Hoves – Round 5.2

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Day 3

Wednesday morning Junior slept in. He had woken up fresh and energized so he decided to go for a jog. It was a workday so Screenshot_3the streets were pretty much empty but it was a sunny day, beautiful and promising.

He ran all the way to the beach, and he
had planned to run back home the same way he came. He had just passed the Public Pool where he saw Lysa, his younger brother’s fiancee, she was there with her brother, Hannah’s best friend Pegasus and he waved at them both and just continued running. Seeing the two of them had broken his running meditation and his thoughts strayed back to his wife.

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Hoves – Round 5.1

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Day 1

Like most people on the planet Junior Hoves hated Monday mornings. This one would prove terrible even by Monday standards. When he had finally gotten up his wife Hannah was already out of bed, he rummaged trough the drawers and found no clean socks. “HONEY WERE ARE MY SOScreenshot_2CKS?” He yelled trough the door.  “WE ARE HAVING A SITUATION WITH THE WASHING MACHINE.” His wife yelled back at him. “THERE ARE SOME NEW ONES IN THE BAG BY THE BED, THEY WILL MATCH YOUR NEW SWEATER!”

When he got dressed and got downstairs he found out the washing machine was broken and water was spilling everywhere and Hannah was down on the floor trying to contain the oncoming flood. “Need help?” He asked with a sigh. “No.” Hannah replied. “Just try not to step in here and get your socks wet.” “This needs to be fixed.” Junior replied eyeing the machine from the door. “Yes. Your step-mother already tried it and landed herself in the ER. I think this requires professional attention.” “The ER?” He asked. “Yes. She electrocuted herself a bit, I ordered Dougie to take her, you know Blair she was just going to get a shower and go to work.” Hannah sighed. “Go eat. Freddie’s on it.”

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Hoves – Round 4

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Day 1

“…and when our hands touched I looked into his eyes and I swear too you Freddie we were about to kiss…”


Frederica Hoves listened to her best friend Irene ramble about that weekends teen gathering at the park and all she could think about was how stupid was it that her parents didn’t let her go, even the biggest losers from school were there, Kain Vivi stole some beers from his older brother and brought them to the park and everyone was hanging out, getting drunk. “What happened then?” She asked knowing Irene would tell her anyway… “Then the cops busted in I heard the sirens and split… They got Kain but I couldn’t risk it, my dad would have flipped you know…” Frederica nodded supportively but inside she was still fuming she couldn’t go, she had never even tasted beer… That’s how strict her stupid parents were.

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Hoves – Round 3.2

Round 3.1 available here.

Day 3

For Blair every day was still a challenge. Her husband was still gone and she never stopped missing him. And now her friends were dying too. She couldn’t believe how quickly Ebony had left this world, it seemed like yesterday that she would come over and try to make her laugh. The only solution she found not to give herself up to depression was to stay active.

Currently she was volunteeriTS3W_2015-10-25_21-42-35-68ng at the local Fire Department. She found it important to serve the community while she was still active and healthy and facing fires was helpful when attempting to get your minds of things that haunted you every way you go.

But it wasn’t just the work itself that help. Hanging around the station was also refreshing in a way. The SV Fire Department currently had three regular employees, Jared Prentiss, a young man who was Hannah’s nephewTS3W_2015-10-25_21-48-28-33, Maddison and Carissa Jackson, another young woman. Blair loved hanging out with Maddison the most. She would always listen to her ideas, and she was an ideal playing partner for GTA. And she was closest to Blair in age.

Her interactions with the other female employee were, well at least for Blair’s tastes, a little weird… It had been years since she had last dated and she was well beyond an age in which men shown interest in her and she had long made peace with that. The love of her life was already gone and maybe one day they will be together again, in another place, another life, and that was fine.

