Hoves (Jesse) – 7.3: Family and Frustrations

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It would be a bit of an understatement to say Irene Hoves had been having a bad day. A bad few months would be better. And it wasn’t the fact she was siting alone in the Science Lab cafeteria. Irene didn’t mind being alone, she would rather be alone that have to listen to the drone of some of the other boring scientist she worked with. Or even worse – army personnel. The cafeteria right now was mixed between the white coated scientists and uniformed army men. It had been that way ever since the army had started working on a top secret project, utilizing half of the labs for it.

Irene had been unlucky enough to work on one of their projects. She had been on it for some time now and she had been given more responsibilities than on her last job, being Tomas Prentiss’ assistant. But this new job left her little time to work on her side project – her precious lab crafted drug the people on the street were calling the Is, courtesy of her signature I for Irene etched in every pill.


Sometimes she still got to work on it at home. But that way it was harder to hide it from her sisters, and they were nosy, especially Krys, and she would loose it if she found out what Irene was doing, and Irene wouldn’t get it past Lucky to report her to the authorities either, she was too much of a goodie-two-shoes to be trusted. But none of that was the main reason for why Irene was in such a foul mood. The main reason was the couple she was staring right now across the crowded cafeteria. They, or rather her was the main reason behind all her problems.

It was the green haired woman who got her transferred out of Tomas’ lab and into this new project with the army and Irene knew it wasn’t because anything Irene did, well not anything work related, and it wasn’t because of her concern for Irene’s career. No, it was to separate Irene from Tomas. And why? So she could have him for herself of course.

And as much as Irene loathed to admit it it seemed the plan had worked. Right now across the room next to green haired Phoibe Santoro Tomas Prentiss was smiling and it made Irene’s blood boil. She had not seen him smile, not even in politeness, not since his wife and daughter had died.  And she had kind of hoped that when gets back to smiling and being happy that it would be with her and because of her but she was unfairly pushed away before it could happen.

And to make matters worse the rumor around the labs was that Phoibe was pregnant. Irene just had to throw one look across the room to figure out who the father might be. And it pained her. It pained her a lot more than she wanted to admit. If it was true that would be the end of all her hopes for attracting the older widower. He was the kind of man who would jump in and marry Phoibe on the spot. Do the right thing as people were fond of saying…

Irene wondered what would have happened if she was to push Phoibe down a flight of stairs? It was an option worth exploring…

The opportunity however did not present herself and Irene came home in a foul mood. She had barely time to change out of her work clothes and hobble down the stairs to check if her oldest sister had fixed up anything for dinner when she was cornered by Lucky, her other sister.


“Irene, do you have time, I need to talk to you!” She seemed rather distraught and her usually calm and smiling face now looked completely miserable. Seeing it made a smile creep up to Irene’s face. She barely had time to utter a word before Lucky trailed off.

“I did something bad last night… Well it started a few weeks ago but last night…Argh.” She covered her face with her hands in frustration or in shame, it was hard for Irene to tell but she was enjoying it nevertheless. One of the good sisters had done something bad? She had to know all about it.

“What did you do?” She asked doing her best to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Well last night I went out with Jerod Prentiss…” Off to a promising start. Irene thought nodding politely urging her sister to speak. Women were always weak when it came to dashingly handsome fireman, her sister seemed to be no exception… When she didn’t continue however Irene had to nudge her carefully.

“So what happened?”

“We had dinner and then I played for him.”


“And what?” Her sister asked frustrated.

“What happened, did you sleep with him?”

“Of course not!” Lucky answered pulling away furious. “He is engaged and I have a boyfriend!”

“Did you at least kiss?” Irene asked hopeful.

“No! Like I said…” Irene interrupted her disappointed.

“Yes, yes he is engaged, you have a boyfriend… And now you are bothering me over nothing.”

“It is not nothing! I…”

“It is stupid. You are wasting my time with stupidities.” Irene said angrily and walked away. “Krys has better stories than you and Krys has no life.” She added sharply. “In fact I am sure even she would tell you this was stupid.” She ran past Lucky before she could stop her and rushed outside her sister following suit.


