Mayor – Round 6.4: Sunset at the Gradle mansion

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When Zeke opened his eyes that morning all he saw was green, lots and lots of green. He blinked a few times trying to remember where he was. There was a warm bed underneath him, but it wasn’t his bed, or his room. As he scanned the walls he saw diplomas, sport awards and trophies and he realized it must have been Marty’s brother’s room.


He wondered where Ollie Gradle woke up that morning feeling guilty he usurped the young man’s room.  His memories of last night were rather foggy, he couldn’t believe he had gotten drunk again… But it was hard to say no to Marty’s father who kept passing him the beers and patting his back. He groaned loudly as he tried to get up. His head didn’t hurt as badly as the other day but his throat was parched.

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Mayor- Round 6.3: Parties and Misunderstandings

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Days and weeks passed and autumn took hold of Sunset Valley and still Zeke hadn’t heard from Marty. She texted him, that same night at the waterfall, the night she ran away from him and his bright plans for their future. I am sorry. She had said. Zeke wanted to reply, he really did but what could he have said? He was hurt. Deeply terribly hurt. He couldn’t make sense of anything any more… He had never felt so hopeless before.

Were he and Marty still together? He didn’t know. Did she realize she doesn’t want to marry him, or be with him at all? He didn’t know. Had she met someone during filming this summer? Was that it? Did she love someone else? He didn’t know…

Nothing made sense in this Marty-less world. He missed her every single day. He was used to talking to her, hearing her laugh, seeing her smile. It was weird to imagine that this could be his life now. A life without Martha Gradle in it… The thought was awful and painful.

In stead Zeke thought about the lovely moments he and Marty had… He thought about the day he proposed to her, how spontaneous and wonderful that had been…


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Mayor – Round 6.2: Back at home

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Working tirelessly trough the summer on his sister’s campaign meant Zeke had little time so spend at home, he was there mostly to sleep and when he really got the time to cook an occasional meal. He wasn’t able to join his mum who was now retired and when she wasn’t in the garden keeping her plants alive, would be relaxing in the newest addition to their garden, a hot tub, it seemed for his outdoor-loving mother the pool was just not enough…


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Mayor – Round 5.3: Slow Summer Days

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It turned out to be one of the hottest summers yet. Lysa didn’t do well with the heat and this year it was practically unbearable. So she decided to spend more time at Jill’s house. Her mother did have a nice new pool, and both her brother Zeke and sister Vanessa were there as well.

Time passed fast, Lysa would go to work, then back home and straight to the pool. Her mother had retired from her job at the bistro and would join her there, if she didn’t she would be either reading a book in the shade or working in her garden that need constant care in this awful weather. Lysa helped her out whenever she could, and so would Zeke and Vanessa.

Screenshot_30Zeke worked really hard this summer and when he would come out to join Lysa by the pool he would mostly just doze off, still fully dressed, in the smoldering heat. Lysa knew Zeke didn’t really like his job at the City Hall,  he applied only because his sister Laquita applied and made him do it too. But he was saving money so he and Marty would buy a house after they get married so he couldn’t just quit. And Lysa knew although he was working hard, he wasn’t really getting far, the best he could hope for right now was the promised spot as a ballot counter on the fall elections. Zeke however wasn’t backing down.

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Mayor – Round 5.2 : Blair’s Funeral

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The day of Blair Hoves funeral was a warm and peaceful one. Summer was in full swing, the sky was blue and the sun shone as bright as Blair Hoves did during her lifetime. She was placed to her final rest on the local graveyard, the same place where her parents and husband were laid before her. After the funeral a memorial service was held in the City Hall. Lysa’s whole family was here, in fact almost the whole town seemed to have came. Lysa choose to be by Dougie’s side, since she knew he need her the most.


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Mayor – Round 5.1: Girls’ day gone wrong

Table of Contents

Screenshot_12Lysa had finally managed to plan her wedding to perfection, she had everything ready, from the choice of venue, food, decorations and music. She even managed to snag a very expensive photographer from Bridgeport.  All that was missing was the perfect dress and all of her attempts of acquiring the said item so far were fruitless and that is why this early summer weekend she was driving into the city with the Gradle twins.

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Mayor – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Mayor family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers possible).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



The Mayor family started with Jill Mayor, she was a townie who got involved with Phaena Santoro. The two got married and for a while lived in happiness. Their happiness dissolved after Jill had an affair with Jesse Hoves and got pregnant. She and Phaena got a divorce and desperate she moved in with Jesse and his family so they can raise their son Zeke Mayor together. 

After Jill and Jesse broke up she had an affair with Darryl Coates and had another child, a daughter named Vanessa. For a while Jill and her children, two biological children and her daughter Lysa she and Phaena adopted, and shared custody,  lived with the Hoves. Then after Jill got engaged to Nala they spent some time living with her but after Jill decided not to go trough the wedding they bought their own house.

Round 2.1

*update for the Hoves(Jesse) family, while the Mayor’s were a part of that household


Family Members

Told from Vanessa’s point of view. Vanessa comes back to the Hoves home after spending some time with her father. She catches up with Laquita and from here she learns her mother got engaged without telling her. This hits her hard because she fears her mother would send her away again but she is comforted by Zeke and Laquita. When she finally confronts her mother she learns she has a choice in the matter too which finally settles the matter. We also learn Vanessa has a crush named Walter and that Laquita is fascinated by Dina Caliente although she dislikes her daughters.