But it seamed her coworker had a different idea. Just yesterday she brought Blair flowers. It was a nice bouquet, but the whole gesture just caught Blair off guard. She complimented thTS3W_2015-10-25_21-39-34-83e flowers and thanked her coworker but she was dumbfounded. She once had a relationship with a woman, many, many years back, before Freddie. But Ayesha was just a phase and besides she wasn’t interested in any romantic relationships and she didn’t now how to express those feelings, besides the young fire woman did nothing but bring her flowers. But if Blair remembered correctly, that was definitely not a gesture of friendship…

It was these thoughts that kept Blair up this night. She checked the clock. It was already Wednesday and she was still awake. She sighed. She had to drop to the station again today, and there she would face the woman, and will have to tell her something. Tell her what? She had enough of tossing around an empty bed so she got up. She was about to make herself some tea when she heard music coming from the garage.

She walked there, the doors were wide open and her son wTS3W_2015-10-25_21-57-05-40as inside, playing the guitar. She stood in the corner for a while, just listening. The boy could play… Where he got that talent she had no idea, neither her or her late husband had shown any interest in music but their only child sure did. He didn’t notice her, he seamed lost in what he was doing, his eyes focused on the strings of the instrument in his hands.

When he was done she softly spoke: “That was beautiful Dougie.” He turned around surprised. “Mum. What are you doing here? It’s late, and it’s cold!” She just shrugged. “The ailments of old age… I could not sleep so I went to a concert instead.” She smiled at him and he smiled back. He was a big guy, her son but inside he was a sweet little child, her child. The most wonderful thing she and Freddie ever made together. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” Dougie said suddenly worried. “No, no honey. I didn’t even hear it from my room.” He nodded, relieved. “I was practicing a little, this guy, this bassist, Koussesimisky is coming to town this week, he will hold classes tomorrow at the theater, thought I drop by a little, didn’t want to embarrass myself. Also thought I wouldn’t be bad to serenade Lysa with this little thing.” He added with a smile and she smiled back. “She would be a fool not to fall for that.” He grinned. “Thanks mum! So have you heard about Kousssesimisky? You should have… He’s this older dude…” He proceeded as they walked back inside.

Blair fall a sleep soon after her chat with Dougie was over but she got only a few hours of sleep at least according to her watch. She deemed it was enough and went upstairs to check on eTS3W_2015-10-25_21-58-57-50veryone else. Junior and Kerry were up. They were playing chess on the balcony and she looked at Freddie’s youngest grandchild. He looked a lot like Hannah but there were certain gestures like him pinching his own nose when thinking that reminded Blair so much of the husband she had lost.

Junior had the day off so he and Hannah stayed home with Kerry. Frederica had that field trip to the Chinese mausoleum and Blair went to the statiTS3W_2015-10-25_22-14-19-27on. She was barely inside when she ran into Carissa.

“Hi Blair.” She said and before Blair got the chance to answer she went on. “I’m really sorry for my behaviour yesterday, I’m aware I sometimes… take it too far…” She took a deep breath and produced a box from behind her back. “Here take this… a small token of apology.” She smiled and Blair smile back, faintly but seemingly sufficiently because Carissa left and didn’t bother her again. Blair never opened the package, a little fearful of what it might contain.

When she got home she went TS3W_2015-10-25_22-19-49-97straight to the kitchen. Dougie was still home fighting with someone over the phone and Junior was rummaging through the fridge for leftovers.

“Leave it Junior, I’ll cook.” She told her stepson who turned around, a smile on his unshaven face. Like his father when he was alive, Junior never learned to cook. “Blair, you are a life saver.” She smiled. Dougie moved away from them, still in an argument over the phone. “Who is he talking too?” She asked Junior but he only shrugged. “Where is Hannah?” She asked moving to the fridge to pick out the ingredients.  “She went to lay down.” Junior replied. “And I see you had just gotten up?” She asked with a smile. Junior looked down at his pajamas. “What? It’s my day off!”

They ate together and then all split up. Hannah went to work in the garden, Dougie went to listen to the bassist at the theater and Junior took the children to the park. And before she knew it they were back.

“Grandma please read me a bedtime story. Pleeeaaase.” Kerry jumped up and down around her. Blair smiled. “Which one?” “Adventures of RTS3W_2015-10-25_22-30-51-98aymundo!” Kerry yelled at once. “Alright.” She smiled and beckoned him to go upstairs. “Not in my room.” He said frowning. “Freddie will get mad if we leave the lights on. Can you read it in your room?” She sighed. “You’ll just fall asleep in my bed.” “No, no I won’t, I’ll just listen to the story and go to bed. Please.” She did as she was told. It was a grandmother’s job to spoil the kids afteral. Like she anticipated Kerry fell asleep sprawled over her bed in a way that gave her no room for herself and not wanting to bother the small boy she marched up to his room.

