisingly well, she was named Staffer of the Week on several occasions, she got promoted, she even started using a computer, something she dreaded, and avoided for the big part of her life. To make things even better Andrew came to live with her, he had lost his partner too and was left alone to raise a child the same age as her girls so it seemed a great idea for the two of them to deal with their problems together, as they always had.

Cocoa is doing well, her daughters are in high school, she finds some time to paint again, and she had even started a humor book: “Sorry for the convenience.” On Phoibe Santoro’s latest party she also met a cute guy, Hank Goddard.

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Bradley Frail

Bradley Frail was born the second child of Edmund Frail, the famous writer and Narcissa Vatos. His parents had a kind of on and off relationship, the were engaged but broke up sometimes after his oldest sister Kari was born. But they kept seeing each other still, hence Bradley’s conception. They finally married when Bradley was four and he and his mother moved in with Edmund and Kari who were at the time living with Mortimer Goth.

His father was good friends with Cornelia Goth and when she learned she was dying she asked him to move in with her and take care of her teenage boy Mortimer. Once his brother Cecil was born however his parents finally got a house of their own, leaving Mortimer, a young adult at the time on his own.

Bradley was a geeky child, and he dreamed of being a scientist one day. He didn’t have a lot of friends at school, the only boy he hung out was much younger Oliver Gradle. They were both fearless boys and often got in trouble together doing some of their crazy dares.

Bradley straightened up for a little while when he got to high school, because there he met the most beautiful girl on the world, Laquita Hoves. This crush lasted for years and he couldn’t do anything about it because he despite all of his bravery he didn’t really know how to act around pretty girls. But she was best friend’s with Ollie’s sisters and he got to spend a lot of time around her. And eventually he even got to ask her out but nothing came of it, Laquita was just not interested in him as he was in her so for a while he let it go.

He then met Summer Caliente who was a little younger then him but much more receptive of his flirts than Laquita ever was and they hooked up.  For a while it all seemed good, and then a tragedy hit home when his sister Kari died. Bradley’s whole life was deeply shaken by this event. Kari was his father’s favorite and her death really changed him, he and his mother got another child, his youngest brother Brenton but not even that was enough to save their marriage and soon his mother moved out.

Luckily for Bradley he wasn’t alone trough this ordeal, Laquita was there to help and support him which rekindled the feelings he had for her and confused him some more. Eventually however he decided on going steady with Summer, since she had a hot tub, and was willing to make out with him in the said hot tub. His last year of school was a problematic one for him, he was in and out of detention until he joined a study club to help him remain on track. He had stopped being friends with Oliver since he was snubbing his little brother Cecil.

He went to his senior prom with Summer and was crowned prom king, which was a big surprise, since he didn’t really feel he was very popular, a lot of people were unhappy with this decision, especially Laquita’s brother Zeke who was Bradley’s classmate but never liked him much. That year Bradley was also pronounced valedictorian, and that didn’t really surprise anyone. He had gotten his grades up again after joining the study club and he had his mother’s good genes, he was mastering skills pretty fast.

However when he finished school his father died leaving him alone to take care of two teenage boys, which would prove to be a nightmare since neither Cecil or Brent were especially obedient, at least not until his mother moved back in. Then he finally had enough cash to propose to Summer and start looking for a real job but things got complicated rather quick with Summer getting pregnant.

He decided to move in with her and her mother Nala so he could help with the baby and since he desperately needed a job he started a life of crime.

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