The Hoves – Round 1

I finished playing the Prentiss a little later than intended so when I got to the Hoves house it was already Monday morning and everyone was getting ready for work, everyone but little Frederica, she was in her crib, asleep. All the rest of them, Blair, Junior , Dougie and Hannah were in the living room with Pegasus Santoro.

Day 1

Blair stood in tTS3W_2015-09-23_21-08-47-95he living room. It was a proper mess, they would need to do something about it she sighed, she wasn’t a big fan of cleaning but this place looked horrible. Pegasus, Hannah’s best friend was here, she saw. He came to drop of some books for her before he went to work. “I’m there for you whatever you need. Just don’t stop studying, it would work out.” He smiled at Blair when he saw her with a: “Morning Mrs. Hoves” and went out.

Hannah, Junior’s wife, was a med student, at least she was trying to be. She had started school very late in life and now was a mother and burdened with other responsibilities but Blair was glad she wasn’t giving up on her dreams.

“Bye Hannah.” She said as she was getting ready to leave. “Kiss that baby of yours when she wakes.” “Of course Blair, but I’m gonna enjoy it while she sleeps, I have to check up on my little brothers first. “You do that. I’m off, bye.” She waved as she went out the door.

She left the house and drove to work. Blair had a job that required her to spend a lot of time away from home, on missions, but for the next few days shTS3W_2015-09-23_21-30-59-10e would be home, so she headed to the office to finish-up on some paperwork. She had a feeling it would be a long day. She passed Junior on the road. They would usually carpool together but Junior was apparently training for a marathon so he wanted to exercise as much as he could, every chance he got so he biked to work and since his bike was broken he looked ridiculous on his sister’s hot pink bike. Once Blair would laugh at this sight, maybe snap a picture with her phone but those days were long gone… Now Blair used all her mind power to concentrate and not think of her dead husband… Don’t think of Freddie, don’t think of Freddie… She would repeat the same thought over and over again but somehow, despite TS3W_2015-09-23_21-27-01-85herself she would end up thinking about Freddie…

It would be the smallest thing really that would remind her of him, a book title, something that happened at work, sometimes she would hear Hannah call her little daughter Freddie and that would set her off… And once Freddie was in her head there was no escape… She would go to a very dark place…

She was glad that she got to work at last. She went to her office to start working immediately. Some of the guys she passed on the hallway joked about her crime scene photos, they said she could try photography as a hobby. She gave them a smile, one of those ghost smiles she gave everyone these days before closing the door.

She dedicated herself completely to doing paperwork and checking reports.She only allowed her brain a small detour, when she looked TS3W_2015-09-23_21-32-46-97out of the window and saw it was a lovely summer day she tried to imagine how Dougie, Hannah and Frederica were spending it. She hoped they were outside, on the balcony enjoying the sun.

Junior came by to see her before he left, she saw he had changed from his uniform and only looking at the watch on her desk she noticed it was the end of the work day, for most people at least. He said he was going for a run anTS3W_2015-09-23_21-34-58-57d she wished him luck. He is a handsome young man she thought, just like his dad…

She had to punish herself for this. She let Freddie sneak in her thoughts again. She had to keep working…

When she got out of the station it was already dark but she was tiTS3W_2015-09-23_21-37-01-91red which was good. A tired mind wanders less.

But nothing helped. That night she got home, she ate something, she must have even though she couldn’t remember what and went to her room. She got out of her clothes and  into her nightgown. She was about to lie on the bed, the same bed she had shared with her husband for years. And suddenly, just as she was about to pull the covers she started crying. So she just sat there, her head between her knees and sobbed. going to this empty, cold bed was the hardest part of the day. Her husband had been gone for a while now but somehow everything in this room still smelled of him. She knew it wasn’t possible but to her it did. To her it was like a part of Freddie had stayed there to watch over her and it saddened her. She didn’t want a part of hiTS3W_2015-09-23_21-38-26-16m. She wanted everything, she wanted her husband back. Sometimes this room was too much, sometimes she would go to Mya’s old room and sleep there. In the morning however she felt like a coward so she decided to stay here tonight. Alone.

Day 2

She woke and went upstairs to use the bathroom and she was drawn to the sound of Hannah teaching Frederica to speak. It was a nice thing to see a TS3W_2015-09-23_21-39-27-02mother and daughter together and she smiled. She wondered how Frederica would call her when she starts to talk. She wasn’t her real grandmother, she was only her grandfather’s wife but somehow she wished Frederica would call her that, even if it did make her feel old.

When she got out of the bathroom and back to her own room Dougie was there, eating hot dogs for breakfast. That boy had some strange habits she thought. “Morning Ma'” he said his mouth full. She frowned. “Manners Douglas. No eating with your mTS3W_2015-09-23_21-43-19-52outh full and what’s with the hot dogs in the morning?” Dougie had grown so big, and most people would tease her about it, asking how could someone so big come out of a skinny little thing like Blair but whenever she saw him she only saw her little boy. The last real part of Freddie I have…

Everyone in Freddie’s family was a cop. His father had been a cop, Freddie was a cop, his brother was a cop, his son, Junior was a cop, his daughter Mya was a cop but after Freddie died Blair could not let her only son follow this path. It was aTS3W_2015-09-23_21-45-37-65 dangerous job, too dangerous. And she could never lose anyone, especially not Dougie.