He and his sister slept on TS3W_2015-10-25_22-34-39-60bunk beds, and since Frederica was the first to pick and she picked the bottom bed so Blair had to go up the ladder to get to her bad for the night, careful not to fall or wake her granddaughter. That night sleep caught up to her pretty fast.

Day 4

TS3W_2015-10-25_22-40-08-33When she had gotten up she was alone in the room. It was already morning and Frederica must have been getting ready for school. She heard voices coming from downstairs and saw Dougie in the living room with his best friend Luther who must have came by before work.

Luther was whispering to Dougie’s ear and Dougie had his hand over his mouth but his eyes betrayed a smile. Frederica was on the couch eating breakfast and frowning while observing them.

“Tell them they are being rude grandma!” The little girl yelled as she saw Blair coming down the stairs. The two man stopped talking at once and Blair spoke to Frederica. “They are a bit rude. There are other places in this house they could go and talk instead of whispering around like school girls but you don’t need to know everything honey. ”  “But I want to know, whatever it is, I’m old enough, I’m almost nine and…” Dougie sneered at her and she stuck out her tongue  at him.  “Frederica!” Blair yelled at her. Now you are being rude. “Finish your breakfast! And Dougie stop annoying your niece.” They both shut up at once so she turned to the young man in her living room. “Morning Luther, how are you?” “Morning Mrs. Hoves.” The young man answered with a polite smile. “Things are really good. And you? My brother tells me you are volunteering at the station so the health must be good?” She smiled. “Still no cane, that’s something alright. How’s the world of scientific research treating you?” “Really good.” The young man answered. “I have focused more on genetics in general so after some papers I wrote they gave me a job at the hospital. So there I am right now, advancing the field of medicine.” “That’s wonderful.” Blair said with a smile. “As usual Dougie tells me nothing.” She frowned at her son who just shrugged in a I-thought-I-told-you way. “Your mother must be very proud.” She told Luther. “How is she by the way?” “Fine, fine.” Luther replied. “She is a bit mad at me… But we’ll sort things out.” “Why?” Blair asked in shock. Luther sighed. “The whole Minissa thing, and how it ended… It’s a long story and I have to get to work. It was nice seeing you Mrs. Hoves, you too Freddie.” He added with a smile to Frederica but she didn’t even look at him as he left. Dougie went with out with him and Blair went to the kitchen to make herself breakfast.

Sometimes she worried about Dougie, he and Luther were the same age and Luther had a nice career, a child, and he was always so well mannered and Dougie was… Well Dougie. Sometimes she wished he had more ambition, and sometimes she was glad he was still a child, her child.

She didn’t have much time to think about her son though because before she was even done with breakfast there was a call on her phone. It was the station. She picked up hastily and heard Maddison’s voice. “Blair, get ready! There was a fire at Edmund Frail’s house. I’ll be there in five.” Blair dropped the dishes in the sink and got her uniform on as fast as she could.

TS3W_2015-10-25_22-52-49-96She thought of nothing but saving those people. It turned out Edmund Frail was on the first floor and they were able to get to him fast but his sons were trapped in the basement.

The stairs were wooden and were threatening to collapse but Blair was down before her coworkers could bring the ladder. She thought only of those boys, the youngest was just a little older than Kerry. She used her ax to break down the doors and free the scared boys. All she could think about was their father upstairs, he lost a daughter already, he couldn’t survive anything bad happening to his remaining sons…  So she hit and hit, until the door broke and she saw them. They were white with fear and she ushered them out and helped them up the ladder Maddison and Carissa were holding up.

She stayed at the hospital for the most part of day, making sure all the Frail’s were ok. The boy’s mother, Edmund Frail’s ex-wife came to the hospital around noon, shrieking asking about her boys, Blair calmed her down and they had coffee together. By the time she got back home it was already dark.

