Caliente (Latricia) – Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree


Latricia Caliente is the younger daughter of Nina Caliente. So far she had been appearing in the Caliente family storyline along with her mother and younger brother. This would be the first round in which she gets her own story.

Latricia is a nice, friendly girl who grew up with her mother, older sister and little brother. Her mother is Nina Caliente, the famous movie composer, known for her music and her promiscuous ways. Her father was the recently deceased rock star Riam Gradle so it is unsurprising that Latricia always had a talent for music. She plays the guitar and the piano and had graduated on the prestigious Conservatorium. Her mother is now pushing her into a career in performing, and had even gotten her a manager (Hazel Brown) but Latricia isn’t sure that the life on stage is right for her.

She loves her new house but she misses her little brother the most since they had always been very close. Latricia dated Mikha’il Kerry ever since high school and they started the Conservaturium together but then one summer he proposed and she rejected him, not being ready for the seriousness of marriage. She ran off and spent the summer meditating in the temple. Miha’il dropped out of the Conservatorium and became a cop in their hometown.

I haven’t really gotten to writing Latricia’s story yet so I have no idea how many posts it will be. I will also include the email’s from Rosie, the new section I started last round that will feature emails Latricia’s sister Rosie sends from her home in Bridgeport.