Irene ran all the way to the garage, where she knew their oldest sister was and peered into the window before Lucky managed to stop her. Krys was alone, meditating among father’s old tools, in her underwear of course, the girl loved nothing better then to strip down to her panties and bra as soon as she got a chance. Irene wouldn’t be surprised to learn she was teaching her classes dressed that way. Irene was about to walk in and interrupt her when Lucky finally caught up with her and grabbed her hand with a force she didn’t know her sister possessed.

“Don’t you dare!” She said out of breath. “Don’t you dare say a word to Krys or to anyone!” Irene was ready to push her of. She was stronger than she looked, and definitely stronger then her sister. And maybe she yearned for a good fight, to let the tension of this horrible day, and weeks and months from her system. But somehow she managed to stop herself.

“Fine.” She said. “I was just joking around anyway.”

“So you don’t think it is a big deal? Nothing to fret about?” Lucky asked, a kind of lame transparent hope all over her flushed face. And as much as Irene wanted to torment her right now this was her sister in front of her.

“You went out with a good looking man who isn’t your boyfriend, but somebody else’s fiancee. What of it? Nothing happened really. Forget about it.” Lucky nodded but Irene could see she wasn’t convinced. She wondered if it was even remotely possible that her sister might be having feelings for this guy… Stranger things have happened… And yet she had no time do dwell on that, there was need for more Is on the street and she still needed a solid plan to split up Tommy and Phoibe…  Lucky’s love problems could wait.

Hoves (Jesse) – 7.1: Budgets and Boyfriends

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Lucky Hoves blinked hard looking at her computer screen, all those numbers on the yearly budget report were kind of blending in together after a whole morning of staring at it. She took a deep breath letting all the negative energy flow out of her, pushed a lock of her unruly hair out of her eyes getting herself ready to start over. On most days city council work was a lot more boring than she thought it would be and there were days, days like this one when she wanted nothing more then to throw herself unceremoniously on a couch and yell I give up.


But there was no giving up for Lucky, daughter of Jesse. She knew she was doing good, no matter how hard it got on some days, she managed to increase the town’s emergency budget and the pay of policeman and fireman and many other small things. People will always complain though and blame everything on the politicians, even the weirdest of things, like that meteor hit that took three lives, four if you count the little dog which Lucky always did.

But this would not stop Lucky, oh no. She was learning every day and she was surer than ever that this would not be her final post, no Lucky wanted more, she had always wanted more. She would make the whole world a better place as soon as the people choose her for its leader. And to get there she would go by step, that was how those things go she learned, you don’t just wake up to be Dina Caliente. Her next goal was to run for mayor next fall for which she knew she should better start campaigning immediately.

She sighed loudly willing herself to go back to work.  She didn’t get a chance to go far however interrupted by the wail of the sirens she heard even trough her earphones. Being a cop’s daughter she recognized that it was a police car moving fast towards the town center. She held her breath as the sound came closer and closer…. Theirs was a peaceful town, real crime was rare yet her own father had been murdered, taken from the world by some criminal’s bullet, a harsh reminder that evil can hide behind even the most peaceful facade.

And now the evil might be back… Lucky thought as the sirens came so close she was sure she could see them trough the window. She rushed to it just as the police car parked behind the town hall and a lanky young man in civilian clothes stepped out. Lucky sighed as she recognised the man and returned to her seat waiting for him to come up.

She turned off her music and impatiently listened as he bartered with her assistant before the door of her office opened and he strolled in. He smiled widely, not taking his black hat off.

” Hey Lucky.” Her boyfriend greeted her taking a seat directly across of her.

“Hi Ahmed.” She replied holding back her irritation. Still his smile dropped.


“Not happy to see me?” He asked.

“It is the middle of the day, I am working.” Lucky said calmly.

“Well I am here to take you to lunch!” Ahmed exclaimed grinning again.

“In a police car? With the sirens on?” Lucky asked making her boyfriend laugh.

“I was in a rush.”

” You are a civilian.” She said harshly and Ahmed sighed.

“You’re a good girl Lucky but some things you just take so seriously… It is Mika’il’s car, he is off today so he is sleeping in and I had to get away love… That brat is driving me crazy… You know I once thought if only he learned to talk he would be more bearable…” He let out a long sigh. “So I wasted time teaching him to form words and now he is more annoying than ever. Ahmed what is that? Ahmed why is that? Who is that?” He concluded the rant in a mock child’s voice. “I hate kids!”