Frederica was outside with a flash light telling a ghost story to TS3W_2015-10-25_22-58-53-55her best friend, Irene and as usual Dougie was playing games in the living room and all Blair wanted was a shower and to to close her eyes, preferably in her own bed…

Hoves – Round 3.1

The last time I played the Hoves Junior was a bit buggy and had to be moved out so maybe you’ll be glad to now that the bugs is gone, after I moved him back in so he we’ll feature in this update. Also I have to introduce the newest member of the Hoves family, Kerry, and his sister Freddie is a child now, so here they are:KerryFreddie

Freddie developed the Kleptomaniac trait and Kerry’s a Slob and a Genius.

Day 1

It was Monday. Junior had just came home from work and he had a headache. He wasn’t getting enough sleep, the forensics department was swamped, ever since they got the new equipment he had been pitching for they were sending them samples from all over the country, even as far as Twinbrook.

It didn’t help however that today he heard a particularly nasty rumorTS3W_2015-10-25_20-43-51-70, one he chose not to believe, about his wife and younger brother fighting in public. He could imagine a few nasty words being sad, the two were like this to each other ever since once over dinTS3W_2015-10-25_20-44-59-31ner Hannah told Dougie how she felt he was wasting his life away playing video games and doing nothing with his life and Dougie took it very badly, he was always like that, everything was personal for him. Junior preferred to stay out of this but it was slowly becoming less possible… He knew that tonight he would probably hear two versions of the same story from both of them and he sighed.

Blair was in the living room, but not alone, Laquita, one of his uncle Jesse’s daughters was there and Blair was telling her about different guys she had put in prison. It was unusual for his step-mother to talk about her time in the force but he guessed she was becoming like all old people who were so yearning for their youth that they spent endless hours reminiscing about the life they once had. It surprised him a bit coming from her anyway, Blair still had a pretty active life even though she was done with her spy business,  for a year she thought at the police academy and even held some self defense seminars for middle school kids. Now she was volunteering at the fire department. Retirement was not for everyone he guessed.

“Hi Junior.” Blair said to him a smile on her face. “Say hi to the future president of the whole country.” “Hi Laquita.” he said with a smile. “So politics?” “That’s the plan!” the young girl said with a smile. “I still have a long way to go…” “We believe in you sweetie.” Blair told her patting her arm encouragingly. “Well anyway…What I came to say is…” The girl spoke a bit nervously. “My graduation ceremony is this week but we all got a limited number of invitations…” “And we are a big family.” Blair finished for her. “You can’t invite all of us, and you can’t chose… It’s not a problem honey.” The girl smiled, relief obvious on her face and Junior gave her a smile as well and went upstairs to fix himself a bath.

It didn’t help. He still wasn’t feeling himself so he got ready to go for a run. He was just about to leave when he ran into his wife. Monday’s she moderated a book club at the bookstore where she TS3W_2015-10-25_21-10-20-47worked part time and she often came home late. Tonight however that was not the case.

“Oh Jun. I’m so glad I ran into you, I had the craziest day today…” She told him the moment she saw him. He sighed. His head was throbbing but there would be no running tonight. “Come on inside, you’ll tell me all about it as I give you a back rub.” He told his wife watching her face brighten. “You are the best husband in the world!” She told him. “Well and you are not the best wife, the doctor said you need to avoid additional stress and you still insist on moderating that book club…” “Oh it’s not the book club Junior. That was fine. It’s your brother…” Here we go, Junior thought with a sigh. “Lets go inside.” He told her and so they went. They were keeping Hannah’s pregnancy under wraps for now at least, the situation at home was not the best with Dougie threatening to move out… He didn’t want his little brother to leave, his mother needed him, and if Blair were to leave to… With him working so much Hannah needed all the help she would get… And there were his other children, he didn’t really think Kerry would mind a younger brother or sister but Frederica… Mondays were the worst!

