Brown – Round 6.2: Visiting the doctor

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Weeks passed since Rhaenys had quit the army and she felt good, better, more like herself. She knew what she did was the right thing to do. Things at home were going really well. She got to spend more time with her two children. Harry had gone back to doing what he did best, paint in his pajamas, at night even, as temperatures rapidly approached zero. “I wear a sweater!” Harry said defensively when Rhaenys approached him about this. “I’m fine, I paint better outside, that’s all.”


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Brown – Round 6.1: Nightmares

Table of contents

It was still dark when Rhaenys opened her eyes. The room was quiet, apart from her husband’s loud and deep breaths. Harry had her back to her so she couldn’t see his sleeping face. Instead she turned slowly to look at the other side, at her daughter’s crib. Vaela was asleep to, laying on her back, one hand over her head.She is getting too big for this crib. Rhaenys observed. Soon we will have to move her to Aenars room… 


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Brown – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Brown family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis initalic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.

Family tree



This Brown family was the first family to move into then empty Sunset Valley. Ebony Brown came to town with her toddler daughter Cocoa, escaping a life of poverty and the fallout that resulted from her teenage pregnancy. Ebony worked hard to provide a good life for her daughter and still tried to be there for her as much as she could. After a relationship with Jesse Hoves she got another daughter, Rita whom she raised on her own as well. She married only once, to Harald Prentiss and from this marriage she got a son, Harry. After Harry she had another child with yet another fireman, another boy she named Hazel.

Ebony started out working at the spa, transferred briefly into music and business and then to politics. She was the town’s mayor. She spent her retirement living wit her two sons. After she died both Harry and Hazel married, Harry to Rhaenys with who he has two kids, Aenar and Vaela, and Hazel to Donovan. They all currently live at the same house their mother started at.


Round 1


Family Members

In this post we get to meet the Browns for the first time. Ebony had just retired from politics after losing in her reelection for mayor from her former mentor Dina Caliente. She is bored and contemplates finding another job, she visits her daughter Rita and offers her help which Rita isn’t really receptive to, she goes to a party and tries to cheer up recently widowed neighbor Blair Hoves. When Harry tells her he is interested in a summer program in France she takes a job as a ghost hunter.

Round 2.1


Family Members

Both Harry and Hazel had finished school long go but none of them actually had a job. Harry decides to put a stop on it, after some serious debate with himself he decides to follow his dream and become a painter. Hazel follows his brother, as usual but he decides to be a gardener even though Harry knows damn well his real talent is music. Harry gets a call from a pretty lady he met a party.

Round 2.2


Ebony receives a Spooky Award and Hazel is named Pianist of the year. He is still working hard on losing his weight and Harry receives a disturbing call from his sister Cocoa. He goes out on a first date with Rhaenys that is going pretty well until he ruins it by going too far. Luckily for him Rhaenys gives him another chance and this time it goes much better.

Round 3.1


Family Members:

Hazel and Harry try to move on with their lives after their mother’s death. Hazel is at least on the outside doing better, he had finally began perusing his dream of being a musician, he proposed to his high school sweetheart Donovan and he does his best to help his brother deal and move on too.

Round 3.2


Following his brother’s example Harry proposes to Rhaenys too and she says yes. He accidentally sees her son for the first time and also accidentally catches Hazel dumpster diving. He organizes Hazel’s bachelor party and everyone has a great time.

Round 4


Family Members:

In this update told from Harry’s point of view we learn Hazel had been left at the altar, or to be more precise his fiancee didn’t even turn up at the wedding. And to make matters worse for him Harry is planing to use his wedding plans as his own unbeknownst to Hazel. Rhaenys does show up and she and Harry get married. We also learn they had a child, a little boy they named Aenar. Harry is concerned when he learns Rhaenys’ other son won’t be living with them after the wedding.

Round 5.1


Family Members:

After getting a surprised visit from his ex fiancee who failed to show up at their wedding Hazel is smitten by his apology and decides to go with him to the City Hall and get married. This doesn’t sit well with his temperamental older brother, but Harry’s wife manages to calm him down and stop him from hurting the man who hurt his brother.

Round 5.2


Family Members:

Hazel and Donovan adjust to married life. Harry decides to give Donnie a second chance and we learn he and Rhaenys are expecting another child. Harry himself had put his painting on hold to take care of his son.

Round 6.1: Nightmares


Family Members:

Rhaenys is troubled by nightmares and she hates her job at the army so she decides to quit and look for something more. Donovan opens his daycare.