Lucky felt her smile melt and get replaced with a frown. “Don’t say that…” She said softly.

“Why? They are the worst believe me….” Lucky didn’t like the way the conversation was going. She and Ahmed were serious, she loved him, they were together since school. They were going to get married, everyone knew that, and kids were part of that deal, not right now of course, Lucky’s career still had a way to go but someday… She bit her lip to hold the brewing argument back. Ahmed will come around, there was still time…

“Is your mother still having a party this Friday?” She changed the subject abruptly.

“I guess.” Ahmed said with a shrug.

“Am I welcome?” She asked. Years back Lucky used to work for Posie Kerry, Ahmed’s mother but they had a falling out when Posie gave birth to Kenny, Ahmed’s little brother, the annoying brat Ahmed mentioned earlier. She refused to name the father creating a big scandal and her career was spiraling downwards when Lucky decided to jump ship and run for City Council herself.

“Of course you are welcome.” Ahmed said. “You are still my girlfriend.” Lucky smiled.  There was no better place to start a political campaign than a party.

Ahmed was planning on taking her to the local diner for lunch. Lucky insisted they walk, she could not in clear conscience ride in a ‘borrowed’ police car. They hadn’t even gotten through the diner door when her phone rang.

Screenshot_7Ahmed was not very happy when she told him she has to go back. “It is work…” She said trying to sound apologetic.

“Yeah? And that is more important than me?” He said annoyed. “You have your lunch break – take it.”

“I am really not sure…” Lucky said biting her lip. “We have this meeting and we have to prepare, I have gotten nowhere with the budget report…” Ahmed just glared at her and she had to sigh. “Fine. We’ll eat. Fast!” He smiled and took her hand leading her towards the diner door.

It wasn’t till much later, when Lucky headed home after a long day of meetings and budget proposals that she had time to think the state of her relationship. She did love Ahmed, she really did but things just weren’t as they used to be… It was different when they were both in school but now since she had started work, serious work, things had changed, she had changed and in a way he had not. He was not any different from the boy he was in high school… It was because he didn’t have a job, Lucky concluded. Not a real one at least, he was a poet and a photographer but he barely made any money from it… He could do so much more, he was smart, Lucky knew it, smarter than her even. So walking home she decided she was to do something about it…

/* I know it has been a while since I posted. AGAIN. I had this written and planned to take a few more screenshots and publish it last weekend but I was sick and then had a busy week at work… But here it is, the start of this rounds story line for the Hoves sisters, with very little screenshots. */

Hoves (Jesse) – 7: Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree



Jesse’s branch of the Hoves family is now down to three of Jesse’s daughters, Krystal, Laquita and Irene. Last round a dark cloud descended over the family when their uncle Junior came over to tell them that their father had died. He was killed in an abandoned warehouse raid, shot to death by an yet unidentified gunman. His partner Sara Caliente was wounded but survived the shooting. The news shakes all three sisters and their brother Zeke but mostly affected it seems is the youngest Irene, at the time still a teenager. She runs away and when she finally comes back she is a young adult. What happened to her in the time between is still unknown.

Krystal Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Elena Prentiss (deceased)

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Laquita Hoves, Zeke Mayor, Irene Hoves

Half-siblings(Elena): Alyssa Prentiss(deceased), Andrew Prentiss, Hannah Hoves, Tomas Prentiss

Krystal is the oldest of the three sisters. She lost her mother when she was just a child and since then she had taken the role of the family matron taking care of her father and younger siblings. Now that Jesse is dead she takes to that role even more vigorously, ready to take on any challenge to protect her sisters.

Krystal is a Simlish teacher at the local high school. She likes her job and she likes the reading that accompanies it. Between the devotion to her household and her work she is left with little time for any social life but it is a sacrifice she has no trouble making.

While her sister was away she assisted officer Sara Caliente in any way she could in order to find her and bring her home. When Irene finally pops into town Krystal is the first to contact her and urge her to go back home.

Laquita “Lucky” Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Nadine Hoves (deceased)

Full-sibling: Irene Hoves

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Krystal Hoves, Zeke Mayor

Ever since she was a teenager Laquita’s dreams to become the Leader of the Free World, like her role model and townswoman Dina Caliente. She wants to change the world one step at the time and make it a better place for everyone.