When she told Dougie that he can’t be a cop he did not object. He was a brave boy but he loved his mother, and she knew he would never defy her. She expected Junior to say something but he never did. Maybe he understood, maybe he too did not want his little brother doing something dangerous. Sometimes she would wonder, what would Freddie say? And then she remembered he never wanted Mya to be a cop either, she became one only after she left home. And why can’t children follow their own path? Her own parents, Boyd and Susan had been scientists and she ended up a spy.

Rest of the morning was the usual. Junior was impatiently trying to teach his daughter to walk. DougTS3W_2015-09-23_21-49-23-75ie was gardening and she tried to play some video games to cheer herself up. It only served to get her mad before she had to leave for work.

That day turned out to be a big one for Junior, there was someone impersonating the mayor and they called Junior to sort this mess out, he was able to do so in only fifteen minutes and he got a raise and a special thanks from the mayor. Blair could not help feeling proud.

He went for a swim and she decided to go home on time toTS3W_2015-09-23_21-54-21-52day and make him a pie. It was a while since she cooked, and she had to lessen the load for Hannah a bit, also she had to make sure Dougie ate something healthy. Frederica was upstairs playing, Hannah was at work and Dougie played the guitar. It was a perfectly peaceful afternoon.

Blair told none of them, and she was glad they forgot but it was her birthday. And she planned to spend it alone. It was never a problem to her to be alone. She was an only child so she got used to it as a little girl. When she moved out of her parents house and into a big house with four roommates she kept to herself in her own room. Even during her marriage to Freddie she would go undercover, or on secret missions were there was no communication and she would be alone, for weeks, months, how ever long it took.

TS3W_2015-09-23_21-56-11-75But still I knew when I get home he would be there… She told herself in a small voice. Now she just had to get used to the fact that he won’t be. Not anymore. She packed her things and went to the movies all by herself.

She walked there and back and was surprised with a sudden backache on the way home. I’m really starting to feel my age she told herself and laughed.TS3W_2015-09-23_22-44-46-71 It was weird for her to hear the sound of her own laugh after so long so she laughed again and she laughed and laughed… All the way home, like a true madman. That night she slept well

Day 3 

The next day she got up to the sound of Junior playing the piano. “What are you doing?” She asked still drowsy, on her way to the bathroom. “What does it look like?” Junior smiled at her. “They want me to play in the theather this weekend. They just need me to get a little better. So I’m practicing. What? It’s my day off!” She smiled at him. “And what’s with the picture? Did Frederica do that?” Junior laughed again. “Now. That one’s all mine. Junior #1 I call it.” She smiled as she passed him. She wasn’t suTS3W_2015-09-23_23-00-46-16re if he was joking or not.

It was supposed to be her day off since tomorrow she was about to start a new mission. She would be away for a while so she decided to spend some time with Freddie’s granddaughter. She managed to finally potty train her when the phone rang. There was to be a emergency briefing, she was needed at the station. She sighed. For the first time since she lost Freddie she wasn’t eager to go to work…TS3W_2015-09-23_23-02-22-12

Since it turned out it wasn’t just a briefing but a sting operation involving the worlds most delicious looking doughnut Blair had to phone Hannah and ask her to go grocery shopping. Hannah told her how she completed some Star Chef Skill Challenge. Blair congratulated her even though she was barely listening.

The operation was a success. She called Dougie and he told her he was off to the park to pick up chicks. AnoTS3W_2015-09-23_23-06-01-34ther joke, she presumed since Dougie already had a girlfriend but with boys those age who could know..

She called Hannah again feeling guilty about the conversation they had earlier but Hannah just laughed it off. She had been in an even greater mood. She told her she had been promoted at the bookstore she helped part-time. She was now a Book Genre Sorter. Blair congratulated her again but Hannah continued. “Look Blair, actually I need a favor from you…” “Anything!” Blair said. “Well.. I’m gonna drop Frederica at my brother Andrew’s. And Dougie’s out… So I wanted to celebrate tTS3W_2015-09-23_23-16-34-93his promotion thing alone… with my husband.” Blair smiled sinceirly even though Hannah couldn’t see her. “Don’t worry Hannah. I’ll get out of her way.” She was happy for them. She really was. Even though love was gone from her forever it didn’t mean it had to be all over for everyone else. Maybe Freddie would get another grandchild in nine months… Who knows…

She got to this dance club that had been bothering her to go out there and dance for a few hours and she danced and danced… Until she was completely dehydrated and sat down for a drink. She was… She was strangly ok. It was not a bad day.TS3W_2015-09-23_23-18-40-14

The next morning she had packed her bags and was out on an international mission. She left the persona of Blair Hoves behind, at least for a while…


This was the longest and lamest update so far, I know. I was just so uninspired and was really struggling with this one… Maybe Blair wasn’t the right choice for a POV I don’t know. Hopefully next update will be better. 🙂

Up next is another introduction, there are a few of those to come, first up, another Hoves, Jesse!