Day 2

Next morning Junior found Frederica in the living room playing some video game. She must have been up at 4 am just to play without her mother sTS3W_2015-10-25_21-24-22-36eeing her. He sighed. Hannah blamed him and his work and subsequent absence for everything wrong with their daughter, and right now it was her disobedience
of all her elders. But Junior, although he loved all his children always felt that there was just something wrong with his daughter…

That is why on slow days at the lab he would read countless articles about child psychopathy, the possible signs and treatments. Of course Hannah would never believe him and would never consent to taking her beloved eldest child to a therapist he still wanted to know, desperately, was there something wrong with his child? She wasn’t cruel to animals, or liked causing other people pain, to his great relief but when Kerry was born she reacted badly, she was super jealous and while Hannah assured him it was normal with siblings, he couldn’t remember ever seeing a case that bad.

Sure when they both grew a little tTS3W_2015-10-10_13-37-49-44hey played together, under watchful eyes of other adults but Junior could never forget the cold hatred in Freddie’s eyes when she would push Kerry’s tiny baby hands from her, when he was curious enough to try and reach to his little sister.

But, at least for now, they got along as well as siblings do, and Frederica, to most people, seamed like a normal little girl, she went to school, liked video gaTS3W_2015-10-25_21-31-39-74mes, liked watching the stars, and was a little disobedient, nothing abnormal but Junior was a little afraid what the addition of one more family member might do to his daughter…

“What are you doing Freddie?” He asked in a serious voice. “You know your mother doesn’t approve of you spending too much time playing games.” “Well I love games!” His daughter replied barely moving her eyes from the TV. “Well what you should love is your mother, and listen to what she saws. Game over.” He said walking up to her and snatching the controller from her hands. She looked him, cold fury in her eyes as she got up and left the room. Junior looked at what she was playing. GTA? I’ll definitely need to talk to Dougie… He thought with a sigh.

Tuesday was pretty busy as well so could get his daughter and her behavior out of head, at least until the school called to ask for his permission for Freddie to take a field trip to the Chinese MausoleumTS3W_2015-10-25_21-49-13-79um tomorrow. When he got home he found her talking over the phone so he sent her to her room to do homework. Once he did the laundry, before going to take a swim he went up to check on her. He saw her sitting in Mya’s old room bent over a notebook and wondered if she has any chance to grow up normal…

Hoves – Round 2.2

As I promised here is the second update for the Hoves, if you want to read the first you could do it here.

Day 3

Dougie got up early Friday morning, it was not usual for him but his mother had caught some kind of stomach virus and was up throwing up all nights so he got her TS3W_2015-10-10_13-51-03-82some canned chicken soup to eat in bed and he sat at her desk eating leftover lime pie with his right hand and scrolling his facebook page with his left. He tried to hide it but he was very worried for his mother. He didn’t like her being sick, in her age anything could kill you… He knew that. He even offered to take her to the doctor but she refused. “It’s just a virus Dougey, everyone is having it. I have only twenty four hours of throwing up to look forward to… I just hope I don’t give it to the kids.” Dougie sighed. “I still think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see someone. Hannah could call that buddy of hers, Lysa‘ s brother…” “I said no Douglas.” His mother cut him off. He hated when she called him Douglas. “And stop using the computer while you are eating. You are getting crumbs everywhere.” He sighed closing the browser. “Fine. Did I tell you Mya called yesterday? Ollie needs tutoring and they called me.” Blair nodded quietly.  “We spend so little time with your sister… You should go, help the little boy.” “I just hope he takes after her, not his father.” He grinned but his mother was not so amused.  “It was a joke, ma.” “Yes and Benji is your sister’s husband and it’s not polite to insult him that way.” “Fine.” He said once more trying to change the subject. “You know what you should to mum? You should dye your hair.” It was true, his mother stopped dying her hair after his father passed away. “And you know what? You should pick some rad color! Do you want me to help?”TS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-37-31

The rest of the day, after his mother kicked him out of the room assuring him she just needed sleep, he spent in the garage. His inventing table was there and Dougey loved playing with it. He loved inventing ever since he was a child but it never grew into anything more than a hobby.