She started her political career working for her boyfriend’s mother Posie Kerry but after the older woman’s decline in popularity after having a child out of wedlock and stubernly refusing to name the little boy’s father despite Lucky’s advice she decided to jump ship and start her own career. With the help of her closest confidant, her brother Zeke, and the rest of her team Lucky gets elected as the youngest City Council Member their city had ever seen.

Irene Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Nadine Hoves (deceased)

Full-sibling: Laquita Hoves

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Krystal Hoves, Zeke Mayor

To most people Irene is a mystery. And she likes to keep it that way. She started her life of mischief as a teenager with her boyfriend Kain Vivi her partner in crime. She had even managed to land herself in a jail cell before being bailed away by her father. She hasn’t told anyone where she had run off after learning about her father’s death, nor the reasons for her return.

The first thing she did upon returning and moving back into her childhood home is getting a job at the Science Lab. There she worked as a lab assistant for Tomas Prentiss. After the death of his wife, and Irene’s oldest half sister she tries to seduce him which is why he, with the help of his dead’s wife best friend Phoibe Santoro, gets her transferred to another research project.

To read the whole story or just the summary of each post look at the table of contents.

As for this round I plan to do three or four posts, at least two from Lucky’s POV and another one or two from Irene’s.

Hoves (Jesse): Round 6.4: Welcoming Party

Table of Contents

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In the days that followed her sisters sudden reappearance Krystal barely left her side. She invited the principle, Mr. Borden over for dinner to schmooze him a bit so she could get a few days off right in the middle of the semester.


Irene of course was against this, she acted as if nothing had changed, as if she could just come back home and resume her life as it was. But Krystal couldn’t trust her. With Irene everything had a reason, Krystal didn’t believe not even for a second that Irene just happened to come home one day out of the blue with no plan behind it. Even this whole lab assistant thing… There was more behind it that it originally seemed but Krystal just didn’t have enough information to know for sure.

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Hoves(Jesse) – Round 6.3: Coming home

/* With this post we return to the normal story line of Round 6, events from this post happen sometimes after Crushed. */

Table of Contents

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“Okay, Lena and Jacob you are up next.” Krystal watched as two of her students got up from their seats and headed up to the front of the class for their presentation. This was the last of the presentations of a project she had given her class a month ago. When this is over she would have to get back to her usual lessons… The next book her class would read, according to the standard Simlish Curriculum should be: “A magnetic attraction” by Grant Rodiek. Krystal didn’t rally like that book and was already thinking about what she could replace it with when her thoughts were interrupted, not by the start of Lena and Jacob’s presentation, they were still in the process of preparation, whispering something to each other in front of the blackboard.


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Hoves(Jesse)-Round 6.2: Escape

Table of Contents

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The days that change one’s life often come when you least expect them too. For Irene Hoves one such day came in the middle of spring. It was her last year of school and all she could think about was the months that separated her from absolute freedom… Months that would soon be just days…

She was planning to spend this afternoon with Kain, that usually made time fly faster but he had to go into the city this afternoon, something about some new comic or whatever. Kain was surprisingly into those geeky stuff. His favorite sport was chess for crying out loud! But still Irene didn’t mind too much, she was sure she would find something to do…

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Hoves (Jesse) – Round 6.1 : Locked up

/* Events from this and the next post happen before the other events described so far in Round 6, they start right after Illustrious Author, also I have made two new pages: Families of Sunset Valley and People of Sunset Valley so if you have time check them out, tell me what you think 🙂 */

Table of Contents

The cell that they put Irene in was grey and dirty. It smelled of urine and something else, something nasty. Irene did her best not to dwell on the smells too much, she figured not knowing was better. At least she was alone, and the cell was quiet. she was in no mood to deal with other human beings right now… She wished she had her phone though, that would help her pass the time, and get her mind off those terrible smells… But they took her phone when they arrested her…


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Hoves (Jesse) – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Hoves (Jesse) family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



The Hoves family originally started with the Hoves brothers, Freddie and Jesse, and Freddie’s two kids: Junior and Mya. Freddie’s wife died in a fire a few years before so he decided to move to a new town and start over, his younger carefree brother Jesse came with him. They were both cops in their old hometown so they decided to join the police force again. Jesse chose a life that best suited him, partying and meeting women. He was perfectly happy being single but when one of his girlfriends Elena got pregnant and left her husband Jesse had no choice but to invite her to move in with him and his brother’s family. Out of their twins only one girl survived,  little baby Krystal. After she was born Jesse struggled to do the right thing, for her and her mother (especially since the first time he became a father he failed so miserably). So he proposed to Elena and they organized a wedding ceremony but half way trough they decided that wasn’t what they wanted… So they let Blair and Freddie marry that day instead and the next they the three of them moved out to be their own family.