Round 2.2


Told from Jesse’s point of view. In this post we first learn Jill has doubts about marrying Nala. She worries how it would impact her children, we also learn she had taken a job in the diner and left the military for their sake. We also learn Vanessa went out with her crush Walter and they got arrested at the public pool because the police thought they broke in to skinny dip. Jesse tries teaching Zeke to dance and encourages him to ask the girl he likes out.

Round 3.1


Family Members

Told from Jill’s point of view. We learn that Nala hosted a surprise wedding for Jill and that didn’t really work out but she decided Jill and her children stay in her house anyways, at least until their own is completed. She feels guilty over how things turn out and really wants to get out of there. We also learn that Jill is now seeing Mortimer Goth, the guy who was the reason Nala’s previous marriage had fallen apart and for many reasons Jill is trying to keep this a secret, from Nala but also her children. Jill also hears from Lysa that her ex-wife was adopting another kid with her new wife which strangely upsets her, but she then gets a promotion and it gets her mind away from things.

Round 3.2


Told from Lysa’s point of view. Lysa goes out and gets drunk angry at her boyfriend Dougie who chooses to spend time with his best friend Luther rather than with her. She walks in on Vanessa and her boyfriend Walter making out in the living room. The next day Zeke talks about romantic things he has planed for his girlfriend Marty and Lysa decides to take her own relationship to the next level. On her way to the bistro she sees her mother with Mortimer Goth but doesn’t figure out what’s happening. At the bistro she and Dougie listen to Riam Gradle’s performance and after it she gets on one knee and Dougie says yes.

Round 4


Family Members

Told from Vanessa’s POV. Zeke is staying with his father and Lysa is at her mother so the first time we see the Mayor’s new house it’s only Vanessa and Jill living there. Vanessa is taking martial arts lessons to fill in her free time now that she broke up with her boyfriend Walter and had a fight with her best friend Latricia.  She has a new boyfriend now, Cecil Frail but his father had just died and she has no clue what to in said situation so she is giving him some space. She gets on the honor roll and makes a new friend, Chiquita Fegel. Her mother has her birthday party and Vanessa catches up with Krystal, her old friend and she realizes her life is getting back on track.

Round 5.1 (Girl’s day gone wrong) 


Lysa goes shopping with the Gradle twins, she is looking for a perfect wedding dress for her wedding that is right around the corner. During the time shopping however she receives a call from her fiance learning his mother had passed away. She rushes back to town to meet him at the hospital. She learns Eevee Gradle is falling for her boss.

Round 5.2 (Blair’s Funeral) 


Lysa goes with Dougie to Blair’s funeral and memorial service where everyone pays their respects. Rest in peace Blair Wainwright Hoves.

Round 5.3 (Slow Summer Days)


Lysa spends the summer at her mother Jill’s house, we learn Jill broke up with Mortimer Goth, and retired, Zeke still works at City Hall and Vanessa had joined a music club and befriended Frederica Hoves. Dougie asks Lysa out and tells her he still wants the wedding to happen, it doesn’t turn out the way Lysa had originally planned but still Lysa and Dougie finally tie the knot.

Round 6.1: Lucky’s campaign

Family Members

  • Jill Mayor (elder)
  • Zeke Mayor (young adult: Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Brave, Virtouso, Savvy Sculpturer)
  • Vanessa Mayor (young adult: Good, Friendly, Loner, Lucky, No Sense of Houmor, LTW:  Forensics Specialist – Dynamic DNA Profiler)


Zeke’s sister Lucky comes to visit, and she has some big news, she wants to run for city council and she wants Zeke to help her. Overwhelmed Zeke still accepts because he believes in her.

Round 6.2: Back home


Vanessa comes home from college and we learn she had broken up with her boyfriend Cecil, Jill starts a new romance and Zeke decides to surprise Marty…

Round 6.3: Parties and misunderstandings


Zeke is heartbroken after his failed surprise for Marty. However he finds help from his mother’s newest boyfriend and receives an invitation to an important party.

Round 6.4: Sunset at the Gradle mansion 


Zeke spends a whole day with the Gradle’s, Marty’s family. And this time it is Marty that plans a surprise…

Mayor – Round 4

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Family Members:

Appearing in the story

Day 1

It was a nice night, it was uncharacteristically warm and Vanessa decided to hang back at the park for a while. She was done with her marital art lesson and first decided to go to the park because they had one of those sparing dolls there and she wanted to practice a little but she was hungry and there was a smell of hamburgers in the air, Lysa’s fiancee, the young man who looked like a giant teddy bear, was grilling.


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Mayor – Round 3.2

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Family Members:

Appearing in the story

Day 3

After diner at the diner, on her mother, and celebrating her mother’s big promotion Lysa decided she wasn’t ready to go home just yet. She was a still a little mad Dougie had failed to invite her to play Halo with him and Luther, sometimes it seemed she was his second choice, if Luther was busy he would call her, but if not it would be as she doesn’t exist….

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Mayor – Round 3.1

I decided to include Jill and her family in this update too, in the next one they would have a house of their own so I won’t bother introducing their host, not yet anyway. If you have not followed them before you can read about them in:

Family members:

Appearing in the story:

Day 1

TS3W_2015-11-01_18-08-43-66“The house should probably be movable this month, maybe even next week but we won’t push it… Nala is a great host…” Jill explained to Chiquita Fegel who was listening to her intently…

She was glad things turned out this way, that finally she could have her own home, a home for her kids and not depend on a lover, or ex-lover as it was of late.

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