After he was done, he didn’t manage to make anything cool he found Kerry yelling after him: “Dougie, DTS3W_2015-10-10_13-29-38-94ougie…” Shooting his tiny little hands in the air. “What do you want, ha?” He asked the boy picking him tickling him as he did. Kerry laughed like crazy. “I wanna fly!” He squealed between laughs and Dougie picked him up and held him in the air the little boy flapping his hands in the air. It was a hilarious sight but Dougey really loved playing with his nephews, especially this little bugger. He was much smarter than a nearly three year old should be, you could just tell he will grow up a genius like his auntie Mya.

When Hannah got upstairs to get Kerry ready to bed he protested a bit but his eyes were already closing so Dougey placed him in his mothers hand and went to his room where another surprise waited. “And what are you up to stinky little menace?” He asked his niece who was using his computer and apparentlyTS3W_2015-10-10_14-15-08-96 checking out his facebook. “You are stinky Dougey!” Freddie replied not missing a beat. “I’m chatting with the lady from next door, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.” She added grinning at him. “Yeah? Latricia? She is also like thirteen. And I have a girlfriend. Back off.” He said closing his laptop. Freddie frowned. She didn’t like it when you opposed her. “You are a meanie Dougey!” “No you are a meanie, you know it’s not ok to touch other people’s stuff.” “Kerry touches my toys all the time!” She replied instantly. “And Kerry’s a baby. Are you a baby Freddie?” “No.” She concluded. Thankfully it seamed that was the end of that discussion since she stuck out her tongue at him and ran outside, next he heard Hannah yelling. “No running Freddie, you’ll wake your brother.” And he smiled. Another day another victory but those kids were TS3W_2015-10-10_14-32-55-39only getting more mischievous by the minute.

Before he went to bed he went to check up on his mum. She was a sleep and didn’t seem to have a fever. Concluding everything was in order he could get to sleep himself.

Day 4

The next morning he got up in his usual time  and that meant the kids were already in their parents’ bedroom watching cartoons. He could hear them laughing, Kerry’s little childlike lauTS3W_2015-10-10_14-05-27-37gh and Freddie’s loud, shrill one. The younger boy was sitting on the floor and his sister was on the bed, her head thrown backwards. “You have…to see… this… Dougey.” She managed to say still laughing so he listened to her and sat on the bed next to her picking up Kerry into his lap.

After their mother came to pick them up to have breakfast and the children obediently left he called his girlfriend, Lysa. It was Saturday and TS3W_2015-10-10_14-20-52-46he figured they could go out tonight. “Oh Dougey I’m so sorry but count me out for tonight.” He hard his girlfriend take a deep breath and he knew she was mad. “I have to go back to Phaena’s tonight, so I have to pack and everything after I get home from work… I’m so sorry…”  “Don’t sweat it. See you tomorrow then?” “Definitely.” Lysa confirmed. “I love you.” She added before hanging up the phone. “Love ya too.” He murmured as he disconnected. He sighed. Lysa’s mothers were divorced, for… Well almost before the two of them were dating and she still had to move from one house to another. It was taxing on her, he knew and she preferred being at Jill’s than at Phaena’s and he knew a drink or two before going there would do her good but she had to pack… What was with that girl and packing? He thought to himself. He watched her pack once she was so meticulous, one would say she was preparing to move to the north pole, not just a street away. He would just throw those thing in a bag and be done with it but when he suggested it to her she threw him the meanest and coldest gaze he had ever gotten.

He looked at the phone thinking about calling someone else but the choice was limited. His best friend Luther started working at the Science Facility a while back and he was swamped lately, he had to stay overtime and all. Plus Luther had a kid now, Freddie’s age. Gonna were the days when two of them could party all Saturday and then play video games all Sunday. He sighed. It seems it’s PES night tonight. Woo!

Before getting downsTS3W_2015-10-10_14-27-12-75tairs to see  whathe could eat he glanced outside and saw his mother with Kerry. His jaw dropped in surprise. She had dyed her hair green, light green. He laughed so hard that both his mum and Kerry turned to him in surprise, he gave his mum two thumbs up and went downstairs, a smile still plastered to his face. He was so glad his mother listened to him. She was getting better every day and that made him happy too, he didn’t want her back to how she was when his father died. He missed his dad too, every day but he knew he would never want them trowing out their lives for him and he tried living his life in a way he knew his father would approve, making his mum happy was always number one on the list.