Elena struggled with depression after her family fell apart and one of her babies died, Jesse tried to help her but he just couldn’t… So he concentrated on making sure Krystal had everything she wanted. He and Elena broke up eventually but they still lived together for their daughter.  After his break up with Elena Jesse got yet another girl pregnant, Nadine was a broke bartender and she left the care of their daughter Laquita to him. And so with the help of Elena and Krystal he raised another daughter.

The family would expand once again when Elena married again. She was very old at the time and Jesse suspected she was afraid of dying all alone.  And so it happened, shortly after her second marriage Elena died. And while the household was still mourning her loss Jesse managed to ruin yet another marriage, and again he let his girlfriend Jill and his son Zeke to move in with them. He and Jill would not be together for long, and she would find solace in another short fling, with none other then Darryl.  The affair would produce yet another child, Vanessa. After the break up Daryl would move out and start another life, Vanessa would go on and live with him for a while but eventually she would return to her mother. 

When Jesse reached the elder stage he finally decided he was ready to commit. He married Nadine who had stayed with him the longest. She moved in to the house bringing with her another daughter Jesse had no idea he even had. 

In time Jill moved out with her kids, Zeke would still visit his father from time to time and Krystal, Laquita and Irene stayed with Jesse after Nadine’s death.


Round 2.1


Family members:

Vanessa returns to her only home after being away for a while, she is greeted enthusiastically by her friend Lucky and brother Zeke. She overhears some conversations and learns her mother got engaged without telling her. She overreacted to this news and has to be calmed down by Lucky and Zeke. 

Round 2.2


Jesse surprises his wife, in order to score extra points for flirting with another woman at the party. He goes to pick up his daughter Krystal and tries to convince her to spend more time having fun, and less time working but she wouldn’t hear about it. The next day he finds out Vanessa had come home in a police car after sneaking in to the Public Pool with some other teenage boy, he feels lucky the same thing hadn’t happened to one of his daughters. He gets a tattoo from his neighbor Holly, teaches his son some dance moves and decides he wants to go back to work.

Round 3.1


Family members:

Krystal skips work for a day and runs into another teacher from school, Tomas Prentiss. She successfully avoids Tomas and has to run home where she has to deal with her little sister Irene and Laquita’s boyfriend who really shouldn’t be here. She dwells on her own thoughts of family, marriage, children… And the fear she has of showing the world who she really is. The next day she tries to talk to her youngest sister Irene but she isn’t really interested. That evening someone brakes into their home, her father puts and end to it and assures Krystal this has nothing to do with the secret case he is working on but Krystal herself has some doubts…

Round 3.2


The Hoves household is wrapped up in a discussion about last night’s burglary but Laquita has other thoughts on her mind, today is her graduation day! She drives her family to the City Hall and surprises her father by inviting her older half-sister Rita with whom her father is trying to reconnect for years. Afterwards they all have a family dinner and she gets a present from Krys. The very next day Laquita starts working on her dreams, she starts looking for a job in politics. She even asks her boyfriends mum to help her out. She also tells her she does plan to marry Ahmed one day.

Round 4


Family members:

Zeke returns home for a while, he is greeted by Krystal and he finds out she had nearly lost her job, his father had been suspended and Irene had to start working. He confides in Laquita, his best friend about how he wants a job and she convinces him to apply to be a ballot counter on the next election.  He goes with her to the interviews but he doesn’t get that job, the only one left is a podium polisher at the debates but he accepts it. The next day he goes with his girlfriend Marty to entertain sick kids at the hospital. Once they are back at his house he gets on one knee and proposes.

Round 5.1: Moving on


Family members:

Jesse focuses on his old hobbies, drinking and dancing as he tries to recover from the loss of his wife Nadine. One night he goes to the park instead to a club and there she meets a lovely young girl named Phoibe Santoro…

Round 5.2: Dating


Jesse and Phoibe go on a first actual date. Jesse learns Irene has a boyfriend but he lets Krystal deal with it.

