Caliente-Frail – Round 6.3: Trying to go back to normal

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The next day was Summer’s big day, she had talked about nothing else for months now. Today she finally headed to the spa to finish the paperwork that would make her an official partner in the Sharma Day Spa. Bradley got up earlier, got Silvester ready for school and surprised his wife with flowers along with coffee and breakfast.


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Caliente-Frail – Round 6.2: Play-date

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“You are making pancakes!” Silvester spoke loudly behind his father’s back. Although he startled him from the worst of thoughts Bradley managed to smile back.

“Yup, all for you champ.”


“And you and mom?” Silvester asked surprised.

“Well some for me and mum too.” Bradley said and smiled. Silvester hopped up on the high chair with an anxious look in his green eyes. He does have the sweetest eyes… Bradley thought with a slight chill but  he managed to remain focused on the pan in front of him.

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Caliente-Frail: Round 6.1: Blood on Bradley’s hands

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Whenever Bradley Frail had a night off he would get up first in his house. Sometimes he would go out for a run but on most days he would go up to the kitchen and make breakfast for his family. While Summer’s mum Nala was alive this was her job but the kind old woman had been gone for years and it was time for someone else to step up. While Summer spoke about wanting to learn to cook for months now she never got the time to do so and Bradley hadn’t minded at all.


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Caliente-Frail- Round 5.4: One last dream

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Screenshot_11A strange silence had descended over the house when Silvester and Summer were gone to Phoiebe Santoro’s party. It bugged Nala. She had finished baking the cookies she set to bake, went outside and changed the candles in all her outdoor lamps. The rain had stopped but the night was still chilly forcing her to wear a jacket. She checked her watch, it wasn’t even nine yet on a Sunday evening. Most of Sunset Valley residents were probably getting ready for bed, it was the end of the weekend but Nala herself was never one to go to bed early.

She headed straight to her bedroom and took her guitar case. There was always that one thing that always picked her up, she could be down, bored, sick or all of the above and then she would thrum those strings and she would be transcend into some other place were nothing mattered, losing the love of her life, fighting with her younger daughter, her older daughter becoming a cop, her son in law being a criminal, her grandson starting school, her stomach pains, her being old… It would all be forgotten.

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Caliente-Frail – Round 5.3: Secrets and Surprises

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When Nala and Silvester gotScreenshot_3 home from their little trip at the nectary they found Summer in the working area with her laptop. This was not an uncommon sight. Nala never seemed to understand why a job at the spa requires such an amount of typing and scrolling but if she was to say that to her daughter she was sure she wasn’t going to get an answer, only an evil eye.To Summer her job came before almost everything else and besides the two of the just had a big fight this morning and Nala was not ready for round two, not yet at least.

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Caliente-Frail – Round 5.2 – Illustrious Author

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Nala Caliente felt her hands sweating as she gripped the steering wheel. She had taken a few pills to lessen the stomach aches she had been having for days now and physically she felt better but inside she was still fuming over yet another fight with Summer, it seemed it was going to be just one of those days when the two of them could not possibly find middle ground. She glanced over to her grandson Silvester who was sitting in the car with her. He was looking out the window so silently that one could easily forget he was even there. It really hurt Nala to see the sad look he had in his eyes during the before mentioned fight. And this silence of his bothered her, it would be easier if he just let his feelings out, just say what was on his mind. But the boy didn’t speak, he was simply not like other kids she knew. Her oldest daughter Sara for instance was a real chatty child, she didn’t seem to shut up ever since Nala thought her to talk.


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Caliente- Frail – Round 5.1 – Grandparenting

Table of contents

Nala Caliente turned to her side and looked at her watch. The bigger hand had only slightly moved from twelve while the smaller rested on six. It was Sunday Nala also noted as she got up in a sitting position with a groan. A persistent stomachache tortured her for days now but she found ways to push trough it. It was her reasoning that by the time you get to a certain age just have to take the limits that come with it, and accept the fact that there will be certain pain and inconvenience you just had to ignore in order to lead a normal life.