That afternoon Hannah was out, she had some big event at the school, Llama Hearding program was being extended, or something, he forgot soTS3W_2015-10-10_14-30-56-08 he and mum were stuck babysitting. His mum stayed with Kerry while he played tag with Frederica. She exhausted him like usual, he could never match a five year old’s energy, even if he wasn’t a tad overweight.

When Hannah returned that night it was already time to put the kids to bed and he made her join his game night, she had nothing better do to anyway since Junior was away and he knew his big brother would appreciate him for keeping her company. She was a little clumsy with the controls but she picked it up pretty fast and it turned out to be a fun night at home.

Hoves – Round 2.1

After the Browns and the Prentiss here is another round for the Hoves. Their story beings on Wednesday, around 9 a.m. (There was a bug with Junior, I couldn’t play until I moved him out so he is missing from this update, hopefully next time I play TS3W_2015-09-23_22-49-37-56he will be ok). If you missed round 1, you could read it here but it’s ok to skip and go on.

Also if you missed it the last time Blair is now an elder.

Day 1

In her nightmares she didn’t pass out, she was awake the whole time and she was going through the house searching for her children. Smoke was everywhere and she was unable to see anything so she called for them, inhaling the poisonous air, it hurt to breathe but she yelled and yelled: “FREDDIE!! KERRY!! WHERE ARE YOU??” But they didn’t respond. There wasn’t even a cry…

Hannah woke up all drenched in sweat. She wondered will the nightTS3W_2015-09-23_23-23-40-14mares ever stop? Both her brother, Andrew and her best friend Pegasus who were both doctors said they will. They said after that kind of trauma it was normal but Hannah wasn’t convinced… It had been two years and still she couldn’t get that terrible day out of her head.

She had been alone with the kids that day. Junior was at work, Blair was on a mission (the last one she would ever go on) and Dougie was out… Who knows where he had gone. Those days she had been so tired all the time, she had two toddlers, her part time job and still hadn’t given up her dream of finishing med school. She was cooking lunch and had gone upstairs to find Freddie, Kerry was in the living room watching cartoons. She found Freddie in Mya’s room and she sat on the bed to watch her play. She must have fallen a sleep.

When she woke up the fire alarm was blaring. It must be broken was her fist thought as she opened her eyes. But then she felt the heat and saw smoke rising from the kitchen. She panicked. Freddie was siting right there her little face pale from fear. She picked her up, and whispered soothing words in her ear. “It would be alright baby… ” She repeated all over even though her own heart was attempting to escape her chest. She run down the stairs, the living room had not caught fire yet, at this time it was only in the kitchen. She only looked at the open door and saw the flames dancing everywhere, scared more than ever she ran outside and placed her daughter on the front lawn. She kissed her forehead gently and whispered: “Mummy will be right back… I need to find your brother.Stay here.” Freddie didn’t say anything and she ran inside. Where was Kerry? She ran upstairs again but by that time the house was full of smoke. She coughed and coughed and at some point of her frantic running she passed out.

She woke up and saw Hoster, Andrew’s spouse. He was a fireman and when she saw him all in uniform she thought: Thank God. We are saved. “Hannah, are you ok?” He asked. She nodded. “The paramedics are outside, can you walk?” She nodded, her throat hurt, she couldn’t speak. “My children…” She managed to say in a thin whisper. “They will be fine, we must go…” She followed him outside, by that time the living room was on fire she saw when she had gotten down the stairs, another fireman, Clyde Belgen, she knew him as well, was putting out the fire. My children… She thought. She was so scared.

It was Hoster who fouTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-24-09nd Freddie. She had not listened to her, and when she went back inside she ran to the other side of the house, to the pool. Her father had been teaching her to swim so she thought she would get in the pool, because fire could not find her there. Luckily Hoster found her before she jumped in and got her to safety.

And what saved her baby boy was nothing but luck. He was in the living room watching cartoons when the fire broke out and by some instinctTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-50-43, or whatever ruled the decisions of a of a one year old he hid under the stairs, behind the TV and Clyde managed to put out the fire before it was too late. He found her son and carried him outside. He had inhaled a lot of smoke and had to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation but he was alive and well in no time.