Round 5.3 : Redemption


Jesse finds a new place to hang, meets a boy named Kain while jamming and tortures him with pictures of his gradndaughters. He is determinted to redeem himself for abonding his oldest daughter Rita by getting close to her daughters.

Round 5.4: Coming back


Jesse gets a visit from Lysa, Phoibe’s step-sister. She doesn’t mention Phoibe but inquires about Jesse’s job. This gets him thinking and he goes to the station to talk to his niece, and his boss about going back to work.

Round 6.1: Locked up


Family members:

Irene finds her self in a jail cell after committing theft with her boyfriend Kain. Her father Jesse comes to talk…

Round 6.2: Escape


Irene runs away from home after getting some very bad news concerning her father…

Round 6.3: Coming home


Family members:

  • Krystal Hoves (adult)
  • Laquita Hoves (young adult:  Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Good, Savvy Sculptor, Easily Impressed, LTW:  Leader of the Free World)
  • Irene Hoves (young adult: Loner, Slob, Evil, Neurotic, LTW:  Gold Digger)

Years after her father’s death and her sister’s disappearance Krystal gets a visit one day in class and with it she finally receives news of her youngest sister’s faith…

Round 6.4: Welcoming Party

Screenshot_7Irene is back to her old ways but that doesn’t really mean Krystal trust her… So she follows her sister around town in hope to get some answers to where she was and more importantly why exactly is she back…

7.1: Budgets and Boyfriends


Family members:

  • Krystal Hoves (adult)
  • Laquita Hoves (young adult:  Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Good, Savvy Sculptor, Easily Impressed, LTW:  Leader of the Free World)
  • Irene Hoves (young adult: Loner, Slob, Evil, Neurotic, LTW:  Gold Digger)

Lucky is busy at her work for the City Council. She plans to run for mayor the next election. Her boyfriend Ahmed on the other hand is unemployed and uninterested in starting a family…

7.2: Donations and Dinners


Lucky gets a big donation from a handsome but engaged fireman. To top it all he invites her to dinner…

7.3: Family and Frustrations


Irene gets some unsatisfactory gossip from her sister. She tries to devise a plan to separate Tomas Prentiss and Phoibe Santoro. She is discovered to be the person behind the new drug with the street name I.

Hoves (Jesse) – Round 5.4 – Coming back

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Family members:

Appearing in the story:

It was Friday, it was almost a week after Jesse’s last date with Phoibe. He hadn’t called her in days, he was waiting for her to call him when she was done with the big experiment that took most of her time nowadays. He hoped she would call this weekend. He had plans to take her out, plans he hScreenshot_8oped would lead him to the young woman’s bed.

He was home alone when the doorbell rang. He was busy reading a reply from his granddaughter Maja, he was telling her about the boy he met last night, Kain or something, saying how he mentioned to know her and her sister and she told him the boy was his youngest daughter Irene’s boyfriend. The information came to him as a real shocker so he barely registered the first ring. When who ever it was rang again he moved away from the screen and headed downstairs.

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Hoves (Jesse) – Round 5.3 – Redemption

Previous rounds:

Family members:

Appearing in the story:

Next week Phoibe was busy, some equipment she ordered for some of her experiments just came in and she told Jesse she would be working a lot of overtime. Being shut inside the house meditating wasn’t something Jesse could take for a week so he took his bike from the garage and pedaled away. He was anxious about seeing Phoibe again but a figured a little delay wouldn’t do them too much harm, he did want to show her he had changed from the heartless town playboy everyone thought him to be.

He wanted to go to the dance club, but something made him change his mind. He hadn’t been there since the day he met Phoibe at the park. Instead he stopped by a small beach bar that seemed crowded even though it was still daytime.

He parked his bike outsideScreenshot_4 and walked right into  the middle of the happy hour. “Need a hand?” He yelled at the tired looking bartender over a crowd of gathered people. “Sure, grab a bottle and start pouring.” The young man yelled from the other side of the bar. Jesse had never worked at the bar before but he could mix a drink or two, it was a usefully trick he learned for parties in his younger years and he did save the young bartender’s ass that afternoon earning himself a lifetime discount. And he did like the place so for the rest of the week that was where he spent his nights.

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