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Caliente(Frail) – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Caliente-Frail family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



This specific family started with Nala  (Sanza) Caliente, after she divorced Dina and moved out  to start life on her own. Nala was created in CAS and moved into town with her sister Minissa, Minissa’s husband Riam and their son Benji. Nala was trying to escape a society in which all that was expected from her was to get married and have children. Nala wanted more, she loved music and wanted to create her own, music that the whole world will listen to. Her dreams came true, and eventually she got married too, maybe not the way her mother would have wanted but she and her wife were really happy, they even adopted two girls, Sara and Summer.


After the divorce Nala lived with Jill, her fiancee and Jill’s family for a while but they broke up too and she was left alone in a big house she tried to make her home. After her daughter Summer got pregnant and had a fight with Dina Nala accepted her in her own home, and at now she lives with Summer, her son Silvester and Summer’s fiancee Bradley.

Round 3.1

*update for the Mayor family, happening at Nala’s house, featuring Nala)


Family Members

Told from Jill’s point of view. Nala’s surprise wedding for Jill didn’t work and even though she and Jill broke up after it she decided to let Jill and her three kids stay with her until their house is completed. In a full house Nala still feels lonely and turns to reading logic books.

Round 5.1 (Grandparenting)

Family Members


Told from Nala’s POV. Nala Caliente is old, a sad realization that is hitting her as she does her best to be a good mother to her daughter Summer, and grandmother to Summer’s son Silvester. She and Summer don’t really see eye to eye when it comes to raising Silvester and fight over smallest of things. Nala also reflects on her early life, discovering her love for music and fighting social norms set upon her by her mother. She Riam and Nina plan a gig.

Round 5.2 (Illustrious Author)


Nala and Silvester visit the nectary, she learns Silvester wants to write illustrated books when he grows up and that his mother Summer disagrees. The two of them also see Irene Hoves sneaking around and stealing a bottle of nectar.

Round 5.3 (Secrets and Surprises) 


Nala and Silvester come home, Summer whisks Silvester away to a party and Nala is left home alone, she reflects on the earlier days that summer, finding out her daughter Sara is starting the Police Academy that fall, guessing that Bradley’s job is probably more shady than it seems and organizing Summer and Bradley’s wedding. 

Round 5.4 (One last Dream) 


While Summer and Silvester are at a party Nala goes out to town to play her guitar. What she doesn’t know is that would be the last time she plays… The next day she does chores and gossips with her younger daughter before going to take a nap. She dreams of her ex wife and the night Dina proposed to her… She wakes up to see the Grim Reaper (and he is not in his Tad Dustpine form :P). Her body is discovered minutes later by her young grandson Silvester.

Round 6.1: Blood on Bradley’s hands


Family Members:

In this post we see the events that lead to the death of Jesse Hoves from Bradley’s memories. We learn more about who was there and what happened, seen from the criminals’ side.

 Round 6.2: Play-date


As Bradley heads to yet another day at the job he hates Silvester and Summer are joined by Harry Prentiss and his two kids, Aenar and Vaela who come over to spend the day. Bradley can’t help but feel a little jealous but Susannah, his boss, never really gives him a choice… (you can read more about Harry, Aenar and Vaela on the Characters page, or check out their story here

Round 6.3: Trying to get back to normal 


Summer finally becomes the partner in the spa. Bradley still fights the nightmares and feeling of guilt after being a part of Jesse’s murder. Silvester makes a new friend and Bradley is approached by a strange young man…

Bradley Frail

Bradley Frail was born the second child of Edmund Frail, the famous writer and Narcissa Vatos. His parents had a kind of on and off relationship, the were engaged but broke up sometimes after his oldest sister Kari was born. But they kept seeing each other still, hence Bradley’s conception. They finally married when Bradley was four and he and his mother moved in with Edmund and Kari who were at the time living with Mortimer Goth.

His father was good friends with Cornelia Goth and when she learned she was dying she asked him to move in with her and take care of her teenage boy Mortimer. Once his brother Cecil was born however his parents finally got a house of their own, leaving Mortimer, a young adult at the time on his own.

Bradley was a geeky child, and he dreamed of being a scientist one day. He didn’t have a lot of friends at school, the only boy he hung out was much younger Oliver Gradle. They were both fearless boys and often got in trouble together doing some of their crazy dares.