Round 6.2: Visiting the doctor 


Rhaenys is having troubles dealing with her new situation, but she is distracted when her son gets sick. To make things worse his doctor turns out to be an old nemesis…

Round 6.3: Moving forward


Aenar and Vaela both recover and Rhaenys finally finds a suitable career.

Round 6 – Bonus chapter: A new opportunity


Hazel receives an interesting offer from a big name in the music industry.

Round 7.1: Children


Family Members:

Harry enjoys a day out with his children, Aenar is only days away from becoming a teenager and he hopes he and his little sister will remain close. Vaela reveals a love for movies.

Round 7.2: Piggy


A new member joins the Brown-Prentiss family.

Round 7.3: Ballerina


With some encouragement from her father Vaela Prentiss starts a new hobby.

Round 7.4: The Painting


Hazel disproves of Harry’s latest artwork. He reveals to Cocoa how he and Donnie are planning to start a family but work is kind of keeping Hazel back…

Aenar Prentiss

Aenar Prentiss is the first child of Harry Prentiss and Rhaenys Targeryen. He was born before his parents were actually married so he spent the first year of his life living in his mothers unusual family. Now he lives with his parents, his little sister and his two uncles.

He had recently started school. His first day there he met a little boy named Silvester Caliente-Frail, trough Silvester he also met his friend and their classmate Melissa a little girl he likes very much.

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Browns – Round 5.2

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Family Members:

Appearing in the story:


Day 2

Hazel woke up before Donovan the first morning of their life together. He just lay there for a while watching his husband sleep. It all still seamed unreal to him, he was married, to Donnie and he will be, from now on till forever. When Donnie opened his lovely blue eyes Hazel was smiling. “Morning!” He said cheerfully but Donovan just muttered something incomprehensible and turned around to face the wall. It reminded Hazel of Harry back when they were younger, he always wanted five more minutes.

Hazel got up and went to the bathroom, when he got back in the room Donovan was up and was rummaging trough one of his suitcases, looking for his clothes Hazel presumed. Hazel smiled as he walked up to him: “My, my what a lovely sight.” This produced an unexpected reaction in Donovan who hastily pulled the covers from the bed and hid behind them. He turned to Hazel startled and blushing. “Hazel, I’m not dressed!”

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Browns – Round 5.1

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Family Members:

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Day 1


Hazel had no idea why he was nervous but he was. Sure, the call from Donnie was unexpected, and his question to come over to talk today was a little shock but still. Hazel and Donovan were high school sweethearts, nobody knew Hazel was well as Donovan, and Hazel was sure nobody knew Donovan as Hazel did. They could always be themselves around each other, there was no cause for discomfort. Or there wasn’t, not until Donovan decided not to show up to their wedding where all of their friends and families were…

Since then Donovan and Hazel had no contact, sure both Hazel and his brother Harry went to Donovan’s mum funeral and came to their house to give their condolences, but that was all a formality… What could all this today be about?

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Rhaenys Targeryen

/* Rhaenys Targeryen is based on the character from the ASOIAF novels by GRRM, namely the sister of Aegon The Conqueror. */

Rhaenys moved to town with Aegon and Visenya Targeryen, even though they share the last name and appearance they claim they are not related.

She is politically engaged and is a big supporter of equal rights. Her ambition is to become the president of the country, and one day leader of the free world but being new to this town she decided to practice a different line of work until she is rich enough, and known around town enough to follow her dreams.

That was how she started work in the science lab with young but prosperous scientist Luther Prentiss. She liked to gossip about him but once he left the facility for a career in medical research and Urte Vivi became her new boss she realized things weren’t as bad as she thought.

Recently she was offered a job in the military as a researcher there there and she took it. Although she generally isn’t a fan of violence she understands the need for it under certain circumstances.

Rhaenys loves children and when her roommate Aegon offered her to be the mother of his child she gladly accepted and that is how Aenys came into the world.

Upon learning about her pregnancy her fiance Loren Cantu wasn’t very pleased and broke of the engagement. Afterwards she dated Mortimer Goth for a while but he wasn’t looking for anything serious so Rhaenys turned her gaze to the younger Harry Prentiss.

With Harry she had a longer and more serious relationship which resulted in her second son Aenar and marriage to Harry.

Unfortunately as part of her deal with Aegon she had to leave her teenage son Aenys, a choice that brakes her heart but had to be made…

She currently lives with her new husband, son and her husband’s brother Hazel.

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