Hoves – Santoro -Round 6.2: Change II

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It was rather quiet in the office when Lysa walked in. Shirley, her co-worker was there filling her nails under the desk.

“Hi.” Lysa said dropping her purse on her desk.Shirley muttered a hello without even lifting her head.

“You shouldn’t get too comfortable.” She added as Lysa was turning on her computer. “The big boss is here.” She said gesturing to the halfway open door of the next room. Lysa looked in and saw a black haired woman talking on the phone her back to the door.


“I swear to you Lysa if she says one thing to me today… Just one… I’m going to hand in my resignation without a second thought…” When Lysa said nothing Shirley went on. “I can you know… ‘Smoke’, my band is doing really, really well… We have a weekly gig in the inn now, it is a start I know, but a really good one, it is a break I have been waiting for. So I can just quit…”

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Hoves-Santoro – Round 6.1: Change I

Table of contents

Dougie Hoves shuffled nervously pushing away a fallen leaf with his the tip of his foot. He was all alone in the graveyard today but still it was a though battle, finding the right words to start talking. Some days it wouldn’t be so hard, some days words would just fly out of his mouth and Dougie wished today was one of those days.


And so Dougie found himself staring at the big stone in front of him. The stone stared back, cold and expressionless. Dougie focused on his mother’s name, etched in the cold surface of the stone. He read it over and over, trying to summon her with his thoughts.

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Hoves-Santoro – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Hoves-Santoro family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers possible).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



Dougie’s and Lysa’s story starts the day they got married at Lysa’s mother’s home, shortly after Dougie’s mother Blair passed away. They skipped their honeymoon and moved straight away into their new place. You can read about their life before marriage here (Dougie’s story) and here (Lysa’s story).

Hoves-Santoro – Round 6.1 : Change I 


Family members:

  • Dougie Hoves (adult)
  • Luther Prentiss (adult: Hates The Outdoors, Star Quality, Daredevil, Good, Snob, LTW: Illustrious Author )
  • Lysa Hoves (adult)

Dougie visits the graveyard and talks to his mother about his life without her, his marriage issues and his family…

Hoves-Santoro – Round 6.2 : Change II


Lysa deals with her own doubts and insecurities about her marriage and her husband. She delivers some big news to Dougie…