Families of Sunset Valley

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The Brown Family

Two brothers, Harry and Hazel live in a house left to them by their mother. Harry is a self employed artist whose wife Rhaenys had recently left a job as the army’s top secret researcher to a job in politics. They have two children, sweet and kind Aenar, a boy on the brink of puberty and little Vaela who loves movies and takes ballet lessons. They have also recently adopted a sweet little puppy named Piggy.

Hazel is an aspiring musician, a former child prodigy who has to find his way in the cut-throat music industry. His high school sweetheart, and husband Donovan had restarted his career running a day care now that he and Hazel finally live together. The two are planning a family but Hazel’s work is getting in the way…


The Prentiss Family

After a series of very unfortunate events the Prentiss family seems damaged beyond repair. It all seemed well when Dalma and Tracy Prentiss were born but then Dalma contracted meningitis and died in the hospital. That seemed like the darkest time for the big Prentiss family and then a meteor struck. It killed Rita and Lena and landed Della in the hospital. Now it is just Tomas doing his best to raise his remaining daughters all scared by the events that happened.

Maja can’t help the ever growing feeling of emptiness with Lena, her twin, her other half gone from the world forever. She even experiments with drugs and makes a new friend who is dealing with a loss of his own and tries to help. 

Della is dealing with the traumatic memories of the even that took her mother and sister and regrets that arise with the comfort of her girlfriend Lacey Alto.


The Hoves Family

Frederic Junior Hoves was one of the leading forensic scientist, not only in his town but the whole SimWorld. He solved cases from as far as Twinbrook. It was no surprise to anyone really since Junior (a name by which he is best known)  comes from a family of police officers. His father was an employee of the SVPD, his step-mother was a decorated special agent, his uncle is also a decorated police hero, and up until her recent retirement even his younger sister was a cop. Now he is retired too taking his time to paint and has a bit of a drinking problem.

Junior also has a wife and four kids. He and Hannah had been together since high school. She had spent most of her life taking care of her children but now that they are all grown up (or so her husband reminds her) .

Their oldest daughter Frederica scares her father a lot since he doesn’t see any good in her. Frederica doesn’t really care. She dislikes most people, her family included. The only people she deems okay are her best friend Irene and her boyfriend Aenys Targeryen…

Kerry Hoves finds being a teenager really difficult… He though he would find happiness with his girlfriend Tami Alto but for reasons unknown to him she kept pushing him away… Now he is in a very happy relationship with his best friend Persephone Santoro.

Ty Hoves wishes he would be more like his brother… Big and strong, with a lot of friends and a cute girlfriend… His hobbies are reading and swimming.

Haley takes more after her sister then most people can tell… She had recently started school and made her friends, her little cousin Vaela and Maegon Targeryen.


The Hoves Family – (Jesse’s branch)

After Jesse died in the line of duty his daughters adjust to his death in their own way. Krystal still does her best to keep the family together putting it above all else. Lucky buries herself in her work for the Local Representative Posie Kerry, her future mother in law and Irene disappears for a few years… 

Now Irene is suddenly back as if nothing is happened. She starts work as a lab assistant for Tomas Prentiss, Lucky decides to run for City Council and finally start shaping the world as she wants it. And Krystal… Krystal just fights to make sense of it all and take care of her younger sisters as her father would have wanted…


Caliente (Latrica)

Latricia had only recently moved out and started living on her own, in the house her rich mother had bought. She is fresh out of University, recently single and ready to take on whatever life has to offer! Her mother wants her to follow in her footsteps and make a career in music. Latricia loves music but isn’t sure how she feels about the spotlight…


The Caliente Family

Ever since moving to town with her sister Dina Nina cared for nothing but having fun. Now that she is older and retired she keeps doing just that. Of course now she cares about something, her tree kids: Rosie who had recently moved to Bridgeport, Latrica who is away at college and Brandon her little boy.

Bran is dealing with teenage problems, all of them curiously revolving around his new girlfriend Nan Prentiss.

The Caliente Family – Dina’s branch

Dina Caliente achieves all she had set to achieve. She is one of the most famous, and richest people in town. At the high point of her life she was The Leader of The Free World, owner of the most beautiful house in all of Sunset Valley, owner of the best cars in all of Sunset Valley, married to the famous composer and guitar player Nala Caliente, and mother to two wonderful adopted daughters. Years had past since then and a lot has changed but Dina is still on top. She is planning her second wedding to the young cook Justine, and even though she is now retired she still sees herself as an influential figure in Sunset Valley.

Nina and Nala’s oldest daughter Sara still lives with her mother, she is engaged to a young firefighter Jerod Prentiss for years now but the wedding keeps getting delayed and Sara isn’t sure if she would ever be ready to get married… Sara works as a police officer in the SVPD, she is just back to work after being shot at the job. With her partner now deceased she is more determined than ever to catch the bad guys behind it…


The Caliente-Frail family

Summer Caliente-Frail had a disagreement with her mother Dina after she accidentally got pregnant before being officially married.  After a heated argument she moved in with her other mother, Nala. Shortly after her son Silvester was born her fiancee Bradley moved in to help her raise her son. The two are now married and they live as one happy family… Or at least they will be if Summer never discovers Bradley’s terrible secret…


The Mayor Family

Jill Mayor had had an interesting life, trough her career in the army, her marriage to the famous Phaena Santoro, her affair with Jesse Hoves, her engagement to another famous musician Nala Caliente, a secret relationship with the town’s bad boy Mortimer Goth…. Now she is ready to enjoy a quiet retirement working in her garden…

Zeke Mayor, Jill’s son has a lot of plans. The first and immediate one is marrying his girlfriend Marty Gradle. Even though Marty’s grandfather is a famous rock star Riam Gradle and her family is famous and loaded he wishes he could provide to her everything she would ever need… Which is why he works at the City Hall on a job he doesn’t really like… Well that and the fact he doesn’t want to let his sister and best friend Lucky down….

Vanessa, Jill’s youngest daughter, however is right now focused on her studies and hopes to become an accomplished forensic scientist one day, once she has a job at the SPVD forensics department she plans to marry her boyfriend Cecil.


The Hoves-Santoro family 

Lysa Hoves nee Santoro can hardly believe this is finally happening, she and Dougie are married and starting a life together! They have a perfect little house and a promise of a perfect little marriage, or at least they did until Dougie’s best friend Luther moved in with them… But now with the arrival of a new family member everything could change once again.

The Javeed-Prentiss Family

Cocoa and Andrew had been friends ever since they could remember. When both of their spouses died they moved in together raising their three teenage children. They never expected that Sabina and Eduard would get together and that him leaving for college will hit her hard… They didn’t anticipate that Andrew will find someone new and get engaged…. And now they have to deal with it all…

The Gradle Family


Eeevee Gradle lives alone with her little foul Dancer and puppy Chloe. She is a henchman in Susannah Ramsay’s criminal organization but her plan was always to play a double agent and go to the police when she had enough evidence to bring them down… Years later she had still not done that…