The nightmares began immediately, followed by the terrible guilt of nearly killing her children, Hannah was a mess. Andrew got her to see a therapist but it was only the support of her husband and family that got her out of this terrible place she was… What was the worst for Hannah however was the fact her own daughter had been having this nightmares as well, and not only that she had been so traumatized she stoppTS3W_2015-10-01_20-40-16-56ed talking.

Throw in a state of despair Hannah could not do anything for her daughter and fell on the rest of the family to help the poor toddler. Blair retired from the force as soon she got back and she was there, all the time, and everyone else at the house chipped in as well. But it was Hannah’s sister Alyssa who got Freddie to talk at last. Hannah would never now how she did it, and would never care, the important thing was that Freddie was recovering…

She was in tears when she thanked Alyssa, the two of them werenTS3W_2015-10-10_13-18-55-45‘t close, they fought constantly as teenagers and later never rebuilt the relationship but Hannah would never forget what she did for her, like she would never what Hoster and Clyde did, even though it was their job.

Back to the present she went downstairs to get started on some chores. When she got back to her room Dougey was there already watching cartoons with the kids.

He held Kerry in his arms and Freddie sat on her bed. She smiled at Dougey who was yawning loTS3W_2015-10-10_13-13-36-05udly and she felt a wave of gratitude. The whole family took such good care for those kids and she was so lucky to have them.

The rest of the day was peaceful, assured by Blair and Dougey that they have it all covered she went to work, she still worked part-time at the bookstore and afterwards went fishing, enjoying the peacefulness she couldn’t find anywhere else… It was recommended by her therapist to go back to fishing and he was right, it helped, it also helped she brought home some perfect anchovies.

Day 2TS3W_2015-10-10_13-32-00-62

Getting up the next day and seeing Dougey in the living room playing video games brought back memories to the day after the fire. She got downstairs that day only to a similar image, Dougey sitting on the floor surrounded by ashes and debris, completely ignorant of everything around him playing his damn video game.

Sometimes she really admired that boy, his ability to adapt to what life threw at him, facing it all with a smile, as long as he could had his PS, other times sheTS3W_2015-10-10_13-34-38-98 felt he was being too babied by his mother. He was a man, well into his twenties and all he ever did was party and play. He was great to her kids though, they loved uncle Dougey, but she hoped her own son won’t be like that.

It was noticeable, especially at times like this when her husband was away (this time it was the International Forensics seminar and he was invited to speak as a renowned Dynamic DNA Profiler) that there was no man of the house. Hannah was raised in a family where that was of paramount importance. A man of the house was to be relied on in all matters, and should have a say in all decisions, but TS3W_2015-10-10_13-45-15-23with Dougey as the man of the house it all fell to her and Blair and she felt he was barely less a child then her boy Kerry, the only difference being Dougey could be relied on to go to the bathroom by himself, and was able to feed himself. Just the other day Blair had to call the repairman to fix their computer, Junior would never allow that, not unless he got at it fist but Dougey didn’t really care, as long as the Play Station was working…

But it was not Hannah’s place to complain. After all she owed so much to Dougey and Blair and just tTS3W_2015-10-10_13-43-45-43hat night, thanks to their babysitting she could find the time to go to a party, where she would meet Nala Caliente, the famous movie composer, and get her autograph as well.

She wished her husband was here to share this with him she thought as she headed home… She would call him in the morning but it was not the same. He worked so much lately. He had even missed Freddie’s last birthday. She hoped he wouldn’t to the same to Kerry…

She knew the kids were young but they noticed this things. She remeTS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-58-67mbered how bad Freddie felt that day and even though catching bad guys was important, so was family. She was determined to remind her husband of that and she almost called him that evening but decided against in the last minute. He was probably tired for talks like that… It could wait till the morning she assured herself, but as she was drifting a sleep she already knew what will she be telling herself tomorrow, it could wait until he gets back…

Hope you liked this one, a little more throwback than actual events but the present was not so fun. Don’t miss part 2. 🙂