Bradley straightened up for a little while when he got to high school, because there he met the most beautiful girl on the world, Laquita Hoves. This crush lasted for years and he couldn’t do anything about it because he despite all of his bravery he didn’t really know how to act around pretty girls. But she was best friend’s with Ollie’s sisters and he got to spend a lot of time around her. And eventually he even got to ask her out but nothing came of it, Laquita was just not interested in him as he was in her so for a while he let it go.

He then met Summer Caliente who was a little younger then him but much more receptive of his flirts than Laquita ever was and they hooked up.  For a while it all seemed good, and then a tragedy hit home when his sister Kari died. Bradley’s whole life was deeply shaken by this event. Kari was his father’s favorite and her death really changed him, he and his mother got another child, his youngest brother Brenton but not even that was enough to save their marriage and soon his mother moved out.

Luckily for Bradley he wasn’t alone trough this ordeal, Laquita was there to help and support him which rekindled the feelings he had for her and confused him some more. Eventually however he decided on going steady with Summer, since she had a hot tub, and was willing to make out with him in the said hot tub. His last year of school was a problematic one for him, he was in and out of detention until he joined a study club to help him remain on track. He had stopped being friends with Oliver since he was snubbing his little brother Cecil.

He went to his senior prom with Summer and was crowned prom king, which was a big surprise, since he didn’t really feel he was very popular, a lot of people were unhappy with this decision, especially Laquita’s brother Zeke who was Bradley’s classmate but never liked him much. That year Bradley was also pronounced valedictorian, and that didn’t really surprise anyone. He had gotten his grades up again after joining the study club and he had his mother’s good genes, he was mastering skills pretty fast.

However when he finished school his father died leaving him alone to take care of two teenage boys, which would prove to be a nightmare since neither Cecil or Brent were especially obedient, at least not until his mother moved back in. Then he finally had enough cash to propose to Summer and start looking for a real job but things got complicated rather quick with Summer getting pregnant.

He decided to move in with her and her mother Nala so he could help with the baby and since he desperately needed a job he started a life of crime.

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Nala Caliente

Nala moved to town with her sister Minissa’s, Minissa’s husband Riam and their son Benji. She was always close to her sister, she shared common interests with her husband and absolutely loved little Benji but Nala wanted a different life for herself, she couldn’t picture herself slaving for a husband. She loved music and dreamed of writing her own, preforming for audiences… Living a life much different than her sister’s.

She started earning for a living playing the guitar and enjoying the single life up until she met Dina. Dina changed Nala’s life in ways she couldn’t have imagined and she fell madly in love.

Dina proposed to her on the beach and the spot became Nala’s favorite place in the world. They got married and Nala moved away from Minissa’s and started living with Dina and her sister Nina.

As Dina attempted to find her way in politics Nala joined the SV symphony. She didn’t forget about her family and visited her sister as often as she could. In time she and Dina had families if their own, they adopted two girls, Sara first and then Summer.

They bought a house of their own. Dina was getting ahead in the shrewd world of politics and Nala became a famed movie composer. For many years everything was as good as it gets and then suddenly it fell apart.

It started with rumors from Narcissa Frail and Nala chose not to believe them, the thought of Dina, her partner for severs decades now, cheating on her, with some petty criminal nonetheless was nonsensical but it gnawed at her, and she couldn’t let it go…

So one day she confronted Dina hoping to set her thoughts at rest, Dina denied nothing and Nala’s heart almost exploded. She was betrayed and broken…

The girls and the house stayed with Dina. Nala found solace in the arms of Jill Mayor, she even planed a wedding but  Jill shot her down and Nala is all alone in a big house she wanted to share with Jill and her family.

She retired from the world of music and rarely plays in public anymore. She even noticed her fame dropping, after crashing a party at Phaena Santoro’s house she was promptly asked to leave. Afterwards she did a cameo in a play and was then asked to do the same for an upcoming movie, the first one to be shot at SV.

She had one date with councilwoman Posie Kerry, a politician again, and she is hoping to end her loneliness again.

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